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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who's The Idiot Here?

We're confronted this morning with the cover of Rolling Stone magazine's current issue:

The "idiots," of course, being those of us who reject global warming theory.

We find ourselves also having to deal with this, from the same crowd:
Cold snap linked to global warming
People's Daily

It's cold out there - blame global warming.

Weather experts say global warming not only warms the world, it also brings colder extreme weather.

"It means a higher risk of more extreme weather like freezing winter, snowstorms and scorching hot in the coming five decades," Kuang Yaoqiu, professor with Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told China Daily yesterday. [link]
(1) Empirical data tell us that the planet is not warming.

(2) In fact, empirical data inform that the planet is cooling.

(3) Climate models predicted just the opposite.

(4) So climate "experts" accept the cooling as proof of warming just the same.

For the love of God.

Let's look at that again:

You decide.

.jpg courtesy of Rolling Stone.

You Get What You Deserve

This, from Michael Barone, seems right to me:
In retrospect, the Obama enthusiasts seem to have been motivated by a yearning for a rapturous, nuanced leader. Send that terrible tyrant with his tortured sentences and moral certitude back to Texas and install The One in the White House, and all would be well.

The Obama enthusiasts have achieved that goal, and perhaps it's not surprising that, as polls show, they're not much engaged in the details of the health care bills or cap-and-trade legislation or looming tax increases and the like. They, or at least most of them, were never much interested in those things anyway.
It seems odd that the leftists in this country, having devoted so much of their time to shedding crocodile tears over the plight of the world's poor over the years, don't seem to give two squirts when it's revealed that Obama's first tax increase hit most heavily those least able to afford it, or when they learn that his answer to "global warming" is to throw poor coal miners out of work, or when it comes out that Obama's health care plan will have a disastrous impact on the aged among us with fixed incomes.

Not to mention the (ignored) news that 26 million Americans are currently either unemployed or underemployed.



Concern?  Not even.  Interest at least?  Curiosity?  One would wish.

Instead we get this from the left: "Obama's Brilliant First Year."  As is typical, its premise is based on the hope that change will come next year.  Somehow that's evaluated as being ... brilliant.

And it's the "brilliance" that we need to celebrate.  Forget the rest.

How does one deal with idiocy like that?

This Can't Continue

President Obama ran up a larger national debt amount in December than did all presidents combined in the first century and a half of our existence.  In fact he more than doubled it.

The gross national debt accumulated between 1789 and 1940?

$43 billion.

In just 31 days in December, 2009?


31 days.
Federal deficit hits all-time December high
By Bill Nichols, Politico

The federal budget deficit hit an all-time high for the month of December, and deficit spending for the first three months of the new budget year is also surpassing last year’s record pace.

The $91.85 billion budget deficit in December, a record for the month, marked a record 15 straight months of government red ink, the Treasury Department said Wednesday.

The monthly budget gap, up from a $51.75 billion deficit in December 2008, pushed the budget shortfall for the first quarter of fiscal 2010 to $388.51 billion. That compares to a $332.49 billion deficit for the same period a year ago.

The Obama administration is projecting that this year’s deficit will climb even higher, to $1.5 trillion, which would be 5.6 percent higher than the 2009 deficit. [link]
Want a good laugh?

"President Barack Obama’s deficit-cutting plans are expected to be featured prominently in the budget he will submit to Congress in early February for the 2011 budget year that begins Oct. 1."

"Deficit-cutting."  He should be on "Saturday Night Live."

In all seriousness, we are going to be in big trouble when the Chinese decide they no longer wish to buy our debt and support our otherwise unsupportable national government.  When that day comes, a crash occurs the likes of which we've never seen.

Is it preventable?  Not by the bunch we have in Washington these days.  Their only focus is on spending those dollars they don't have.

We are, therefore, doomed.


My mistake.  I thought Obama's pit of snakes had given up on their "jobs saved" shenanigans.

White House: Stimulus has saved 2 million jobs

Washington - President Barack Obama's emergency spending measures last year saved up to 2 million U.S. jobs, the White House said on Wednesday, but it warned that the outlook for the economy remained uncertain.

Christina Romer, head of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, said she expects positive job creation by the spring, but stressed that there was definitely a need for additional "targeted action" to aid employment. [link]
Since that 2 million number is completely made up, expect this Romer character to declare in the spring that we did, by gum, have positive job creation too.  And a balanced budget.  And cancer cured.  And peace throughout the land.  Birds singing ... Flowers blooming ...

- - -

From Hot Air:


Your Government Looking Out For You

It's a phenomenon that can't be explained.  The closer to home the government entity is, the more sane the representation becomes.  Odd indeed.  We all know how the overpaid pols in Washington have lost their collective minds.  It's on the front page of every paper every day.  But those who work closer to their constituents, well, they're downright helpful.  

To wit:

Important Firearm Bills Introduced in Richmond

The 2010 Virginia General Assembly opened Wednesday, January 13 and, so far, the following firearm-related bills have been introduced:

House Bill 8, sponsored by Delegate Bill Carrico (R-5), and Senate Bill 3, sponsored by State Senator Ralph Smith (R-22), would allow concealed carry permit holders to renew their permits by mail.

House Bill 26, introduced by Delegate Thomas Wright, Jr. (R-61), would prohibit the Clerk of the Court from requiring an applicant for a concealed carry permit to provide any documentation or information not authorized by the law or prescribed by Virginia State Police.

House Bill 49, sponsored by Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter (R-31), would repeal Virginia’s “one-gun-a-month” gun rationing law enacted by the Wilder Administration in 1993.  This law has only restricted the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

House Bill 52, authored by Delegate Mark Cole (R-88), would allow a court to waive a $25 dollar fine upon presentation of the permit to the court, if a person fails to display his concealed carry permit when requested by a law-enforcement officer.

House Bill 72, also introduced by Delegate Carrico, would amend the state penalties for possessing a firearm on school grounds. HB72 would reduce the penalty to a Class 1 misdemeanor from a Class 6 felony for those who inadvertently carry on school grounds.

House Bill 79, sponsored by Delegate R. Lee Ware, Jr. (R-65), prohibits the Clerk of Court from publicly disclosing concealed carry permit application information unless the permittee has provided written consent for the release of the application or information. The information will still be available to law-enforcement acting in performance of their duties.

House Bill 106, also sponsored by Delegate Cole, would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol, provided they do not consume, and would allow permit holders to carry during a religious meeting with the permission of the leader of the meeting.

House Bill 108, also introduced by Delegate Cole, would prohibit agents of localities or localities themselves from participating in “gun buy-backs” unless the governing body of such a locality authorizes such a program. The locality would then have the option of selling the firearms by auction to a federally licensed dealer (FFL) or disposing of the firearm in any other appropriate manner.

House Bill 505, sponsored by Delegate Todd Gilbert (R-15), would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry a concealed handgun for self-defense in restaurantthat serve alcohol,  provided that they do not consume alcohol. 

House Bill 637, authored by Delegate Ward Armstrong (D-10), would exempt a boarding team member or boarding team officer in the United States Coast Guard from the concealed handgun permit issuance fee, provided they have completed 15 years of service or reached the age of 55.
House Bill 489, sponsored by Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter (R-31), would organize the current concealed carry statute into a more readable format, thereby making it easier and clearer for the average citizen to understand their rights. 

House Bill 251, introduced by Delegates Donald Merricks (R-16) and D.W. Marshall (R-14), would provide immunity from civil prosecution if a citizen uses force, including deadly force, to defend themselves and their loved ones if attacked in their home.

House Bill 236, sponsored by Delegate Bill Janis (R-56), would remove the prohibition imposed by localities on hunting within a half-mile of subdivisions.

House Bill 475, authored by Delegate Charles Carrico (R-5), would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry their firearms concealed in school parking lots and into areas of the school, provided the school is not being used for official educational use or extracurricular activities.

House Bill 870, sponsored by Delegate Benjamin Cline (R-24), would repeal the language that allows localities to
 fingerprint applicants for a concealed handgun permit.     

House Bill 885, sponsored by Delegate Cliff Athey (R-18), would allow any person who may lawfully posses a firearm and is carrying a handgun while in a personal, private vehicle or vessel to keep the firearm secured in a container or compartment in the vehicle or vessel. 

House Bill 109, also authored by Delegate Cole, would repeal the statute which allows the governing body of any county to require the sellers of pistols and revolvers to furnish the Clerk of the Circuit Court with the name and address of the purchaser, date of purchase and the number, make, and caliber of the gun.

House Bill 152, sponsored by Delegate John O’Bannon (R-73), would allow an electronic security employee who possesses a CCW permit to carry while on the job so long as he does not represent that he is carrying in the course of employment.

House Bill 171, introduced by Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-96), would prohibit property owners, employers, or a business entity from establishing or enforcing any policy prohibiting a person who may lawfully possess a firearm from storing a firearm in a locked motor vehicle in a publicly accessible parking lot.

Senate Bill 79, authored by State Senator William Roscoe Reynolds (D-20), would repeal the language that allows localities to require concealed handgun permit applicants to produce fingerprints before issuance of a permit. 

You'll notice that almost all of the pro-Constitution, pro-American bills were introduced by Republicans.

Then there come the efforts of the usual suspects.  From the Democrats::

Senate Bill 268, sponsored by State Senator Mary Margaret Whipple (D-31), would gut Virginia’s firearm preemption law by allowing localities to ban the carrying of firearms by law-abiding citizens in buildings owned or leased by local government. This bill would only create a confusing patchwork of local laws throughout the state. 

House Bill 520, introduced by Delegate Joseph Morrissey (D-74), would require anyone who exhibits, sells or offers to sell three or more firearms per year at a gun show to register as a Virginia firearms dealer. The intent of this bill is twofold: to outlaw the private transfer and sales of firearms at Virginia gun shows and to open the door to a future ban of any private transfer or sale of firearms within the Commonwealth.

House Bill 879, sponsored by Delegates Mamye BaCote (D-95), Robin Abbott (D-93), Jennifer McClellan (D-71) and Jeion Ward (D-92) along with State Senator Mamie Locke (D-2), would allow localities to pass ordinances banning
 the possession of firearms and ammunition in libraries they own or operate.

Nothing about banning criminal intent, but I'm sure that'll come tomorrow. 

More to follow ...

* Information provided by NRA-ILA.