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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Both the Roanoke Times editorial staff and Times columnist Dan Casey are just ecstatic over the fact that the Star City has a new sidewalk.  A 600-foot "Roanoke River Greenway" it's called.

See "A Connection Well Made" (scroll down) and "Path less traveled has become well traveled."

A sidewalk.  A 600-foot sidewalk.

They must not get out much.

Quote of the Day

From one of those British global warming "scientists" who have been making the news lately to the author of “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past":

"Children just aren't going to know what snow is."

Sniff ...  Glob...al   war... war...ming.

A photo of Britain taken by a NASA satellite on Thursday that shows the entire island blanketed in snow:

Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics

You've read it before:

From December: Drop in unemployment claims signals healing economy

From August: Unemployment rate decline may indicate the recession has hit bottom

From June: Decline in unemployment claims lifts hopes on jobs

From May: Can unemployment claims predict the end of the American recession? [I]t is tempting to conclude that the monthly trough of the US recession could come as early as the middle of May 2009

And then there's our chief economist hope merchant: Obama: Jobs news 'modestly encouraging'

This is what has these experts all orgasmic - the drop in initial jobless claims each month since May, 2009:

(source; click on the image to enlarge it)

But, as media types are starting to learn, unemployment claims are only half the picture.  There are millions of Americans out there who have given up on filing claims and seeking employment.  In fact, they've simply given up:
Report suggests a year of high unemployment ahead
By Jeannine Aversa and Christopher S. Rugaber, AP Economics Writers

Washington – Brace for a year of stubbornly high unemployment.

Gripped by uncertainty over the economic recovery, employers chopped 85,000 jobs last month, and difficulty finding work helped chase more than half a million people out of the job market.

The unemployment rate held steady at 10 percent. It did not creep higher only because so many people stopped looking for work and are technically not counted as unemployed.

But the jobless rate is likely to rise in coming months as more people see signs of an improving economy and start looking for work again. Some economists think it could near 11 percent, which would be the highest since World War II, by June.

In a normal economic recovery, more people would be entering, not leaving, the job market. If those people hadn't dropped out, the rate would have hit 10.4 percent in December, according to an estimate by the Economic Policy Institute.

Counting the people who have given up looking for work and the part-time workers who would rather be working full-time, the so-called underemployment rate edged up to 17.3 percent in December. The record high is 17.4 percent, reached in October. [link]
More telling perhaps than the chart above that shows the trend in filings is this chart (provided by Innocent Bystanders) that shows the actual number of jobs that are in existence each month in the last year:

Click on the image to enlarge it

Recovery?  Bottomed-out?  End of the decline?  Upturn?

There's no sign of it yet.

Ah, The Memories

It was Elvis's birthday yesterday.  He would be 75.

The day before yesterday I clicked the TV remote to one of his many movie from the 60's.  Wild In the Country maybe?  I thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane.

And what a memory it was.   It came flooding back like a tidal wave.

Elvis was an awful actor.

And his movies were even worse than awful.

Ten minutes and the remote was back in action.

But Will It Be Mistaken For His Head?

Quote of the Day

From James Taranto:
Ultimately, the case against Guantanamo can be reduced to an ad hominem attack. Obama and his supporters loathe it because it is a symbol of the hated George W. Bush. For the president of the United States, it is past time to move on from petty grievances and deal in a serious and forthright way with the demands of American national security.
"Guantanamo 1, Obama 0," Best of the Web Today, January 7, 2010

'The Buck Stops With Me'

What did he mean when Obama said that on Thursday?  That he took full responsibility for the terrorist debacle - the comedy of errors and indifference - up and down the line - that took place in Detroit on Christmas Day?  What does that mean?  Is he going to punish himself?  Does he expect us to punish him for his blunders?  Is he going to resign?

In fact it meant nothing.  Life in Washington went on as normal.  Happy and oblivious to the world around it.

(a question: If Obama instructed his national security team on Wednesday to investigate "all leads on high priority threats so that these leads are pursued and acted upon aggressively," what were his standing instructions to his team the day before?)

In any case, what Obama says means nothing.  Because he - in truth - accepts responsibility for nothing.

And the mainstream press is just fine with that:
ABC Again Spins for Obama: 'Intelligence Professionals' Failed Obama Just Like They Failed JFK
By Scott Whitlock, NewsBusters

For the second time in two days, ABC attempted to exonerate Barack Obama from responsibility for a failed Christmas Day airline bombing. On Friday’s Good Morning America, Brian Ross spun, "Well, like another young president almost 50 years ago, Barack Obama found the so-called intelligence professionals, the veterans, the old hands, failed him and failed the country."

After placing the blame on everyone but the President, Ross oddly continued, "And as John Kennedy did when the CIA blew an invasion of Cuba in 1961, President Obama took responsibility for the failure to stop and spot the underwear bomber." [link]
So the president babbles something about the "buck" stopping with him and the media take their cue and pass the buck to everyone but him.

Nothing has changed.

Expect more terror attacks.  Expect a lot more buck stopping.  Expect the same results.