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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Official

ObamaCare is dead.  The Democrats' mouthpiece, New York Times, says so:
Democrats Put Lower Priority on Health Bill

Washington — With no clear path forward on major health care legislation, Democratic leaders in Congress effectively slammed the brakes on President Obama’s top domestic priority on Tuesday, saying they no longer felt pressure to move quickly on a health bill after eight months of setting deadlines and missing them.

The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, deflected questions about health care.

“We’re not on health care now,” Mr. Reid said. “We’ve talked a lot about it in the past.”

He added, “There is no rush,” and noted that Congress still had most of this year to work on the health bills passed in 2009 by the Senate and the House.

Mr. Reid said he and the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, were working to map out a way to complete a health care overhaul in coming months. [link]
Coming months, my ass.  Coming decades is more like it.

Breathe a short sigh of relief.  We dodged a bullet on this one.

But other bullets are coming.  You can count on that.

All They Had To Do Was Ask

We could have told them what "the most trusted name in news" is.


Fox Is The Most Trusted Name In News According To New Poll
By Noel Sheppard, NewsBusters

CNN might call itself the most trusted name in news, but a new poll found Americans think the Fox News Channel is the organization deserving this honor.

In fact, according to Public Policy Polling, FNC is the only national television news organization that more people trust than distrust.

A new poll asking Americans whether they trust each of the major television news operations in the country finds that the only one getting a positive review is Fox News. CNN does next best followed by NBC News, then CBS News, and finally ABC News.

49% of Americans say they trust Fox News to 37% who disagree. [link]
They've been trying to tell you all along that they are fair and balanced.  Now the American people back up their claim.

No surprise as far as I'm concerned.

The Eminent Domain Travesty Continues

Good God:
Condemnation of couple's property to proceed
By Sarah Bruyn Jones, Roanoke Times

The revelation that Carilion Clinic is not interested in the privately owned property adjacent to its growing medical park won't stop the condemnation of the property.

In a ruling Tuesday, Roanoke Circuit Court Judge William Broadhurst rejected a motion by the lawyer for B&B Holdings LLC and Stephanie and Jay Burkholder to reconsider the condemnation of their Reserve Avenue property.

Joe Waldo, the Burkholders' attorney, argued that the condemnation of the property would create blight instead of eliminating blight. The government is seeking to take the property and use it for economic development.

The Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority's attorney, Mark Loftis, argued that Carilion's lack of interest had no relevance to the issue of determining if the property could be condemned.

Waldo said that by forcing the Burkholders to sell and with no plan in place to develop the land, the property would sit vacant, resulting in a loss of tax revenue and a loss of jobs. Currently the flooring business Surfaces Inc. operates on the site, employs about 10 people and supports about 40 independent subcontractors.

"The property is going to be taken without any useful purpose," Waldo argued during court. Broadhurst sided with the housing authority, noting that the law does not require there to be a specific design in place for the use of a condemned property.

He said even if the new evidence of Carilion's lack of interest presented by B&B was true, it wouldn't have changed his November ruling that the government had the legal authority to condemn the property under Virginia's eminent domain laws. [link]
Unfortunately, that last statement is true.  The government is seizing the Burkholders' property because it can. It has no other reason for doing so - see above.  It simply can. And is.

And that's the problem that should scare every American citizen to death.

I Think We All Knew It Would End This Way

Although we hoped against hope:
Remains likely Tech student's
Rex Bowman, Roanoke Times

Charlottesville -- The three-month search for Morgan Harrington ended in a remote hayfield Tuesday when an Albemarle County farmer checking his fences discovered what authorities are confident are the Virginia Tech student's skeletal remains.

How she died, when she died and even where she died are now the questions Virginia State Police are trying to find answers to as they scour the hayfield less than 10 miles south of Charlottesville, where Harrington was last seen alive after disappearing from a rock concert.

While state police are waiting for the medical examiner's office in Richmond to make a definitive identification of the body, the search for Harrington is now a search for her killer. [link]
Find him.  Fry him.  And give him a fair trial.

It's Going To Require a Newt Gingrich

Because Barack Obama has demonstrated NO willingness to discipline Congress:
Lawmakers give cold shoulder to Obama call for budget freeze
By Walter Alarkon and J. Taylor Rushing, The Hill

President Barack Obama’s proposal to freeze government spending is turning out to be a tough sell on Capitol Hill.

His liberal base warned Tuesday the three-year cap on most non-defense discretionary spending could hamper an economic recovery. Conservatives dismissed it as insufficient and just for show.

Even the bipartisan group of lawmakers who praised Obama’s plan, most of them centrists, questioned whether he has the fortitude to veto plump spending bills that fail to adhere to the limits he has set. They also wonder if he will take further steps to rein in the $12.3 trillion federal debt.

Top Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), offered tepid support for Obama’s plan, saying it wasn’t enough.

“Of course I’m glad, but now there’s got to be spending cuts,” said McCain, who called for a discretionary spending freeze during the 2008 presidential debates. “They’ve added nearly 20 percent in spending in the past year. So a freeze is the right thing to do, but we’ll have to see how it gets implemented.” [link]
The Obama train is hurtling downhill.  And now he says he wants to put on the brakes.  Why don't I believe him?

Voters Become Disillusioned

I guess that's what happens when you wake up from a dream to find ... he is human after all:
One Year Later: The 40-Percent President
By Brad O'Leary, American Thinker

Today, Obama's policies face public approval of around 40% or less. In fact, across the board, from his policies to the candidates he supports, 40% or less of the American public back the Obama brand. As they say, the numbers don't lie.

Voters Running from Obama

* Only 43% of voters say they would vote to reelect Obama. (Zogby poll of 2,377 voters, January 19-21, 2010)

Voters Running from Obama-Backed Candidates

* Only 37% of Americans would vote to reelect their Obama-supported Democratic congressman. (Rasmussen poll of 800 likely voters, November 24, 2009)

Voters Oppose Obama's Health Care Plan

* Only 32% think Obama's health care plan is a good idea. (NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll of 1,008 adults, December 11-14, 2009)

* Only 13% of voters agree with the Obama administration's decision to bar C-SPAN from broadcasting negotiations about his health care bill. (Zogby poll of 2,377 voters, January 19-21, 2010)

* Only 12% of voters agree with the provision in Obama's health care bill that would force some married couples to pay $2,000 more per year for health insurance than unmarried couples. (Zogby poll of 2,377 voters, January 19-21, 2010)

* Only 21% of voters think that taxpayer dollars should be used to fund elective abortions. (Zogby poll of 2,377 voters, January 19-21, 2010) [link]
Sad thing is for Mr. Obama, this is as good as it gets.  From here on in, it's all downhill.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

Call It Tough Love

Yeah, I know it's not nice ...

... but it is funny.

And there's a point to be made. If they want to succeed here ...