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Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday Morning Quarterback

Do you suppose Senator Byron Dorgan was saying this sort of thing last year?

In fact Obama did focus on jobs last year. He pushed through - quickly - that massive stimulus bill that he expected would create all the jobs we would need and everything would be rosy by now. He did it quickly because he - and Dorgan, if he was to ever be an honest person - wanted to move to reforming our entire health care delivery system. Quickly.

It's not Obama's fault that the millions of jobs expected didn't materialize. It's just his fault that he wasted $780 million in taxpayer money that the taxpayers don't have any more.

Anyway, it's good to know that the Democrats have their priorities straight, finally.

So now what?

Oh. More of that which failed.


Dorgan, 2011: President should have focused on jobs, not stimulus, last year

- - -

A trip down memory lane:

January 10, 2009: "Obama: Stimulus will create 4.1 million jobs."

June 8, 2009: "Obama's Stimulus Promise: More Than 600,000 Jobs."

December 4, 2009: "Obama’s Failed Stimulus in Pictures: Jobs Gap Grows to 7.6 Million."

January 8, 2010: "Obama To Announce New Stimulus Cash For Jobs Today."

Some say he's really smart.  I don't know ... 

Seems like he's stuck on stupid to me.

Upset About Your Heating Bill?

There's a Facebook page where you can at least vent.  And organize?

Go to AEP Action and let loose.

Some of the stories uploaded there, by the way, are full of anger ... at government.  An example:
And considering those who cannot work....female, 86 years old, worked hard all her life, lives on 700 dollars a month. Has one prescription per month her needs, house is small, modest but the electric bill was 378 for Jan. Now figure it out...add it up...with the cost of the grocery bill, taxes. insurance and any needed things ... how can anyone make it on that? She has no car but everything else is so expensive she can't afford one anyway...why are we allowing our government to treat our elderly citizens with such disrespect? Not to mention the ones who are working, paying their bills and they receive a 700 dollar electric bill....where are our lawmakers who are 'working' for us????
Lawmakers working for us.  I remember the day long ago.

Some would argue that lawmakers have actually caused this catastrophe. Who, after all, sets utility rates?  Beyond that, what other publically traded company is guaranteed a specific profit margin by Virginia law?  And who saddled AEP with outrageous environmental compliance surcharges running in the tens of millions, charges that are simply passed on to consumers?  And when AEP attempts to comply to federal emissions standards, and the cost of that compliance runs in the billions, who's to blame?

Then there's the whole monopoly issue.

Angry customers look to government for relief.  My view is that any more "relief" and we're all going to be out in the cold.

- - -

A description of  AEP Action as provided by its Facebook page:

Join Delegate Bill Carrico and other elected officials in opposing another request by Appalachian Power increase in Southwest Virginia. The web site, AEPAction.org, will be re-launched again soon to give you a voice with the Virginia SCC to help fight this request. Please forward this group and share it with your friends on Facebook to help.

It Was All a Lie

Another global warming claim is found to be fiction:
UN climate panel shamed by bogus rainforest claim
By Jonathan Leake, Times of London

A startling report by the United Nations climate watchdog that global warming might wipe out 40% of the Amazon rainforest was based on an unsubstantiated claim by green campaigners who had little scientific expertise.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said in its 2007 benchmark report that even a slight change in rainfall could see swathes of the rainforest rapidly replaced by savanna grassland.

The source for its claim was a report from WWF, an environmental pressure group, which was authored by two green activists. They had based their “research” on a study published in Nature, the science journal, which did not assess rainfall but in fact looked at the impact on the forest of human activity such as logging and burning. This weekend WWF said it was launching an internal inquiry into the study. [link
As I suspected all along, these wild claims were all made up.  None of them were true.  The "science" was nothing more than propaganda.

Never forget: The world's environmentalists were prepared to alter your way of life based on these perversions.  Never forget them.  Never let down your guard.

'Brownie, You're Doing a heck of a Job'

I wonder why not one member of the mainstream press has likened Obama's miserable response to the devastation that is Haiti to that which George W. Bush brought to ... Katrina!  If "response" is even the right word.

Another example of either fecklessness or disinterest.  You decide:
New Study Suggests U.S. Ambassador Rice Isn't Engaging the UN
By Richard Grenell, writing in the Huffington Post

[Permanent Representative to the UN Susan] Rice has been spending several days a week in Washington with her larger than normal DC-based staff and spending less time with the 200-plus employees who work for her in New York. While Rice launched her tenure with a glamour spread in Vogue Magazine by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz showing her kicking back in an empty Security Council Chamber, she seems to not enjoy the Chamber when it's full of diplomats. During the recent Haiti crisis, Rice was not only absent from the Security Council vote to expand the UN's peacekeeping operation but she also failed to call an emergency meeting in the immediate aftermath to request more help. In fact, 7 days after the Haiti earthquake left tens of thousands of people in the streets without food or shelter, it was UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon that came to the Security Council to request more troops - the American Ambassador hadn't bothered. [link]
It's fair to say that very few of the victims of Hurricane Katrina died after the storm subsided.  Nearly all were killed in circumstances brought about directly by either wind or flood.  In Haiti, the relief effort, as sporadic as it's been, as underwhelming as it's been, as leaderless as it's been, has caused the deaths of thousands who were trapped in rubble and unable to escape.  Studies will eventually show that more people died in Port au Prince of starvation and dehydration than died in the entirety of the Katrina calamity.

But you'd never know it by following the mainstream press.  The narrative with those morons is devoted to Bono and George Clooney and Madonna and we-are-the-world ... And on Michelle Obama's campaign against obesity.

More of the same.

Bottom line: George Bush can fairly be criticized for his inadequate response to the storm that destroyed New Orleans.  But his failure doesn't hold a candle to the non-response and indifference that has come out of the White House since Haiti was destroyed and 150,000 human beings lost their lives.

Some day the press will take note of it.  Perhaps before we're all dead and gone.

Ya Think?

Here's one that will set you back on your heals:

Ya think?

Here's what I think: It's perfectly acceptable.  (If boneheaded).  Here's why:

Fox News is routinely criticized for being right of center politically.  To make the point, those critics cite Sean Hannity (who is proudly to the right) and Bill O'Reilly (who is sometimes to the right and sometimes to the left).  But what isn't mentioned - or understood - is the fact that Fox has round-the-clock news that is interrupted periodically with commentary.  Fox isn't conservative.  In fact it's fair and balanced.  But it certainly has segments hosted by conservative commentators at times during each day.

MSNBC has the same setup.  But at the opposite end of the spectrum.  It is a news channel that features segments that are very leftist (and in Matthews's case, pathetically idiotic).  And that's okay, if understood.

Separate out the commentary from the news.  Biased news is a whole different subject.