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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boucher: Martians May Be Funding My Opponent's Campaign

This would be hysterically funny if it weren't so embarrassingly pathetic.  From this morning's Bristol Herald Courier, see "Boucher criticizes attack ads funded by shadowy out-of-district corporate interests":

What we’re seeing is unprecedented,” Boucher said moments before speaking at a campaign stop in Abingdon on Saturday. “It’s an avalanche of attack ads against me, funded maybe by outside sources across the nation, maybe even outside the country.”

Maybe.  And maybe again.

And maybe even outside the cosmos.

Maybe even outside this earthly dimension.

Most probably, it can be said with confidence, outside of Rick Boucher's padded cell.

- - -

And what in God's name is a "shadowy corporate interest"?  Is that some kind of rectal cancer?

Quote of the Day

From Dan Radmacher, editorial page editor of the Roanoke Times:

"As for the economy, it is by no means where it should be or where most hoped it would be by now, but the American people should not forget how much better it is than when Obama took office."


We're so much better off now.

We have so much to be thankful to Obama for.

You're right again, Dan.

As Long As You Ignore Reality ...

... this argument put forth by an associate professor of economics at Washington and Lee University in Lexington in a letter to the editor of the Roanoke Times this morning (see "For sake of the economy, regulate greenhouse gas") would be perfectly sound:
Economic vitality in Virginia is highly dependent on the professional and business service industries, and new business creation is the key to job creation. What we need here in Southwest Virginia are high-paying, high-tech jobs, and a clean, healthy environment is necessary to attract the kinds of firms that will create these jobs. Environmental regulation has also been shown not only to improve the quality of the environment, but also to speed the pace of technological advancement. Technological advancement is the key ingredient of economic growth. And the story goes far beyond jobs.

We all want our children to find productive employment opportunities as they enter the workforce, but we also want them to be healthy. Every year, more than 30,000 people die prematurely from ... [blah blah blah]
"A clean, healthy environment is necessary to attract the kinds of firms that will create these jobs"? To that I have a one-word response:


The most polluted country on the planet.

And the fastest job creator of same.

Southwest Virginia? The inverse. Environmental quality has improved over the last forty years, and those high-paying jobs have all but disappeared.

Want to try again, there, Mr. associate professor of economics?

The Blood Boils

I watched this video put out by WCYB in the Tri-Cities in which Congressman Boucher is interviewed at length about the election, etc.  In it I was subjected to the normal political pap that one would expect to get from this guy: I'm doing great, Southwest Virginia is doing great, America's doing great, I am so pleased ...

I can deal with that.

What I cannot deal with is this.  Beginning at about the 5:45 mark, Boucher is asked about his vote for his coal industry-killing cap-and-trade bill.  His response:

"There's no doubt that this has been a difficult issue to explain and, uh, it is quite controversial.  Uh, I did exactly what the coal industry asked me to do.  Uh, regional leaders like Jim McGlothlin, the longtime chief executive officer of United Coal Company, Southwest Virginia's single most successful locally-owned coal company, came to see me, uh, the National Mining Association president, the leading spokesman for the coal industry in Washington, came to see me, and they said the Supreme Court has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gases.  That is absolutely the worst outcome for the coal industry because EPA cannot protect coal, cannot protect coal jobs, can't protect the coal economy, Congressman, we want you as the senior member of the Commerce Committee to help write legislation that will overcome that EPA regulation, and do so in a balanced way that will protect us.  Now that's exactly what I did; I got such a good deal for coal ... We have been able to protect coal jobs ..."

There are so many lies, distortions, and obfuscations in that answer that my brain simply wants to explode.

1) A lesser point perhaps.  United Coal Company is not Southwest Virginia's single most successful locally-owned coal company.  It's not even locally owned.  Someone should tell the man that the company is headquartered in Bloutville, Tennessee and is owned by the Ukrainians.  And the former CEO, the aforementioned Jim McGlothlin, isn't a Southwest Virginian.  He sold the company and lives in Texas.

2) "The Supreme Court has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gases."  Boucher continues to propagate this lie.  The Supreme Court did not order EPA to regulate anything.  Being a lawyer by trade (well, decades ago anyway), he should be able to read Supreme Court rulings as well as I can.  In its decision the Court determined EPA has the authority to regulate greenhouse gasesIt did not order it.

3) "We want you as the senior member of the Commerce Committee to help write legislation that will overcome that EPA regulation."  What, he thinks we're idiots?  Didn't he just tell us that the Supreme Court ordered the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases?   Did he plan on overruling a Supreme Court decision? This is a classic example of Rick Boucher speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

4) If coal executives came to Boucher and asked him to protect them by writing cap-and-trade legislation, then shame on them.  Eternal shame.

5) "I got such a good deal for coal." Then why does every other congressman representing coal interests in Appalachia - from Georgia to Kentucky and West Virginia - vehemently disagree?

6) Most importantly, where's the leadership? We the American people stopped the environmentalist marxists from destroying the coal industry. Cap and trade - the legislation that Rick Boucher crafted, by his own admission - is dead. We killed it. If coal executives had come before him wanting him to cut a deal for them that would only result in the loss of 50 or 60,000 jobs in Virginia, why didn't he look at them and say: No. I'll fight them. With every fiber of my being. They must be stopped. The health and well-being of families in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia depend on it and I'll not rest until the extremists are defeated!

Instead he "did what they requested" and cut a deal with the devil.

A competent leader wouldn't hide behind others. A competent leader wouldn't make up flimsy excuses.  A competent leader wouldn't cut deals when lives are at stake..

You should have defied them, Rick, you coward. You should have fought them. Every step of the way.  As We the People did. Totally without your help.

6) Finally, there's this: "We have been able to protect coal jobs ..." Yes, WE have. No thanks to you.

It Appears That Boucher Ain't Alone ...

... in promoting "conservative" third-party candidates so as to cut into his primary opponent's base.  Seems Tom Perriello has some explaining to do as well:

What is with these Democrats that they can't fight fairly?

So a Comedian Decides To Hold a Rally In Washington ...


To quote the man behind the rally:

"I'm really happy you guys are here ... umm ... even if none of us are really quite sure why we're here."

I hope there was at least free beer or free sex made available.  Otherwise, Jon, what was the point?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The American Spectator Picks Up the Narrative

We could debate all day over what it is that's kept Rick Boucher competitive in the race for the 9th Congressional District seat this year.  What's a fact is that he should be getting crushed in polls by his opponent.  In the most conservative region in the Commonwealth, we have a representative in Washington who is as liberal as they come, supporting abortion-on-demand, government growth through ever higher taxes, earmarks out the wazoo, unaffordable government bailouts, etc. (see Tyler Blount's letter below for a nice synopsis).

And then there's the attack on his most loyal of constituencies, the coal miners of Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Tazewell, and Wise Counties - through cap-and-trade - which Boucher still champions against all reason.

A possible explanation for Boucher still being competitive?  He is a Washington politician, with all the meanness and nastiness that that implies:
Trick or Treat Time for Democrats
By Robert Stacy McCain, American Spectator

Abingdon, Va. -- Rick Boucher voted for the "Job-Killing Cap & Trade Energy Tax," says a voter guide distributed in Virginia's 9th District and that may well be the obituary on the Democrat's 28-year career in Congress.

Southwest Virginia is coal country and, according to an estimate by the National Association of Manufacturers, the Waxman-Markey bill for which Boucher voted -- formally known as the American Clean Energy and Security Act -- would eliminate 56,000 jobs in Virginia. The unemployment rate in many counties in Boucher's district has been above 10 percent for months, and it is hard to see why anyone concerned about this region's economy would vote for the man who voted for legislation so inimical to their own interests.

Improbable as it may seem, however, VA-9 is still a rated a "toss-up." For months, polls showed Boucher with a double-digit lead over Republican challenger Morgan Griffith. It was not until this week, in the wake of a televised debate on a Lynchburg station, that a poll by Survey USA showed Griffith pulling ahead by a single point, 47 to 46 percent.

That Boucher could get 46 percent of the vote here -- indeed, the incumbent may actually win re-election Tuesday -- demonstrates the power of Democrat party attack ads, which have been pouring into airwaves and mailboxes in the 9th District, as in so many other key congressional districts nationwide.

Boucher's basic attack is that his Republican opponent doesn't live in the district. One oversized mailing features a giant headline: "Meet Morgan Griffith. Not From Here. Not For Us." Another mailing declares: "It's a Long Way From Morgan Griffith's Home… to Ours."

Actually, while Griffith lives in the adjoining 6th District, the Republican can literally throw a stone from his home in Salem into the 9th District, which contains many of his constituents in the Virginia House of Delegates. Nevertheless, Boucher and his Democratic Party allies have enough cash to hammer the GOP challenger with TV ads that tell voters he's a outsider. Griffith "supported taking money away from our schools," and "blocked electricity rate reform," says the Boucher TV ad that concludes, "Morgan Griffith: He's not from here… and it shows."

Yet the Democrats have other tricks up their sleeves this year. In many close races, third-party "independent" candidates appear to be running primarily as spoilers against Republicans, hoping to drain off enough anti-incumbent votes to enable Democrats to survive by narrow margins.

Here in Virginia's 9th District, businessman Jeremiah Heaton is on the ballot as an independent candidate. As Virginia conservative blogger Jerry Fuhrman notes, Heaton doesn't seem to be running against the incumbent Boucher, but instead "has chosen to devote his every energy to attacking the Republican in this race." With Boucher and Griffith in a dead heat, votes for Heaton might be enough to keep the Democrat from paying the price for supporting Obama's agenda in a district where the president is deeply unpopular.

Adam Tolbert is chairman of the GOP in Smyth County, where the unemployment rate is currently 11.8 percent. He compares the Democrat's campaign to the horror-movie marathons that cable movie networks run at Halloween. "The last week has been nothing but Rick Boucher's dirty tricks," Tolbert said Thursday night at Griffith's campaign office in Abingdon.

With four days left until Election Day, the Griffith campaign is gearing up a series of get-out-the-vote rallies across the district. Griffith is running hard. But it looks like Boucher is running scared. [link] [emphasis mine]
In how many races around the country this year have we seen Democrats exposed for having conjured "tea party" candidates who turned out to be nothing more than shills intended to siphon off votes from Republican challengers? In Michigan.  In Nevada.  In Florida.  In New Jersey.  Probably lots more.

Including, perhaps, right here in Southwest Virginia. 

Is Jeremiah Heaton a "Democrat dirty trick"?  One can't help but wonder.  A look at Heaton's positions on the issues of the day suggests that he is - on the surface at least - a Tea Partier's dream.  His conservative take on such things as the size and role of government, to cap-and-trade, to aid to foreign governments, Heaton's perspectives are ... Morgan Griffith's policy positions.  And they are the antithesis of those held by our liberal Democrat congressman.

Yet Heaton deems it proper to relentlessly attack the conservative in this race and give the liberal - who one would think is everything that Heaton rejects - a complete pass.  Every day.  Throughout this election season.

Odd behavior?


The only reasonable explanation one could derive from all this is that Jeremiah Heaton has some goal in this race that has nothing to do with winning or championing those causes that he professes to support.  It keeps coming back to the point that Robert Stacy McCain makes above - Democrats and the tricks up their sleeves.

See "The Money Isn't The Point."  After having done so, tell me you don't ... smell a rat.

Bottom line: If the extreme liberal Rick Boucher wins on Tuesday, he will have the professed conservative Jeremiah Heaton to thank.

And you can bet Boucher will take that opportunity next time he stops by Heaton's general store in Damascus to be entertained by Heaton's hired band, one member of which is ... Mrs. Rick Boucher.

Also On The Ballot ...

We've been so wrapped up in the Congressional races here in Virginia that we've virtually ignored the other ballot initiatives that we'll be confronting come Tuesday.  To that end, I thought it important that I offer those up as well so that you can prepare.

From today's Washington Post:
Question No. 1 gives cities and counties the flexibility to determine how poor a senior citizen or disabled person must be to qualify for exemption from paying local real estate taxes. This would simplify the unwieldy current procedure, under which localities must seek approval from the state legislature every time they want to set or modify their own definitions of poverty, determined by income or net worth.

Question No. 2 would grant automatic property tax relief to the relative handful of military veterans living in Virginia who have a total and permanent disability stemming from their military service. If the amendment is approved, it would require the General Assembly to enact legislation that would extend that help to the 7,000 veterans around the state who fall into that category, providing they own their principal residence. The measure is in line with Gov. Robert F. McDonnell's pledge to make Virginia the friendliest state in the nation for veterans, and it's a relatively small price to pay to achieve that goal.

Question No. 3 would allow the legislature to set aside more "rainy day" funds in Virginia's budget during good times. The Constitution currently limits the fund to 10 percent of recent tax revenues from state income and sales tax; the amendment would increase the allowable, but not required, level of "rainy day" reserves to 15 percent.
Me? I'm good with (1) and (2) and give a hearty hell no to number (3).

But you're all adults. Decide.

And vote.

Barry Is a Reasonable Man


Great! We all want compromise.

He can therefore pick any one or more of the following federal departments to shut down with the budgets devoted thereto returned to We The People forthwith:

* Department of Commerce (DOC)
* Department of Education (ED)
* Department of Energy (DOE)
* Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
* Department of Labor (DOL)
* Department of Housing and Urban Development (HHS)

We'll not demand that they all be closed. We are, after all, reasonable people who are willing to meet the president half way.

We now own that "common ground," Barry.   Join us.

Or don't.

You've already become irrelevant to the revolution anyway.

From Mt. Olympus ...

... to a brief sojourn here on Earth, where he'll make contact with mere mortals:

And, having released all kinds of ... energy, he then floated back up to his Tower of Babble.

The mere mortals in the 5th District were oddly unimpressed.  But energized all the same.

If a Tree Falls In The Forest and ...

It's the brand that went from this ...

... to this:

... which prompted articles like this:

Is the following, then, any big shock?

... "not with a bang, but a whimper."

Be Careful Where You Aim That Shotgun

You may have seen the recent Tom Perriello ad that launches the following attack on his opponent, Robert Hurt:

"While unemployment skyrocketed in his own community, Hurt voted for the largest tax increase in Virginia history."

That, of course, was a bad thing, that largest tax increase in Virginia history.

But, as Bart Hinkle reminds us in "Virginia Dems Slam Warner," the man whose name will forever be associated with that tax increase was none other than Mark Warner.

Okay, Dickie Cranwell might respond, it wasn't a bad thing to propose that tax increase; it was only bad that a Republican got snookered into voting for it.

Ah, Democrats.  Ya gotta marvel at their ingenuity. 

This was ingenious, right?

Missed The Griffith/Boucher Debate?

You can see it in re-run:

The WDBJ-7 televised debate from earlier this week between the candidates for the Ninth Congressional seat will re-air on My19-Roanoke on Sunday, October 31 at 4:00 p.m.

Hopefully, it will be more poignant and and insightful the second time around.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Boy, I Hope The Polls Open On Time

Because this woman is going to beat down the doors come Tuesday morning if they aren't.

From an email I received (the name of the sender will will remain anonymous):
What is wrong with the people making these stupid decisions? Are they just total idiots? Can they truly not see what is happening to our country? I am proud to be an American, but I am not proud of the people running our country...the ones running it into the ground. And, I am not proud of the ones who vote to put the idiots in power.

I have spoken with about everyone I know, encouraging them to vote. And, I get so angry when I get the normal responses of "Why? It doesn't matter who you vote for? It's not going to make a difference. It doesn't matter to me." As far as I am concerned, I put them in the same Idiot category as the ones who vote for the Idiots in Charge.
I'm with ya, sista.

(Now that's passion. Does anyone think we aren't going to win this thing?)

A Citizen Speaks Out

The following letter was sent to the Wytheville Enterprise, with a copy to me should the paper decide to not publish it.  It is so well written that I did not edit it.  It's lengthy, but that's not a bad thing if it's focused and makes a point.  And the fact that I agree with every bit of it makes it especially enjoyable.

For your reading pleasure, here's Tyler Blount, Wytheville, VA.:
I love this time of year: beautiful fall colors, football, hunting season, and political campaigns where suddenly everyone is a conservative. I have lived in the in the 9th district for 36 years and remember when Rick Boucher was first elected in 1982. I have closely followed his voting record every year and marvel at how many people continue to believe he is a “moderate” Democrat.

Every election year Rick ensures us he has our values despite a record of actual votes and endorsements patently inconsistent with 9th District sentiments. Boucher signed onto Barack Obama’s presidential campaign as early as January of 2008 with statements like “Barack Obama will be good for southwest Virginia”. Now he wants to distance himself from the President, his party, and his personal voting record with campaign ads using words like "took on his own party," "independent," and "our own values." If Rick Boucher is so “independent," "moderate," "centrist," and uninfluenced by Nancy Pelosi and Obama, you would think everyone in his district would not need convincing.

Rick Boucher is an affable, intelligent, and competent politician. He is also a secular, liberal, progressive populist with a 28 year voting record far more representative of San Francisco than southwest Virginia. Here is a summary of Boucher’s voting record. You be the judge of how well his votes accord with your values and interests:

- Voted at least 32 times to use taxpayer funds to pay for elective abortions, nine times to kill or weaken the ban on partial birth abortions, nine times to allow taking a minor-aged daughter across state lines for secret abortions to circumvent Virginia’s parental involvement law. He co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act that would nullify all limits and state laws protecting unborn children and reverse the ban on partial-birth abortions. He has a 100% rating by pro-abortion advocacy groups NARAL and Planned Parenthood and a 0 rating from the National Right to Life. NARAL has contributed $5,000 to his 2010 re-election campaign.

- In 2009 Boucher said it is “personally distasteful” to bailout auto makers then voted to bailout GM, Chrysler, AIG, Wall Street banks and every spending bill proposed by the Democratic majority since 2007. He voted for the 800 billion dollar stimulus and the teacher and government employee union bailouts. He voted for the record $1.42 trillion federal deficit in 2009 and for another 1.3 trillion dollars of deficit spending in 2010. Now he is running ads saying it is time to return to a balanced federal budget after voting to spend, spend, and spend again. He even voted to spend nearly a billion dollars to “rescue” severely overpopulated and invasive wild mustangs in western states.

- He regularly votes against a balanced budget amendment and just this week refused yet again to stand for a balanced budget amendment, saying it “would tie our hands,” preventing us from providing another emergency stimulus. When asked how he would cut deficit spending he emphasized cutting military spending and made no mention of massive social welfare programs, government waste, bailouts, or his beloved earmarks.

- In a classic election year reversal he announced a few weeks ago he was no longer in favor of raising tax rates during a recession. He promised to vote to extend the Bush tax cuts he twice voted against. Two weeks later our Congressman cast the deciding vote along with Nancy Pelosi in a 210-209 vote to do nothing to stop the largest tax rate hike in history. Apparently Rick’s self-acknowledged prowess in “creating jobs” disdains allowing us to keep and spend our own money. Meanwhile, the Damocles Sword of thirteen trillion dollars of national debt, annual trillion dollar deficits, government intervention, inflation, taxes and uncertainty stifles small business investment and jobs.

- Boucher voted against welfare reform and consistently votes against tax reform. He has a rating of “0” from Americans for Tax Reform, a “10” from the National Taxpayers Union, and Citizens against Government Waste rates him at a whopping “14” - all on a 100 point scale.  

- He defends his vote for “Cap and Trade” as good for his district while every other Congressman from a coal state voted no. Rather than stand up to the EPA, Boucher voted to punish coal users, saying Cap and Trade will only raise our electric bills “about 100 dollars a year”. The Heritage Foundation estimates utility bills will increase by $1800 a year under Cap and Trade. The Senate’s refusal to schedule a vote on Cap and Tax has spared us for now. Boucher failed to lead on Cap and Tax and “we the people” had to intervene.

- Boucher is a king of pork barrel spending which is one of the rare trademarks of his voting record he admits to. He refuses to call the estimated one billion dollars of re-election checks he has handed out during his career “earmarks”. He likes to describe giving away our hard–earned money as Congressional directed spending. The private sector cannot sustain the weight of Boucher’s consistent votes to tax, spend, regulate and redistribute its wealth.

By contrast, Boucher’s opponent in this Tuesday’s election, Morgan Griffin has a proven record of both fiscal and social conservatism. He is pro-life, pro-business, pro-family, and has an A rating from the NRA. Perhaps most importantly, Morgan Griffith is committed to stopping the runaway spending, cancerous debt, and massive governmental intervention of the present Congress. After twenty-eight years it is time to replace Rick Boucher.

Tyler Blount
1893 Rockdale Road
Wytheville, VA 24382
Great stuff. Thanks.

Seems Fitting

Virginia Tech is holding its "Gay in Appalachia" event with film documentarian Drew Emory the featured speaker.

Though Virginia Tech isn't in Appalachia and Drew Emory is from Seattle, Washington.

Shouldn't they call this "We Really Don't Want To Be Near Those Smelly Poor People In Appalachia But We Like Homosexuals and Some Probably Live Down There" event, or something?

I mean, really.

How Bad Has It Gotten For Rick Boucher?

If this is any indication, he's been abandoned in this his hour of need by everyone but his most loyal sycophant.

On Facebook our congressman has a friend.

As in one.


Griffith Closes Out His Campaign ...

... in the way it's best done.

You put away the slings and arrows, you present your warm, caring side to the voters, and you reach out with compassion and sincerity.

This is absolutely wonderful.  Simple.  Yet perfect:

I think I might even vote for him now ...

Griffith Isn't One To Back Down

I've told you before, one of the things I like about Morgan Griffith is his understanding that politics is a contact sport.  And the fact that he's not going to let his opponent lie about him without responding.

So, to that end:
Griffith on Boucher attack: "There he goes again"

Christiansburg, VA - In a statement released today, Morgan Griffith lambasted incumbent Democrat Rick Boucher for falsely attacking him on Social Security.

"Liberal Democrats like Rick Boucher can be depended upon to attack Republicans on Social Security when they are in trouble," said Griffith. "Like clockwork, Congressman Rick Boucher is sending out mailers attacking me on Social Security just before Election Day. There is no truth to the charge, but Boucher doesn't care."

"There he goes again," said Griffith. "Rick Boucher is once again falsely claiming his opponent wants to harm social security. I guess it's an endangered Democrat tradition."

"Every fall in Virginia we get crisp cool evenings, colorful autumn leaves, exciting football and false attacks from Democrats accusing Republicans of wanting to kill Social Security," said Morgan. "If they weren't trying to scare seniors, it would be laughable."

"It wasn't true when Boucher first said it about William Wampler back in 1982, and it isn't true today," said Griffith. "I have always supported Social Security. My mom is on Social Security, and if elected, I will protect her benefits."

"The simple truth is that Rick Boucher is losing on the real issues, like his support for the job killing Cap and Trade bill, his support for Speaker Pelosi's liberal agenda, and his support of Barack Obama's profligate spending spree," said Morgan. "If I were him I would want to change the subject too." [received via email]
Think about it: If anything it's Boucher and his kind who want to destroy Social Security by making it unsustainable and refusing to fix it.

Griffith's right. The program is here to stay. So the Democrats need to get a new scare tactic and leave that one in the 20th century where it belonged.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Money Isn't The Point

Since my name has been brought up by the Roanoke Times with regard to the Jeremiah Heaton/Amy Boucher/Rick Boucher ... relationship, I suppose I should reiterate what's important about the intriguing story, and what isn't.

First let me show you what's appears in today's Times, or at least a portion thereof (see "9th District long shot's story of blackmail rings true"):
What [Jeremiah Heaton] never expected was the bare-knuckled politics, including what he called "threats" and "blackmail."

Those strong words, he told me Sunday, arise from what Heaton called an ugly carrot-and-stick showdown in an Abingdon pastor's office Sept. 17 aimed at forcing him to drop out of the race.

If he did, he said he was told, he would get Republican Party support for a future House of Delegates bid.

If he refused, Heaton said he was told, scandalous information would be spread about his "business relationship" with Boucher's wife, Amy.

This probably leaves you wondering what this "business relationship" is. Well, here we go: Amy Boucher has played banjo in a five-piece bluegrass band at Heaton's business, the Damascus General Store, three times in the past year.

Heaton paid the band $200 each time. If the money was divvied evenly, Amy Boucher earned $120. Big deal, right?

Boucher said he had heard the "business relationship" rumors and called them "a lot about nothing."

A month later, on Oct. 17, Reavis sent an e-mail to reporters and others in which he referenced the "business relationship" and encouraged reporters to look into it.

That got picked up Oct. 18 on an influential conservative Southwest Virginia political blog, From On High. Blogger Jerry Fuhrman's headline was, "Scandal Rocks the 9th District," though it seems he meant that tongue-in-cheek.

The bottom line is, the gossip about Heaton's business and Boucher's wife indeed got spread after Heaton refused some Griffith backers' request that he drop out. [link]
You want a "bottom line"?  Here's the real bottom line(s) in this story:

1) Jeremiah Heaton has no chance of winning this election.  But his poll numbers hover in the 4% range.  With Morgan Griffith and Rick Boucher currently running in a dead heat, Heaton's 4% becomes all important and could make all the difference one way or another.

2) If Jeremiah Heaton were trying to unseat the incumbent, a rational person might think that he would be running against the incumbent.  Instead Mr. Heaton has chosen to devote his every energy to attacking the Republican in this race.  Remember his infamous YouTube video that had him blaming Morgan Griffith for having created conditions such that people who look Mexican are able to work on Virginia's road crews?  Like Griffith ... and not Boucher ... has anything to do with immigration policy?

Heaton's explanation for this bizarre campaign strategy?

"Morgan Griffith took my opportunity to beat Rick Boucher away from me by rolling in here with all this special-interest money and running in a congressional district where he does not live. I don't care if his feelings are hurt." (source)

That's why Heaton has chosen to employ the tactic of relentlessly attacking Boucher's opponent so as to get Boucher defeated.

Can you say Strange?  As well as Strained?  Do I need to drag out my bullshit-o-meter again?

3) If Jeremiah Heaton has a bug up his butt about Morgan Griffith, so be it.  If he chooses to waste his time attacking the incumbent's only real opposition, fine.  But then the real bottom line kicks in.  As it turns out, Mr. Boucher and Mr. Heaton have met in the recent past, with the flimsiest of explanations provided ("Boucher said that both he and Heaton have met before to discuss the impact of Heaton's general store in Damascus on the town's tourism economy.")

Right.   Two guys running for the same office never discussed running or the office.

More importantly, a business relationship exists between two competing candidates in the race for Virginia's 9th Congressional District seat.  The reporter can poo-poo the amount that changed hands (as Boucher's Committee for Southwest Virginia will attest, the money is no object to the Bouchers these days anyway), but what can't be denied is the relationship.

So who are the two candidates who have this business relationship both devoting their time and resources to defeating?  Morgan Griffith.

That, to me, adds up to more than just coincidence.

As for the Times reporter who cited my weblog post, "Scandal Rocks the 9th District," I would respectfully recommend another: "I Smell a Rat."  What I wrote then and will repeat now is that something in this story smells.  And it's not that a concerned citizen down in Abingdon tried to get Jeremiah Heaton to bow out of the race by dangling some promised reward in front of his nose.  It's that Morgan Griffith may lose the election because of the (coordinated?) efforts of Rick Boucher and Jeremiah Heaton.

Bottom line?  There's a story to be told here.  Perhaps the Roanoke Times can see fit - some day - to tell it.

Money To Burn

How many jobs might small-businessmen and women have created if they had had a million dollars to invest?

We'll never know.

That sum was seized so that joggers on one side of the Roanoke River could affect a crossing and ... jog on the other side.


Unemployment, by the way, is expected to climb to 10% this month.

May God have mercy.

Where's The Love, Big Guy?

You may remember, not long ago, the love that fueled the relationship between kindred spirits President Obama and Rick Boucher.  Remember how thrilled we all were when our president said those electrifying words, "I just want you all to know, I love Rick Boucher"?  Can anyone doubt the depth of emotion and unsurpassed devotion that went into that avowal?  Can anyone ever forget this?

Seems like just yesterday.

So what happened to this match made in heaven?  Is the Big Guy no longer feeling the love?

Let's ask him:
Griffith invites Obama to visit southwest Virginia

Christiansburg - With a planned visit to Charlottesville on Friday by President Barack Obama, Morgan Griffith, the Republican candidate for the Ninth Congressional seat, is encouraging him to visit southwest Virginia while he is in the state.

"Obama says he loves Rick Boucher," says Griffith. "And Congressman Rick Boucher has been a big supporter of his from the start, so he should come to the Ninth and campaign for him."

Griffith points to the fact Obama's remarks were made shortly after he was elected to office during a stop in Bristol.

The President made two appearances in the Ninth District in the 2008 campaign. [received via email]
Yeah, come on down, Barack, and join us. I'm sure Mr. Boucher would ... love ... to have some of that intimacy back that drove him to do awful things to his constituents - in the name of love.

Griffith Schedules The Final Days of the Campaign

For those of you who want to reach out and communicate with your next Congressional representative, this may be your chance:
Rallies planned for Griffith

Christiansburg - The Ninth Congressional campaign of Republican Morgan Griffith has announced "Get Out the Vote" (GOTV) rallies for Friday, October 29-Monday, November 1.

Events will kick off Friday in Scott County, 8 a.m. at the Family Bakery in Gate City. A Jonesville event is slated for 11 a.m. at the Lee County Courthouse. The swing continues through southwest Virginia with stops in Lebanon, Wytheville, Pulaski, Tazewell, Marin, Grundy, Clintwood and Galax.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and State Republican Chair Pat Mullins will speak at the Virginia Tech-Montgomery County Airport on Sunday, November 1.

A Victory Rally is also scheduled for Monday at Virginia Highlands Airport in Abingdon and will include Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins.

The schedule:

Friday, October 29:
8 a.m., Scott County GOTV Rally, Family Bakery, Gate City
11 a.m., Jonesville GOTV, Lee County Courthouse, Jonesville.
2 p.m., Wise/Norton GOTV, Pathfinders, Main Street, Norton.

Saturday, October 30:
8 a.m., Wythe County GOTV, Grayson Restaurant, 100 Grayson Road, Wytheville.
10 a.m., Pulaski GOTV, Stokers Landscaping, 1254 E. Main St., Pulaski.
1 p.m., Tazewell GOP Dinner, Tazewell County Fairgrounds, Fuller-Perry Building.
3:30 p.m., Smyth GOTV, Marion Municipal, 138 W. Main St., Marion.
6 p.m., Eliza Sprinkle Dinner, John Battle High School, 21264, Bristol.

Sunday, October 31:
1:30 p.m., Buchanan County GOP dinner, Riverview Elementary, 27382 Riverside Dr., Grundy.
4 p.m., Dickenson County GOP dinner, Clintwood High School, 141 Greear Dr., Clintwood.
7:30 p.m., Victory Rally, Virginia Tech-Montgomery County Airport, Blacksburg.

Monday, November 1:
8 a.m. Victory Rally, Virginia Highlands Airport, 18521 Lee Highway, Abingdon.
12 noon, Galax GOTV, GOP Headquarters, corner of Main Street and Route 58, Galax.
2 p.m., Patrick County GOTV, Honduras Coffee Company, 121 N. Main St., Stuart.
5 p.m. Floyd GOTV, Floyd GOP Headquarters.
The man is going to be on the move ...

GOA Knows Who Its Friends Are

There is sweet justice in this one.  While the NRA went through its traditional - and cynical - endorsement routine (giving backing to anyone and everyone in Washington just because they are in Washington and their opponents aren't, meaning very liberal Democrats like Rick Boucher and Tom Perriello received the NRA's blessing in defiance of any logical explanation), the leadership of Gun Owners of America knows who will be there when 2nd Amendment issues hit critical mass.

From a press release:
Gun Owners of America endorses Griffith

Christiansburg - Gun Owners of America has announced its endorsement of Republican Morgan Griffith in the race for the Ninth Congressional seat.

"Rick Boucher calls himself an independent Blue Dog Democrat. Boucher is not an independent Blue Dog. He's a Nancy Pelosi lapdog," said Erich Pratt, the Director of Communications for the Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund.

"We need someone who will go and shake up the establishment in Washington. We need someone who will fight for our constitutional rights. We need a tough bulldog in Washington, not another whimpy Pelosi lapdog," Pratt said.

"This is why the GOA-PVF endorses Morgan Griffith for Congress in Virginia's 9th Congressional District."

The group has given Griffith an "A" rating, while Incumbent Rick Boucher was given a "C".

Griffith was also given an A rating by the NRA earlier this year, and has "straight A's" for his service in the Virginia General Assembly. [received via email]
For those who would argue that Rick Boucher would never throw his 2nd Amendment supporters under the bus, I have but one reply:


Thank you, Gun Owners of America, for being there with us.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Worry. Be Happy.

Despite the widespread suffering ...

... and despair.

The rising unemployment problem ...

.. and the mortgage crisis.

Which goes along with the banking crisis ...

... and the debt crisis.

Regardless how much the manufacturing sector has been devastated ...

... and how hard Obama, the Democrats, and his EPA work to bankrupt Southwest Virginia.

No matter that 17% of us live in poverty ...

... and thirty percent are on food stamps.

Even though the 9th Congressional District is depopulating because there is no opportunity for a career-minded high school graduate here any more ...

... and we face a depression the likes of which this area has never seen ...

... the Roanoke Times endorses MORE OF THE SAME.

See "Rick Boucher in the 9th District."

For the love of God.


How about a little bit of mystery to start your day. From a Morgan Griffith for Congress press release:
Media advisory

Christiansburg - The campaign of Morgan Griffith will hold a press conference Wednesday, October 27 to announce a major endorsement and to discuss the final days of the election. The event is set for 11 a.m. at the Republican's Christiansburg headquarters, 1055 W. Main Street.
What could it be? What major figure or group might be endorsing Griffith that would be of such importance as to prompt a press conference?

I'm betting it's Senator James Webb. He's seen the error of his ways and has come back home from the dark side and is a conservative once again.

Or Lady Gaga.

When Did Rick Boucher Move To Damascus?

Seems like only yesterday our congressman was telling us in his sappy TV ad that he still lives in a house in Abingdon just up the street from the one in which his family lived when he was born.


If that's the case, though, what's this?

Boucher said that both he and Heaton live in Damascus and have met before to discuss the impact of Heaton's general store on the town's tourism economy.

News flash: Damascus ain't up the street from Boucher's old digs.

Another home perhaps?  To go along with the first one (as well as his home away from home in posh Avon, Colorado) and his second/third/fourth in Washington D.C.?

- - -

Another thing, does anyone actually believe that Boucher and Heaton got together - with all that's now known - to discuss Heaton's general store and its freaking impact on tourism?

There is what might be called the smell test.  But this doesn't even pass my bullshit-o-meter test.

What was really discussed, Jeremiah?

- - -

UPDATE 10.27.10, 9:25pm: See the comments section for a clarification from the author.

If You're In The Neighborhood ...

There's probably not a person in all of Southwest Virginia who thinks of Congressman Rick Boucher (D-Abingdon) as being anti-gun.  For a possible change of heart, and if you're in the Christiansburg area this morning, why not stop by and listen to what Gun Owners of America's Director of Communications Erich Pratt has to say on the subject.  You might quickly be disabused of your notion that Boucher is on our side in the fight to be free.

An announcement:
Gun Owners of America Media Advisory
GOA to appear in Christiansburg
October 26, 2010

Springfield, VA - This Wednesday, Gun Owners of America's Director of Communications Erich Pratt will be speaking at an 11:00 am press conference at 1055 Main Street in Christiansburg.

Pratt will be discussing the anti-gun votes of incumbent Rep. Rick Boucher, and contrasting his record with the pro-gun record of Morgan Griffith. The two candidates are locked in a tight battle in Virginia's Ninth Congressional District .

GOA, the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington, is exposing the anti-gun records of dozens of so-called Blue Dog Democrats across the country who pretend to be pro-gun while they often vote with anti-gun House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. [received via email]

There can be no compromise on this most vital of all vital issues facing America today. For, as Charlton Heston once said:
I say the Second Amendment is, in order of importance, the first amendment. It is America's First Freedom, the one right that protects all of the others. Among freedom of speech, of the press, of religion, of assembly, of redress of grievances, it is the first among equals. It alone offers the absolute capacity to live without fear. The right to keep and bear arms is the one right that allows "rights" to exist at all.
Be locked. Be loaded. Know who's there in Washington to protect our First Freedom.  And who's not.  And vote.

The Race Is Now Neck & Neck

I mentioned a Washington Post blurb the other day that touched on an internal Republican poll that showed the race here in the 9th Congressional District to have devolved into a dead heat - 44% for Rick Boucher and 44% for Morgan Griffith.  But because there were no statistics to go along with that factoid (and because it was cited as a GOP poll), I didn't make much of it.

Now I can make much of it.

We've drawn even with those who like things here in Southwest Virginia just the way they are.

From SurveyUSA:
Republicans Make Their Move in Virginia's 9th District; GOP's Griffith Pulls Even with 15-Term Incumbent Democrat Boucher: A dramatic reversal of fortune in Virginia's 9th Congressional District, where Republican challenger Morgan Griffith appears to have awoken after 3 months of polling at 40% and today, 7 days until votes are counted, vaults into a tie with incumbent Democrat Rick Boucher, who had been sailing to a 16th term.

In a SurveyUSA polling conducted exclusively for WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, it's Griffith 47%, Boucher 46%, within the survey's theoretical margin of sampling error. Griffith's lead may or may not be statistically significant; the contest should be reported as even.

Among traditional midterm voters -- those who vote in most or all congressional elections -- Boucher is nominally ahead, by 3 to 5 points. But: among the group of voters who tell SurveyUSA they are uniquely motivated to vote in 2010, the Republican leads almost 2:1. The relative sizes of these groups will determine the winner. If the uniquely motivated 2010 voters walk-the-ballot-box walk, and don't just talk-the-pollster talk, the Republicans have a chance to snatch the seat. If the uniquely motivated voters aren't so motivated after all, Boucher keeps the seat.

Compared to 4 previous tracking polls, Independents have broken sharply Republican in the campaign's final week. The number of Republicans crossing over to vote for Boucher has steadily decreased, from 26% in July to 18% today. The number of higher-income voters voting for Griffith has steadily increased, from 43% in July to 49% today. Boucher's lead among women has evaporated from a once 23-point advantage. The older the electorate, the better Boucher's chances. [link]
Here's my take on all that:

1) That 3 to 5 percent edge in favor of Boucher among "traditional midterm voters" involves the elderly voter who goes to the polls every year out of civic duty and who has supported the Democrat since he or she was a kid.

And never discount the union vote, (especially the retired union vote), especially the closer to Dickenson and Russell Counties you get.

2) Those who are "uniquely motivated to vote in 2010" (and who have said they'll be voting for Griffith 2 to 1) have only one thing in mind - OBAMA. With everything that can be associated with the name.  And the deeper you get into coal country, the more Obama's cap-and-trade assault on the coal industry weighs as a factor.  (I'm reminded of the Roanoke Times's Mason Adams' observation yesterday in the "Blue Ridge Caucus" that young miners seem to be ready to jump the UMW ship and vote Republican while the older miners in the coalfields are still loyal to party and the union "bosses."

3) As I predicted a month ago, the "undecided" vote is breaking for Griffith in the last days of the campaign.  This has to do with (a) the name recognition problem that's finally righting itself, and (b) those uncommitted voters, as always happens, are now getting serious and paying attention.  And they're looking around at all the abandoned homes and factories and reading the papers.

4) The fact that Boucher's lead among women has evaporated from a once-astounding  23 point advantage has me baffled.  I'm inclined to suspect the validity of the poll.  A 23 point swing?  Did Boucher get caught with his pants down at a Cub Scout event and I missed it?  I don't know.  Consider me skeptical.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that women have grown accustomed to that awful goatee of Griffith's.

Or maybe women don't like their congresspersons partying like Hollywood movie stars in Vail, Colorado while their friends and neighbors are struggling to hang onto their jobs and homes back here in the 9th District any more than men do.  Who knows.  If SurveyUSA is to be believed, the Democrat now has only a 2 point lead among women with just days to go before Election Day.

5) Here's the most important set of statistics to emerge from the SurveyUSA study (which was conducted between the 21st and the 25th of October): The age of those polled, and the likelihood that they'll go and vote on November 2:

Those under the age of 50 are - by far - in support of Republican Morgan Griffith - 55% to 37% - with almost the reverse being true of those over 50 - 53% to 41% in favor of Boucher.

More important than that is the likelihood of those having opinions actually turning those opinions into votes.  The older voter  - the Boucher voter - is far more likely to turn out next Tuesday.  That ain't good.

Anyway, there are two competing "motivations" in play here.  The first involves those who will be voting because they always vote.  They'll be going for the Democrat in large numbers.  The second motivation (among the younger voters) is to stop the bleeding in this country - the motivation to change things.  That's the Griffith camp.

Are the numbers of those who seek change motivated enough to offset the elderly vote by getting off their butts and showing up at their neighborhood polling place next Tuesday?

We're about to find out.

- - -

Remember my weblog post from earlier this month in which I openly speculated that independent challenger Jeremiah Heaton may have had some ulterior motive for being in the race and attacking only the challenger, Morgan Griffith, giving the incumbent Rick Boucher a complete pass?

Remember "I Smell a Rat"?

Well, read the following and see what you think motivates Mr. Heaton's continued dalliance with the race.  From Mason Adams's "9th District candidates clash in televised debate" in this morning's Roanoke Times:
The exchanges likely to leave the strongest impression on viewers, however, came in the debate's second half, when Heaton launched a series of sharply worded attacks at Griffith. He criticized the Salem attorney's choice of legal clients, suggested his decision to marry in a cemetery was strange and called him a "carpetbagger" for running in the 9th District while living just outside it.

"I knew when I agreed to debate with [both of] them it was probably going to be two on one," Griffith said afterward. "It's a little disingenuous to have one candidate [Heaton] who's getting only four percent do all the hits, and have the other candidate be the good cop. It was good cop, bad cop tonight."

Boucher said that both he and Heaton live in Damascus and have met before to discuss the impact of Heaton's general store on the town's tourism economy.

But "we've never discussed this race," Boucher said. "That's just sheer nonsense."

Heaton acknowledged that Boucher's wife has played music in his store three times but said he's running just as hard against Boucher as he is Griffith. During the debate, Heaton assailed both Boucher and Griffith as "career politicians" who have sold out for special-interest money.

Heaton said he wasn't looking to help Boucher, but attacked Griffith for a different reason: "Morgan Griffith took my opportunity to beat Rick Boucher away from me by rolling in here with all this special-interest money and running in a congressional district where he does not live. I don't care if his feelings are hurt."

Most of the debate was given over to discussion of policy, however.
See the results of the SurveyUSA poll again. Griffith is up by 1 point. Heaton has five.

It certainly seems to me that if the Republican eventually loses by less than the number of votes that the independent captures, Heaton's plan to derail the Griffith candidacy and to reelect Rick Boucher will have been successful.

I hope Heaton and Boucher are happy with the result.

Smell? No. This now has the stench of rotting flesh.

* Click on the image to enlarge it.

The More Important Poll

Believe it or not, this poll - totally unscientific and easily manipulated - is of far more importance to me than the SurveyUSA poll cited above.  Because this one is conducted in the heart of coal country over in Clintwood, with the readership of the "Clintwood Connection" being overwhelmingly local.

Here's what you need to concentrate on the evening of November 2: As goes Dickenson County, so goes the 9th Congressional District.

As things stand right now over in Coal Central:

Griffith leads Boucher by 6.

Make of it what you will.  This is big.  A harbinger.  A herald.  A Republican leads the race in the heart of coal country.

Who would have ever thought ...

Thanks go out to the Clintwood Connection.

Quote of the Day

From James Taranto:
"If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, we're gonna punish our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us, if they don't see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it's gonna be harder and that's why I think it's so important that people focus on voting on Nov. 2."

This, by the way, is the same man who in 2004 declared: "There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America--there's the United States of America." Or there was, until it suited his interests to divide us.
"Best of the Web Today," October 26, 2010

Tim Kaine Always Was a Doofus

It's just that now that the Washington Post can't be there round the clock to watch over him, he's letting the entire planet know how stupid he really is:


Thing is, Tim, every Republican in America is happy with it too.

Tim Kaine, the Democrats' Melvin Machiavelli.

Good grief.

Regardless What They Say About Rush Limbaugh

He never slithers into the gutter the way the mouths on the left are apt to:

Her audience applauded when she vomited that malodorous bit of nausea, by the way. Which says a lot about what kind of people enjoy Behar's foul-mouthed on-air shrieking.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beneath the Surface ...

You may have seen this TV commercial that Rick Boucher is airing in which five coal miners profess their love for our congressman.  What may not be known about those five is this: They may not simply be concerned citizens of the coalfields.

This comes to me in the form of an email, and at this time I'm still trying to vouch for it in its entirety.  But so far, it's spot-on:
Rick's miners

Rick Boucher's five miners aren't what they appear to be.

a) Barney Tiller is a member of the Russell County Democrat Committee.

b) Kevin McCammon is the husband of Russell County Democrat Committee member Lara McCammon.

c) Danny Dye is either the brother or cousin of Russell County Democrat Committee Member Ronnie Dye.

d) Joshua West appears to be the son/grandson of Russell County Democrat Committee member Harold West.

e) William Harrison appears to be related to Russell County Democrat Committee members Raymond Harrison Jr. and Raymond Harrison Sr.
Hmm. Makes the ad something other than what it appeared to be on the surface, doesn't it?

* Again, I'm working to verify the information provided.  At this time, I'm simply passing it on as a public service ...

All I've Got To Say Is ...

Putting words in Morgan Griffith's mouth, as Ronald Reagan might have said: Rick Boucher can have the United Mine Workers Union; I'll take Southwest Virginia's miners, union and otherwise.

Read "Coal likely to fuel voters' choice in 9th."

And remember who was there - and who wasn't - protecting miners' jobs when it mattered most.

Keep Defending That Traitorous Vote, Rick

And see the rest of your support here in Southwest Virginia crumble.

The following is big news only because it arises out of - and is prompted by - one vote that Congressman Rick Boucher cast back in 2009 in which he sided with his environmentalist buddies in Washington - and with Obama - and in doing so, betrayed his most loyal constituency in the coalfields of the 9th District.


Because of his betrayal, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph has wholeheartedly endorsed Boucher's opponent, Morgan Griffith:
Endorsement: Va. 9th District House race — Morgan Griffith
Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Two of the three candidates in the so-called “Fightin’ Ninth” recently met with the Daily Telegraph’s editorial board where they were questioned on a number of topics of importance to the region, including the future of coal. Heaton canceled a scheduled appearance before the editorial board.

After much deliberation, the editorial board has voted to endorse Griffith.

[Morgan] Griffith has based his campaign around coal, and coal miners. He appears ready to fight against cap-and-trade measures in the House, and in support of coal miners and their families across the district. He isn’t deterred by the threat of a presidential veto.

Griffith says he will do whatever it takes to save coal mining jobs in our region. He notes he will work with both Democrats and Republicans to change the laws that empowered the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate carbon emissions. He also stands ready to defund the EPA if necessary.

Overcoming a presidential veto won’t be easy. But we like Griffith’s fighting spirit. [link]
The editorial also had this to say about that unfaithful Democrat who has been our representative in Washington for a quarter century:
The fundamental issue in the 9th District race is coal, and Boucher’s vote in support of - and his continued defense - of the controversial cap-and-trade energy bill introduced in the House cannot be ignored.

he seems to be out of touch with his constituents on the much demonized —and rightfully so — cap-and-trade legislation. Boucher supported — and continues to defend — this legislation, which could be particularly harmful to the region’s coalfields.

In addition to threatening coal mining jobs, this legislation will also cause electric bills to increase. By Boucher’s own admission, the measure introduced in the House would have increased the average family’s electric bill by about $100 a year. Boucher compares the

increase to the cost of a postage stamp a day. But if you purchase a postage stamp for 44 cents a day for 365 days, the cost will definitely add up. Sadly, there are many families across our region who can’t afford to pay another $100 a year in their electric bills just because President Obama has decided that climate change legislation must be passed in Congress. Some families who are struggling to make ends meet can’t afford to pay another $10, $1 or even a nickel more on their electric bills.

And they certainly can’t afford to pay another $100 more.

For these reasons, we endorse Morgan Griffith for election in Virginia’s 9th Congressional District. We urge voters across Southwest Virginia to cast a vote in favor of Griffith, and in support of the region’s still vibrant coal industry.
When you make your decision, remember this: Livelihoods are at stake.  Families.  A way of life.

Then vote accordingly.  With a vengeance.

Boucher Supports Infanticide

Or, as the world knows it - abortion.

Something that I've always found to be curious: Our representative - Rick Boucher - is the most liberal member of the United States Congress when it comes to this issue and yet he has always gotten a pass on the subject here in this extremely conservative Southwest Virginia District.

Curious indeed.

Well, he won't get a pass from me.

This ongoing genocide must stop.  And the only way to stop it is to STOP RICK BOUCHER.

To that end, this comes to us from the Virginia Society for Human Life:

"Vote for life. Vote for Morgan Griffith."

We are the United States of America.  "The last best hope of earth."  Yet we allow the depraving slaughter of our young.

For the love of God.

- - -

For detailed information on the positions of the two candidates, see the Virginia Society for Human Life's Voter Guide, a snippet from which I've reproduced here.  Click on the image to enlarge it:

Take that information into the voting booth with you.

- - -

A letter to the editor of the Galax Gazette sums it up:
Take back nation from 'liberal elite'

Rep. Rick Boucher voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House and told us that Barack Obama would be “the most Southwest Virginia-friendly president in American history.” Boucher voted for the Pelosi/Obama agenda 96.4 percent of the time, including for cap and trade legislation.

Boucher is endorsed by the National Abortion Rights Action League and has a 100 percent approval rating from Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union.

He voted against restrictions on partial‑birth abortion, for taxpayer funding of elective abortions and against protecting a pro‑life health provider's right to refuse to perform, cover or pay for abortion.

He co‑sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act and voted to allow minor‑aged girls to be taken across state lines for secret abortions without “parental consent.”

His opponent, Morgan Griffith, is an Emory & Henry College graduate, and is a pro‑life, fiscal conservative who is endorsed by the Christian Coalition, National Right to Life, law enforcement groups, the Gun Owners of America and military families.

He has now received the official support of every tea party group in Southwest Virginia.

The time has come for us to take back our country from the liberal Pelosi/Obama/Boucher elites.

Ted R. Reavis
Fancy Gap
The time has come ...

It's Come To This

The Roanoke Times has to distort the truth in order to create credentials for a very weak Democratic candidate for reelection over in the 5th District, a scheme that doesn't even pass the smell test, let alone reflect any semblance of the truth?

See for yourself.

In "Return Perriello in the 5th District," a half-hearted attempt at finding a reason* to endorse the one man more than any other here in Virginia who has simply rubberstamped everything Obama has told him to, the Times tosses out what everyone now knows is an inaccurate "fact":

"[Tom Perriello has] also won the endorsement of two typically conservative organizations: the National Rifle Association and the Veterans of Foreign Wars."

In the case of the first group cited - to its shame - the NRA has indeed endorsed Perriello.  But the VFW hasn't.  In fact it has vehemently rejected its political action committee's decision to provide that endorsement.

The truth?  It was the VFW-PAC that endorsed the very liberal Perriello, not the VFW (an action that has gotten the VFW-PAC to be abolished!).

This prompted the following letter to be sent to the Roanoke Times, a copy of which has been sent to me for  publication (since the Times will probably trash it):
Boucher/Perriello VFW Scam

Dear Editor,
I am writing this as a very concerned LIFE VFW Member, military veteran, and resident. I am NOT writing because of my political views or who I support BUT of my concern for the well being of OUR VFW Organization .

In listening to info, political commercials and debates last night (Thursday ), I heard both Virginia Congressman Boucher of the Ninth and Congressman Perriello of the Fifth District say that their campaigns were ENDORSED by the VFW Political Action Committees which is NOT SO – at least NOT ANYMORE .

When the VFW PAC , an arm of the National VFW , started revealing endorsements of MANY political candidates all over this country a few months ago , MOSTLY INCUMBENTS , VFW Members flooded the national VFW headquarters with letter and calls sounding off against these practices and threatening to resign because first and foremost we are supposed to be a NON PARTISAN organization. As a result, The VFW National Commander requested that its PAC rescind these endorsements for the good of the Organization and they refused. So in order to avoid the VFW BEING TORN OUT BY ITS VERY ROOTS HE CAME OUT WITH THIS STATEMENT:

“In a statement posted on the VFW website Oct. 18, VFW Commander-in-Chief Richard Eubank announced he was dissolving the organization’s Political Action Committee and rescinding all of its endorsements. In the statement, Eubank said, “The VFW has been subjected to extreme negative publicity throughout the nation, and the recent endorsement decisions have, in fact, harmed the VFW’s reputation and future ability to fulfill our mission.”

Eubank’s decision was made after the VFW-PAC had earlier refused to honor the organization’s request to take back the endorsements. “I cannot let this threat of erosion of OUR MEMBERSHIP and public support for our great organization continue.”

If our local US Congressmen and candidates are AWARE of this statement, which I’m sure THEY ARE , out of respect for our Veterans and the well being of their organizations I, AS A MILITARY VETERAN AND LIFE MEMBER OF THE VFW respectfully REQUEST they STOP using the VFW as a Tool for their re election campaigns IN THEIR COMMERCIALS AND DEBATES .

Sam Lewis
Vietnam Veteran
[emphasis in the original]

- - -

* Here's my favorite line in that pathetic attempt on the part of the Times at providing legitimate reasons to back Perriello:

"Voters tempted to think Perriello a party lapdog should consider this: From Day 1, he stood up to the late Jack Murtha, an extremely powerful Democratic leader, and pushed for transparency in earmarks."

Transparency?  Transparency in earmarks?  Who cares?  The issue there has always been the existence of earmarks, not their transparency.  Perriello, like Murtha before he died, is a big believer in wasting the taxpayers' money by running earmarks through the appropriations process.  That's the issue.  One that the Times carefully avoided mention of.


A Public Service Announcement

Congressman Rick Boucher and challenger Morgan Griffith have another debate scheduled for this evening, if you missed the first one. From a press release:
Second debate set for TV

Roanoke - The candidates for the Ninth Congressional seat will square off in the second of two televised debates on Tuesday, October 26 on WDBJ-7, Roanoke television market.

Republican Morgan Griffith says he is excited about this opportunity to discuss the issues with Incumbent Rick Boucher. "Last week's debate was short, and we were only to touch the major concerns of voters in this election, so Tuesday's meeting should help to clarify many of those and others."

This will be the last time the candidate's face off before Election Day.
For those outside the Roanoke viewing area, there is another way to catch the debate. At 7 p.m., WDBJ.com will stream the event online.

For those of you in the Tri-Cities, WJHL-TV, channel 11, will also be televising the debate.

Griffith Gets Another Endorsement

This one is of particular importance since conservatives get a bad rap when it comes to the issue of immigration.  For the hundredth time, we are not against legal immigration.  We are fine with legal immigration (knowing that we are all here as a result of someone perched on our family tree having been an immigrant).  It's only the lawless we want kept out - and sent back should they break our laws and make their way across our border illegally.

Anyway, the news:
Immigration group endorses Griffith

Christiansburg - A National Immigration group has announced its endorsement of Republican Morgan Griffith for the Ninth Congressional seat. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC says illegal immigration is more prominent in the 2010 elections than in any other election in modern history.

William Gheen, President of ALIPAC says polls are ranking illegal immigration as a top voter concern next to the economy and national security, and an unprecedented number of candidates are declaring their opposition to Amnesty for illegal aliens.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is a non-partisan organization that endorses candidates for Congress and Senate which opposes any form of Amnesty, path to citizenship, or taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens. [received via email]
Though illegal immigration has slowed in recent years, it has by no means stopped.

Hopefully Morgan Griffith can do what Obama and Rick Boucher have refused to do. Stop illegal immigration.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Worlds Apart

Amendment 3 on the ballot you'll be dealing with on November 2 in so many words:

Increase the state government's Rainy Day Fund.

How should you vote?

The Roanoke Times this morning says YES, the Commonwealth needs to build its savings account that is made up of funds that it has no particular use for at the moment.

I say HELL NO.  Let the people of Virginia keep their hard-earned cash in their own savings accounts.  If our government has specific need, they can come to us with hat in hand and make the case.

Abolish the Rainy Day Fund.

I Call Upon Mason Adams ...

I think one or two of the Roanoke Times's veteran news reporters need to sit down with Lerone Graham and Amy Matzke-Fawcett and explain to them how to write a newspaper article. Because this one is a bit bizarre:
Phone call led police to Radford Papa John's shooting suspect
By Lerone Graham and Amy Matzke-Fawcett

A phone call placed shortly after a deadly Radford shooting Thursday led to the arrest of the suspect, according to search warrants.

About 1:35 a.m. Thursday, Radford police officers responded to a 911 call at the Papa John's Pizza restaurant at 1024 Tyler Ave.

They found the body of store manager Jason Levi Stigger, 27, who was shot to death in the restaurant. Money appeared to be missing, according to warrants, leading police to suspect robbery as a possible motive.

Radford police, assisted by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, arrested Kenneth Allen Lytton, 45, of Christiansburg on Thursday evening and charged him with one count each of first-degree murder and use of a firearm to commit murder.


Lytton, a 1984 graduate of Auburn High School, enjoys riding motorcycles and driving his Mustang, according to his Facebook page. [link] [emphasis mine]
I thought for a moment that my computer had inadvertently sent me to the Match.com dating site while I wasn't looking.

The alleged murderer enjoys riding motorcycles and driving Mustangs?   What are his favorite foods?  Does he savor long walks on the beach and reading mystery novels as he lies in front of a warm fire?  And, oh by the way, at the same time slaughtering his fellow human beings?

What in God's name is "Lytton, a 1984 graduate of Auburn High School, enjoys riding motorcycles and driving his Mustang ..." doing in this news item about a grisly murder?!

Why do I see some editor involved in this bit of idiocy?

The Way Forward

These two statements from Pat Boone, in announcing that Morgan Griffith has won the 60 Plus Association’s Honorary Guardian of Seniors’ Rights award, would seem to be at odds with one another:

"Morgan Griffith can always be counted on to protect Social Security and Medicare."

"Morgan Griffith will be a tax cutter, protecting the pocket books of senior citizens."

But they're not incongruous at all.

If Obama has proven nothing else, he's shown that throwing taxpayer money at select companies in order to "stimulate" the economy is a fool's errand. What we need, as history has proven over and over again, are more taxpayers with the ability to pay taxes. Especially more businesses that are in a position to pay for all those programs our government dreams up. And we need to allow those businesses to keep a healthy portion of their money so as to be able to prosper. And hire. And create more taxpayers.

From that prosperity federal tax revenue will flow.

And Social Security will be secured.

As it stands right now, the program is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, with the nation's printing presses at full capacity and the debt ledger getting ever more frightening.

"Morgan Griffith can always be counted on to protect Social Security and Medicare."

"Morgan Griffith will be a tax cutter, protecting the pocket books of senior citizens."

He's the only man in this race who will do both.

Cut taxes. Grow tax revenue.  Protect Social Security.

Makes perfect sense.

Obama Is Flailing

What to make of this?

Two things:

1) Didn't he say that last year?

2) You can bet he'll be focusing on the deficit. There'll be a new sheriff in town come election day, and the conservatives in Congress will demand it. Why else do you think Bill Clinton went from poo-pooing the notion that the budget could be balanced one year to balancing the budget the next? Can you say ... Newt Gingrich?

Obama is going to focus on the deficit. A truer statement was never made.

Well, This Won't Get You Elected

I wonder what Jeremiah Heaton's main goal was when he went before a Montgomery County Tea Party gathering the other day and proceeded to anger everyone in attendance.  To garner votes?

That would be an odd way of going about it.

See "Heaton Bashes Tea Party!"

I think the pressures of the campaign are getting to him.

'Obama likely to focus on deficit in next 2 years'

But for now, it's spend it even though you don't got it:

Barack and Michelle have booked the entire Taj Mahal Hotel, including 570 rooms, all banquets and restaurants for a two-day soiree in Mumbai.

For the love of God.

Jaw Dropper of the Day

Who would have ever thought ...

The question is, under current circumstances, are those five Dems willing to accept the "favor"?

From Little Weblogs a Great Story Doth Come

You read it here first.

Then it went mainstream:

Now it hits video:

I think Rick Boucher needs to leave before this gets any more serious.

Another Day. Another Griffith Endorsement.

The people of Southwest Virginia so want to get out of this mess that our government has gotten us into.

And they know how to do it. From a press release:
Floyd Tea Party endorses Griffith

Floyd - The Floyd County Tea Party has announced its endorsement of Republican Morgan Griffith for the Ninth Congressional race. Griffith met with the group earlier this month, which held a Q&A session for candidates. [received via email]
Now, if all of you show up on November 2, Griffith can get to work and fix this awful, awful situation.

Otherwise, things are only going to get worse.

Worth Bookmarking

An announcement:
The Southwest Virginia Tea Party Patriots of Abingdon/Bristol announces the launch of their online news journal format website, www.swvateapartyab.org. Borne out of frustration with area media coverage of issues pertinent to the historic 2010 mid-term election, the group elected to become their own news source!

To address the group's growing dissatisfaction with the current incumbent's indifference to their concern about critical issues facing the region and the republic, the SWVA Tea Party Patriots announces their billboard campaign to air their complaint.

Seven tea party patriot groups throughout District 9 have come together to show their support for Republican candidate Morgan Griffith, whose pledge in turn is to effect smaller Constitutionally sound government, fiscal responsibility and free trade. The groundswell movement celebrates We The People taking an active role in redefining our government. [received via email]
You need to check out this website.  It's very well done.  And the content is fabulous.  Great job.

Now, let's hope the good people of the Tea Party help us affect positive change.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

How Obtuse

This reminds me of the mindset that pervades the Roanoke Times editorial boardroom:
And the Award for Most Sanctimonious Non-Apology of the Week Goes To...
By Armin Rosen, Reason magazine

Rachel Maddow.

Last night, Maddow pulled some truly Rhodes Scholarship-worthy rhetorical gymnastics in both apologizing for and doubling down on her accusation that former Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) had some kind of prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing. Maddow conceded that she was guilty of a "misstatement" and an "editing error" in accusing the one-term U.S. congressman of being at least partly responsible for the deaths of 168 fellow human beings. But she then made light of her colossally offensive "misstatement" by arguing that her main contention still stands: The important thing, she claimed, isn't that she said something mindbogglingly slanderous, it's that she was justified in doing so.

The real vomit-all-over-your-keyboard moment comes at roughly the 2-minute mark, where Maddow sarcastically frames her apology as a chance to congratulate herself on bringing the specter of militant right-wing politics to the public's attention. "For all the conservative bloggers out there who are extremely angry at me for making that mistake" she said, "thank you. Thank you for signaling such enthusiasm for discussing guys like Steve Stockman, and for getting all the details right. If the country talked a lot more about the Steve Stockmans of the world and anti-government extremism and what the experience of having anti-government extremists in Congress was like for this country the last time we tried it, I think that would be good for us in this country, particularly before this round of elections."

So mistakenly accusing someone of being an accessory to the worst act of domestic terrorism in this country's history isn't really that bad, since it acted as a catalyst for what Maddow sees as a much-needed discussion? [link]
Don't think for a minute that this woman is lying or trying to weasel out of this embarrassing incident.  She - like those with a similar mindset - believe it.

Which should frighten the socks off of you.  And steel your resolve.


This video illustrates the point many of us have been making for a long time.

China now owns us:

And no amount of stimulus spending is going to change that.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's The Issue?

I keep waiting for someone to explain to me why all the liberals have their diapers in a bunch over "secretive" campaign contributions - by corporations! ... perhaps - that are on the verge of destroying the republic.  Read through this piece from the New York Times and keep asking yourself, "What's the harm?":
John Roberts’s America
By Timothy Egan

Colorado Springs, Colo. — I wish Chief Justice John Roberts could spend a day and a night in the Rocky Mountains experiencing what his activist Supreme Court majority has dumped on the American voter in 2010.

The sludge flow from out-of-state, secretive political groups is unrelenting. All hours. All mediums. A football game-break brings three attacks in a row, calling a senator a liar, a vandal and a glutton for debt. A weather update is interrupted by a trio of hits from the other side, making the challenger out to be the worst thing for women since Neanderthal man took up a club as an accessory to romance.

Colorado is ground zero for what’s happening in John Roberts’s America, competing for the dubious distinction of being the top state in the nation for spending by shadowy outside groups telling people how to vote.

This gusher is courtesy of the 5-to-4 Supreme Court decision in January that allowed unlimited campaign spending by corporations and unions. That was the ruling, which will go down in infamy, where the court said that corporations had the same free speech rights as ordinary citizens. [link]
Let me make it easy on you.  This joker doesn't have the first clue as to whether corporations (or unions) are funding those "shadowy" outside groups.  Not one funding list has ever been made public.  That "gusher is courtesy of the 5-to-4 Supreme Court decision in January that allowed unlimited campaign spending by corporations and unions" is, on its face, a position that is completely undefendable with the known facts.

But so what?  What laws have been broken?  What harm has been inflicted?  Who's been damaged?

If your first words are "Well, they have contributed to the dissemination of misinformation," my response is:

Welcome to U.S. politics, circa 1889 to 2010.

Want to go down the list of candidates and political parties that done just that?

Instead I'll list those that haven't tossed out untruths over the last 200 years:

- ...... -

And if the complaint is that there are too many TV and radio commercials in 2010 because of the proliferation of cash donations to political campaigns - an argument with which I have a certain amount of sympathy - is 2010 any different from 2008?


So what's different about 2010?  Liberals are about to get their asses handed to them come election day and they're fretting over the unfairness of it.

But why pick on "shady" outside groups?  Why not just go to the heart of the matter and do what NPR did to Juan Williams and silence all dissent?  That's really what these "open-minded" lefties want, when it comes down to it, isn't it?  One Message, One World, One Big Brother?

Anonymous groups are funding campaign ads.  God have mercy.

- - -

* I should note that there are still laws relating to defamation out there.  If the potential for libel or slander are what's gotten these liberals whimpering, there are courts set up to deal with such things.  And at that time, you can bet a good plaintiff's lawyer can find out who is behind those political ads.

So sue them if there's a problem.

And quit whining.