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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

And some obscure environmentalist group wants to make it even colder inside:
Foundation rallies against coal-fired plant in Va.
Associated Press

Dendron, Va. (AP) -- The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is urging officials to reject zoning changes necessary for Old Dominion Electric Cooperative to build what could become Virginia's largest coal-fired power plant.

The Dendron City Council hosted a public hearing Monday night on Old Dominion's proposal to build a 1,500-megawatt Cypress Creek Power Station at an estimated cost of up to $6 billion.

Foundation Advocate Chris Moore argues the cooperative's request lacks details about the proposed plant's impact on the community, environment and public health.

Rezoning hearings are set Thursday before the Surry and Sussex counties' boards of supervisors. [link]
Seen your heating bill lately?  Will the bank extend you a loan to pay it?

The only way we're going to be able to bring those astronomical bills down is by (a) bringing a whole lot more (coal-fired power plant generated) energy to the marketplace, and (b) by curtailing the influence of rabid environmentalist groups that only succeed in driving the cost of energy through the roof.

Priorities, people.  Priorities.

La La Land

A Roanoke Times columnist is miffed because a Republican lawmaker is holding up a judge's reappointment.  Because the judge unethically released a grand jury report that detailed (alleged) unethical behavior on the part of a county sheriff.

There's good unethics and there's bad unethics, one must presume.

Good grief.

How a Press Release Becomes 'News'

The Southern Environmental Law Center types it up, emails it to a reporter who doesn't want get up off his dead ass and go out into the frigid cold anyway, and ...

... voilĂ :
Environmental group: Uranium mines a threat
By Laurence Hammack, Roanoke Times

A proposal to mine uranium could contaminate drinking water from the Roanoke River, an environmental group warned Monday as it placed the river basin on a top 10 list of endangered areas in the South.

The Southern Environmental Law Center is concerned about a push to mine uranium in Pittsylvania County, and the possibility of similar projects in the Piedmont region of Virginia. [link]
This is news only if you've lived under a rock for the last millenium.

Of course the Southern Environmental Law Center opposes uranium mining .  The SELC is your typical liberal group of irrational fanatics (with law degrees) who are against anything being dug up out of the ground.  Uranium might get into the Roanoke River ... somehow ... and we all might die!

Breaking news!  Liberal Group Opposes Mining!

A question for the Roanoke Times' publisher: Is this what you pay your reporters to do?

P.T. Barnum Knew The Global Warming Crowd

"There's a sucker born every minute."

And speaking of environmentalists ...
The Hottest Hoax in the World
BY Ninad D. Sheth, Open, the magazine

It was presented as fact. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, led by India’s very own RK Pachauri, even announced a consensus on it. The world was heating up and humans were to blame. A pack of lies, it turns out.

The climate change fraud that is now unravelling is unprecedented in its deceit, unmatched in scope—and for the liberal elite, akin to 9 on the Richter scale. Never have so few fooled so many for so long, ever.

The entire world was being asked to change the way it lives on the basis of pure hyperbole. Propriety, probity and transparency were routinely sacrificed.

The truth is: the world is not heating up in any significant way. Neither are the Himalayan glaciers going to melt as claimed by 2035. Nor is there any link at all between natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and global warming. All that was pure nonsense, or if you like, ‘no-science’!

The climate change mafia, led by Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, chairperson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), almost pulled off the heist of the century through fraudulent data and suppression of procedure. All the while, they were cornering millions of dollars in research grants that heaped one convenient untruth upon another. And as if the money wasn’t enough, the Nobel Committee decided they should have the coveted Peace Prize.

The world awaits answers, based not on writings of sundry freelance journalists and non-experts, but on actual verifiable data on whether the globe is warming at all, and if so by how much. Only then can policy options be calibrated. As things stand, there is little doubt that the IPCC will need to be reconstituted with a limited mandate. This mess needs investigation and questions need to be answered as to why absurd claims were taken as gospel truth. The future of everything we know as ‘normal’ depends on this. The real danger is that the general public is now weary of the whole thing, a little tired of the debate, and may not really care for the truth, convenient or otherwise. [link]
"This mess needs investigation and questions need to be answered as to why absurd claims were taken as gospel truth."  Yes to all that.  In addition, we expect someone's ass on a platter.  Someone to be called to the dock to answer for the deceit, the lies, and the larceny.  Starting with this jerk:


Prison is too good for the likes of this snake oil salesman.

Makes You Wonder

Hey, here's news. Danny Williams is coming to the U.S. for heart surgery.

Why's that news?

Guess who Danny Williams is:
Danny Williams going to U.S. for heart surgery
CBC News

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams is set to undergo heart surgery this week in the United States.

CBC News confirmed Monday that Williams, 59, left the province earlier in the day and will have surgery later in the week.

The premier's office provided few details, beyond confirming that he would have heart surgery and saying that it was not necessarily a routine procedure. [link]
That's right.  Danny Williams is a Canadian premier.  A big honcho in the land of idyllic health care.  A land that every liberal wants the U.S. to emulate.  The U.S., where the Canadian premier has to flee (and has the means to flee) to in order to keep from dying.  The U.S., where every liberal thinks we should provide the level of care that forces patients to flee elsewhere in order to ...

Fuel For The Tea Party Inferno

Washington logic just doesn't get it any longer.  In fact it's downright infuriating.  First, the troubling news:
Obama budget: Record spending, record deficit
By Andrew Taylor, Associated Press Write

Washington (AP) — Spelling out painful priorities, President Barack Obama urged Congress on Monday to quickly approve a huge new shot of spending for recession relief and job creation, part of a record $3.8 trillion budget that would boost the deficit beyond any in the nation's history while only slowly beginning to put Americans back to work.

The budget paints a remarkably dire picture of a federal government that will have to borrow one-third of what it spends next year as it runs a deficit that still would total some $1.3 trillion. [link]
And what does the man who oversees this dire picture - the federal government will spend one-third more than it will take in - have to say about his $3,800,000,000,000 budget?

"We simply cannot continue to spend as if deficits don't have consequences, as if waste doesn't matter, as if the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people can be treated like Monopoly money, as if we can ignore this challenge for another generation."

This as the government he runs continues to spend as if deficits don't have consequences, as if the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people are nothing more than Monopoly money, ignoring all fiscal realities.

For the love of God.

- - -

If that's not bad enough, there's this:

But don't worry.  Nearly all of those taxes will be levied on the wealthy and on Big Business.  The ones who create jobs - or might have created jobs had Obama not decided to run them off to the Caymans and to China respectively by taxing the hell out of them.

Which means those taxes will never be levied.

Which means we're in even bigger trouble than Washington lets on.

- - -

Thank God for small favors.  The New York Times:

"Projections suggest there is virtually no room over the next decade for new domestic initiatives for President Obama or his successors."

Of course, intelligent folks would tell you that it's those domestic initiatives - numbering in the thousands - that got us in this mess in the first place.

The fact that the U.S. can't afford to fund any more of them is good news.  I guess.

- - -

When Obama has lost the Washington Post, you know he's in trouble:

"We can no longer afford to leave the hard choices for the next budget, the next administration or the next generation," President Obama declared as he unveiled the budget. That was true. It was also last year. The fiscal 2011 budget, unveiled yesterday, falls similarly short. 

"[T]he stark fact remains that the president's budget blueprint imagines a government that, in 2020, will spend 23.3 percent of gross domestic product but take in just 18.9 percent. Those percentages are, again, based on optimistic predictions of global events and congressional discipline. And even if they are correct, they sketch out a future that is unsustainable."

The U.S. is on a path that is unsustainable.  And Obama does nothing.