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Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's About Time

Welcome news from Morgan Griffith's office:
House leader seeks to probe gas industry practices
By Daniel Gilbert, Reporter, Bristol Herald Courier

The leader of Virginia’s House of Delegates is seeking to create a legislative subcommittee that would study long-simmering questions of natural gas ownership that have led the state to divert millions of dollars in gas royalties into escrow accounts.

The subcommittee also would examine the state’s practice of forcing landowners to lease their mineral rights to private energy companies, and whether state agencies are adequately staffed to administer the Virginia Gas and Oil Act, according to the resolution sponsored by House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith, a Salem Republican.

“There are so many questions about what’s going on down there,” Griffith, referring to the seven Southwest Virginia counties where all gas in the state is produced, said by phone Friday. “I do think the study is appropriate.”

An attorney who is not steeped in mineral ownership issues, Griffith said he was prompted to introduce his legislation after repeatedly hearing from constituents who were forced to lease their gas rights years ago but have not received royalty payments. [link]
There is something rotten in the state of Denmark counties of Southwest Virginia.  Hopefully Morgan Griffith's subcommittee will get to the bottom of it.

Why Should a GM Worker Get Special Treatment?

Ramesh Ponnuru on the deal that Obama struck with the unions whereby they will be exempt from taxation - for years - on their health care plans, unlike everyone else:
You can make an argument for taxing the most expensive health-insurance plans offered by employers--or, for that matter, for taxing all of the health-insurance plans offered by employers. What you can't make an argument for is the deal that Democrats have just struck, in which those plans will be exempt from tax if they resulted from collective bargaining and taxed otherwise.

What this means is that two people with the same income and the exact same insurance plan will be taxed differently, with the one in a union getting a break. There's no public-policy rationale for this differential treatment.
Equal protection under the law? Equal treatment? Not in Obama's America.

This isn't really even redistributionist?   This is good, old-fashioned crony politics.

Quote of the Day

From Dana Milbank:
You can learn everything you need to know about the current Democratic state of mind from House Democrats' decision to hold their annual retreat last week in a bunker.

Usually the retreat is at Virginia's Kingsmill Resort and Spa (slogan: "Stay. Play. Getaway."), but Democrats aren't in a playful mood (and who could blame them, with public support for Congress at 1994 levels?). So they first sought out the security of a military base, Fort McNair. When they realized they couldn't hold a political event at a military installation, they moved to the Capitol Visitor Center, in a windowless stone chamber two floors underground. In the hallways outside, emergency escape signs taped to the walls announced "Area of Refuge."
"Democrats must get out of their bunker to stem disaster in November," Washington Post, January 17, 2010

Ah, The Memories

Wasn't this guy, last time he wagged his finger at us, lying through his teeth?

Oh, the many captions that can be ascribed to this photo ...

Katrina! Katrina!

Any bets on whether we'll hear that sort of narrative come out of the mainstream press this time around?

Silly me:

Can they live on promises down there?

No matter.

- - -

A scene from the New Orleans Superdome in '05:

A scene from  Port-au-Prince, Haiti yesterday:

See "Patience Wears Thin as Haiti’s Desperation Grows."

The difference? The narrative.

If only Bush were still around ...

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press and New York Times.

I Think They'd Just As Soon It Went Away

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is probably projecting his own wishes here:

"If Scott Brown wins, it'll kill the health bill."

["Please, please, please, please ..."]

Leftists Are Idiots

The latest shining example:
Actor Danny Glover Blames Global Warming for Haiti Earthquake
By Brent Baker, NewsBusters

Far-left actor Danny Glover, during an online interview this week, proposed global warming caused the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  [Fox News Channel] caught up with the silliness Friday night, as Jim Angle led the “Grapevine” segment:

"I hope we seize this particular moment because the threat of what happened to Haiti is the threat that could happen anywhere in the Caribbean to these island nations, you know. They're all in peril because of global warming, they're all in peril because of climate change and all of this....

"When we look back at what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I'm saying? But we have to act now." [link]
The science won't matter to this genius but experts estimate that global temperatures have risen in recent decades all of 0.2° to 0.6° C. (and those temperatures haven't risen at all this century).  That kind of variation in temperature wouldn't even be noticeable as you left one room and entered another, much less cause devastating earthquakes, for God's sake.

But fools like Glover will never be convinced.  So ....

A 0.2° increase in temperature!  We're all going to diiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!!!

At least they make for great entertainment.

Bringing Copenhagen To Massachusetts

Barack Obama intends to do for Massachusetts Democratic senatorial candidate Martha Coakley what he did for Chicago's bid to host the Olympics when he flew to Copenhagen several months ago, and what he did for the "climate change" conference held there more recently.

He surely intends to make her fail:
Obama to Massachusetts on Sunday
By Aaron Blake, The Hill

President Obama will travel to Massachusetts on Sunday to campaign for Martha Coakley, according to sources.

The trip represents an unprecedented role for Obama in a special election. He didn't appear during the runoff in Georgia's Senate race in December 2008 or in an early 2009 New York special House election. [link]
I've accepted all along the fact that this Coakley woman would win the special election simply because she's a Democrat.  But now, with Barack "Copenhagen" Obama's help, I'm not so sure.  Her opponent has a clear shot at upsetting her bid now that Mr. Lucky is coming there to assist her.

- - -

Lest we forget these "Copenhagen" moments:

Click on the images of former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine and of former Virginia gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds to enlarge them.

Here's to many more Copenhagens.

Keep An Eye On This One

Among the many bills being introduced in the House of Delegates this term is this one, one that I feel is vital if we are going to stem the tide of encroachment on our freedoms:

HJ 118 - Proposes an Amendment to place property rights protections against Eminent Domain in the Virginia Constitution.

It was introduced by Anne B. Crockett-Stark, Republican of Wytheville.

"Annie B" recognizes the fact that, when the Supreme Court created new law in the Kelo v. City of New London case in 2005 - changing the meaning of the words "public use" in the Constitution to essentially "public purpose" - the flood gates opened and municipalities around the country started condemning and seizing private property in large numbers for the express purpose of offering those properties up to wealthier private entities that were better able to pay higher taxes on them, making a mockery of that which Americans have always held dear - our Constitution - and making a travesty out of one of our most basic rights as citizens - the right to property ownership.

Though the Virginia legislature clarified the issue in recent years, making it more difficult for governments to confiscate property from Virginia citizens and hand it over to other private citizens, it's still possible.  A Constitutional amendment is therefore needed.

Thanks, Annie B, for being there for the people of Virginia.