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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

This Does Not Compute

What was it I said last week about the government pouring money down a rathole?  It had to do with this:

That's just peachy.

Today we're hit with this:

Make that one big-ass rathole.

1980: Buy American!

Thirty years later: Buy Something That's Not Built by the U.S. Government!

How times have changed:
U.S. auto sales grew in December; Ford surged while Chrysler, GM slipped
By Peter Whoriskey, Washington Post Staff Writer

The U.S. auto market continued its slow crawl out of the recession in December as more consumers bought cars, but shoppers' enthusiasm remained well below pre-crisis days.

"Everything is improving, but the recovery is really slow," said Jessica Caldwell, senior analyst at Edmunds.com. "It's not even growth, really -- it's more like stabilization." While nearly every major automaker is struggling in the United States, General Motors and Chrysler, the two U.S. automakers bailed out with billions of dollars in government funds, remain particularly troubled.

Chrysler's December sales fell to 86,523, down 4 percent from December 2008, according to Autodata. Sales were down 36 percent for the full year.

General Motors, which is now largely owned by the U.S. government, saw sales drop to 207,538 in December, a 6 percent decrease. Its sales were down 30 percent in 2009, compared with 2008.

One bright spot for the U.S. industry was Ford, which experienced a drop in annual sales but outperformed December 2008's sales by 33 percent last month.  [link]
Too bad about Chrysler.  It may be getting a bum rap with people thinking that it, like GM, is owned by the government.  It's not.  It merely got a fat bailout from Uncle Barry to keep it from going into liquidation.  Too bad too that Chrysler, by too many accounts, still makes crappy cars.

But General Motors is a whole different animal.  It's now run by the same bunch that gives you the post office.  And Homeland Security.  Who would go near a government built car (a la the Trabant) if he wasn't forced to at the point of a gun?

Here's to Ford.  Long Soon may it prosper.

Who In Their Right Mind Would Have Believed Him?

At some point in time, I'm sure, President Obama said he was going to get the federal budget under control.  But if he did, I ignored or forgot his pronouncement.  It would have been that meaningless in the face of Democrat realities.

Obama To Cut Deficits!!!  Yeah.  Right.  Starting next year.  Or was it the year after that?

In any case, it appears that the true believers at the New York Times took him at his word.

Poor fools.

Promises.  Promises.  Maybe it was the year after the year after next.

Or was it when pigs fly ...

I'm Not Holding My Breath ...

... but the mind reels ...

Democratic heir to Ted Kennedy leads Republican challenger by … nine points?

A Republican taking Kennedy's seat in the Senate. That would be better than sex.


Earth To Congressman Boucher

“The fundamentals of the economy are good.”
-- Representative Rick Boucher, Democrat, VA-9 --

In today's news:

Maybe Boucher's referring only to the economy in his neighborhood in the D.C. suburbs.  Things are going swimmingly there I hear.

Speaks Volumes

What does this say about all those hand-wringing eco-humanitarians out there who so want to save us from ourselves?

From a London Telegraph news article from a month ago:

"Save the Children warn[s] that global warming could cause the death of a quarter of a million children next year as a result of natural disasters causing an increase in injuries, water-borne diseases and starvation."

And what does that same charity have to say in response to an actual weather disaster? 


The theoretical vs. reality.  "Could" vs.  "is."

Just how concerned are these people about the world's children really?

Is Washington On Our Side?

In the War on Terror struggle against man-caused disasters, one has to wonder these days.  Are our elected leaders taking the crisis seriously?

Dorothy Rabinowitz:
Asked in an interview with the German magazine "Der Spiegel" last March why she had avoided using the word "terrorism" in her testimony to Congress, she explained that she had instead preferred to use another term: "man-caused disasters." That choice of words demonstrated, she said, that "we want to move away from the politics of fear." The idea now, she added mysteriously, was to be prepared for all risks that could occur. There was nothing mysterious about the intended point. In the new forward looking administration she served—its leader had after all travelled far tendering apologies for his country's past sins and arrogance toward other nations—emphasis on terrorism was to be dispatched, along with the words war on terror and terrorists. The use of such references was to be equated with the low, the deceitful, the politics of fear, with indeed, a false claim of danger.

Ms. Napolitano would go on in other ways to prove the potency of man-made disasters—of which she was clearly proving one. In April, she issued a report seeming to target military veterans as potentially dangerous right-wing extremists. She soon apologized. In the same month she managed to suggest that the 9/11 terrorists had entered the U.S. through Canada, which appalled Canadian leaders. Apologies and clarifications followed.

Mr. Obama can't be happy with his Homeland Security chief. It's fair to say no president deserves an appointee so extravagantly unequipped for her job. Still there is much in Ms. Napolitano's attitudes and pronouncements, including talk of "the politics of fear," that reflect with glaring accuracy the Obama team's values, ideology and prime political targets. In her disastrous and raw way she is its voice revealed. [link]
The fact that our top security chief is proving to be a "man-made disaster" should frighten the socks off of you.  Because the thought certainly emboldens Osama bin Ladin.

And the fact that Obama's top security adviser says on Sunday on a talk show that the U.S. will "absolutely" be sending Guantanamo prisoners back to Yemen (where they can easily rejoin al Qaeda), only to have Obama say the opposite yesterday, is, in itself, disturbing.

What are these people doing?

How Disapppointed They Must Be

I think the folks around the country who were so hoping for change with the election of Kid Wonder must be crushed when they read quotes from their messiah like this:

"This was a screw up ..."

From messiah to stumblebutt.  Oh, my.