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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Somewhere Down The List Of Agenda Items

Like the spoiled little rich kid who's used to getting her way:

"Hey, what about me?!"
Newsom: Obama Inexcusable on Gay Rights
The Advocate

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has built his career on being outspoken — and now, in a new interview with The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, he’s taking President Obama to task for his position on same-sex marriage.

“I want him to succeed,” Newsom said in the interview. “But I am very upset by what he’s not done in terms of rights of gays and lesbians. I understand it tactically in a campaign, but ... [blah blah blah] [link]
Somehow I think that if the issue of homosexual rights was low on Obama's agenda before, it surely is off the radar as of Tuesday night.  Seeing utter doom approaching will do that to a politician.

Poor Obama

I don't think this is what he intended when he said his goal was to unite the country:
Independent Voters Abandon Democrats
By Peter Wallsten, Wall Street Journal

Washington - Democrats' loss in Tuesday's race for a Massachusetts Senate seat is a stark illustration of how support from independent voters has collapsed, a phenomenon that's prompting party leaders to revamp their playbook for this year's midterm elections.

Independent voters—typically centrist, white and working-class—backed President Barack Obama and the Democrats in 2008. But Massachusetts is now the third Obama-won state in the past three months where independents have swung decisively Republican.

Polls in the days leading up to the vote suggested the lead for Republican Scott Brown came about largely because of his advantage among independents over Democrat Martha Coakley.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows that Mr. Obama's job-approval rating among independents nationwide is 41%. That's an 11-point drop from his performance on Election Day in 2008, when he won 52% of independents, and a near-20-point decline among that group from the heights of his popularity soon after taking office. [link]
As Democrats always do, Obama ran as a moderate centrist, which appealed to all those independents out there (the fact that they believed his lines of bull is another story). But when he proved to them that he is not in any sense of the word a moderate, they abandoned him in droves.  And ended up where I've been all along.

Better late than never.

The luscious sweet irony?  Obama has indeed united the country - in opposition to him and his party.

I Didn't think It Possible

There were so many Democrats in Massachusetts.  Who would have thought.

Then there was the much-mourned death of ... Ted ... who?
G.O.P. Senate Victory Stuns Democrats
By Michael Cooper, New York Times

Boston — Scott Brown, a little-known Republican state senator, rode an old pickup truck and a growing sense of unease among independent voters to an extraordinary upset Tuesday night when he was elected to fill the Senate seat that was long held by Edward M. Kennedy in the overwhelmingly Democratic state of Massachusetts.

By a decisive margin, Mr. Brown defeated Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general, who had been considered a prohibitive favorite to win just over a month ago after she easily won the Democratic primary.

With all precincts counted, Mr. Brown had 52 percent of the vote to Ms. Coakley’s 47 percent.

“Tonight the independent voice of Massachusetts has spoken,” Mr. Brown told his cheering supporters in a victory speech, standing in front of a backdrop that said “The People’s Seat.” [link]
It don't get better than this.

The Shot Heard Round The World

The Boston Tea Party has a message for Congressman Rick Boucher, Virginia 9 and Tom Perriello, Virginia 5:
By Moe Lane

This message goes out to every vulnerable Democratic Congressman representing a Republican or even centrist district – and after tonight, who among you is not vulnerable? It is a simple message: we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. The easy way is, you suddenly decide that you have a burning desire to spend more time with your families. So you don’t run for re-election, you walk off stage technically undefeated, and you go join a lobbying firm. The hard way is, you do run for re-election, and we pry you out of your seats.

We want to do this the hard way. We will enjoy doing it.

That’s your only warning. And remember: nobody is going to be able to save you. If the President, the DSCC, the DCCC, the DNC, the SEIU, ACORN, and the netroots couldn’t manage a win in Massachusetts… what do you think that they can do for you? [link]
Or start representing those who sent you to Washington, like you're supposed to.

You decide.

Quote of the Day

From CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

"Three statewide elections in three states Obama won, where Obama campaigned for the Democrat. All three won by Republicans. What message does this send?"

The message: You lied about what your intentions were to get elected.  Now stop ruining our country.  And get out of the way.  We have work to do to get ourselves back on our feet.

Liberty 1, Obama 0


This, from the Wall Street Journal, is spot on:
Boston Tea Party
Massachusetts voters tell Democrats to shelve ObamaCare.

'It is to me a new and consolatory proof that wherever the people are well-informed they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights."

—Thomas Jefferson to Richard Price, January 8, 1789.

Two hundred and twenty-one years later, the sage of Monticello has been proven right again. Aroused and well-informed by a year of watching a liberal majority go very far wrong, Massachusetts voters handed a Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for 47 years to Republican Scott Brown, a little known state senator from Wrenthem.

The resounding five-point victory in one of America's most liberal states is an upset heard 'round Washington—and one that ought to force Democrats to rethink their entire agenda, national health care in particular. Despite an 11th-hour intervention by President Obama in a state he carried with ease only 14 months ago, state Attorney General Martha Coakley was routed even in such unlikely tea-party outposts as Andover (58%) and amid a large turnout for a midwinter special election.

The question now is how Democrats will respond to this historic election rebuke. Only a fleeting supermajority and corrupt logrolling has allowed ObamaCare to advance as far as it has, but many liberals will be tempted to keep telling voters to shut up and learn to like what Democrats give them. "Let's remove all doubt," Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters this week. "We will have health care one way or another."

Sometimes politicians really are as obtuse as they seem. [link]
The wake-up call has been delivered.

'The Harvest Of America Has Begun'

This goes out to those Scott Brown supporters in Massachusetts who made us proud yesterday.

Born Again American.

Flag wavin' proud.

As Good As It Gets?

As you may know, the 2010 North American International Auto Show is ongoing in Detroit.  It's still quite the spectacle even if there is a ubiquitous sense of gloom that permeates the festivities.

I was listening to an interview yesterday morning with an auto industry expert on a local radio show (WJR-760), an interview that included this that gave me pause (I'm paraphrasing; I wasn't taking notes as I was driving):

"I'm often asked by concerned citizens when the U.S. auto industry is going to get back to normal?

"I reply with a question: What makes you think our current woes aren't now the norm?"

Above most anything else, America needs a robust auto industry.  Without it, we're destined to continue this slide into second-class status.

The industry is far from robust.

The slide continues.

I Sure Hope This Guy Is Guilty

Because if he isn't, then his life has now been ruined by a news organization that published a story without consideration for its implications and a sheriff who acted in haste:
Grayson deputy charged with sex crime involving minor
By Ben Bomberger, Galax Gazette

Independence ― A Grayson County deputy has been charged with sexual intercourse with a minor under 13 and is being held in the New River Valley Regional Jail with no bond.

According to Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan, former Sgt. Shane Allan Widner, 33, of Independence, was arrested and charged last Wednesday after a Virginia State Police Investigation.

The Grayson County Department of Social Services received the initial complaint from an unknown person about alleged sexual misconduct against a member of the sheriff's department.

Vaughan said the allegations surfaced last Monday, at which time Widner was suspended, pending the investigation.

A joint investigation between the Virginia State Police and Child Protective Services led to Widner being charged on Wednesday, at which time Vaughan said he was terminated from the department.

"The offense allegedly took place while Widner was off duty and had nothing to do with his official duties at the sheriff's office," Vaughan told The Gazette. "However, the allegations are both shocking and disheartening. This is not a reflection of the other professional men and women of the Grayson County Sheriff's Office that continue to serve the citizens of Grayson County." [link]
"The allegations are both shocking and disheartening."  No, the allegations are cause for great concern.  If the allegations prove to be based in fact, the crimes committed are shocking.  But they are nothing more than allegations at this point.

And, if the sheriff fired the deputy based upon an allegation (as it's being reported), then shame on him.

I just hope there's more to the story ...

I want to string this guy up as much as anyone - if he did anything wrong - but what if all this proves to be bogus?

I'd be a little more measured in my response if I were the authorities.

As for the media, they did what they do.