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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey, What a Great Idea

The Democrats, knowing that 2010 is a total loss, are now turning their attention to 2012 in hopes of avoiding complete ruin.  And all eyes are turning to that ever-so-important political position that Crazy Joe Biden has returned to its historic level of farce - the vice presidency.  Who should replace old Joe when he's finally shown the door shown where the door is?

Here's a wonderful stratagem, offered up as a prediction by Myra Adams:

So with Joe down the tubes but on the tube, all the collective media wisdom will point to Hillary in the VP slot because “Obama needs her to win,” or so the story goes.

I’m of the belief that Hillary would reject Obama’s VP offer because she informally held that job for eight years back in the 20th century, and Hillary is the kind of gal who only moves forward.

Which leads me to predict that President Obama will tap Virginia Senator Mark Warner to be his 2012 vice-presidential running mate. [link]
Sweet.  Obama, who will go down in history as being the president to preside over the worst economy in its history - that of Franklin Roosevelt excepting - and one who has tried his mightiest to make it so, is to be teamed up with the man who has accomplished absolutely nothing in his entire political life.*

For the novice, that's called a balanced ticket.

- - -

* Well, yes, he did, as governor, raise taxes (after promising that he wouldn't) so as to avoid a crisis that never existed.  Let's give him that.

** I'll leave the comments section open to all those who can list Mark Warner's accomplishments since he moved to Washington.  I hope Blogger has enough reserve memory for all those lists that come pouring in.