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Friday, February 05, 2010

Now We're Talkin'

Good news out of northeast Virginia:
Permits approved for $6B power plant in rural Va 
Associated Press

Surry, Va. (AP) -- The Surry County Board of Supervisors has approved permits that could bring the state's largest coal-fueled power plant there.

The board Thursday unanimously approved permits for about 350 acres outside Dendron, where Old Dominion Electric Cooperative plans to build the $6 billion, 1,500-megawatt Cypress Creek Power Station. While most of the project will be in Dendron, a fly-ash landfill and water-intake facility would be built in the county.

Cooperative spokesman Jeb Hockman says the vote allows federal and state environmental agencies to start testing the site.

Opponents say the plant's emissions would harm the environment and people's health. Supporters say the area needs new jobs and tax revenue. [link]
And those opponents are the same morons who will tell you we're experiencing global warming, so put their opinions where they belong.
Me?  I'm for new jobs.  And for the added tax revenue.  But more than anything else, I'm for increasing the availability of energy.  

Now if they could just do something to drive down the price of electricity ...

As The Snow Falls ... Again ...

... and temperatures continue to come in below normal on a daily basis, it might be worth taking a moment to reflect on those who still believe the planet is WARMING, including, God love 'em, our two adorable but deluded congresspersons here in Southwest and Southside Virginia - Rick Boucher (D-9) and Tom Perriello (D-5):

A couple of screen captures for those who don't want to view the entire spanking:






Memo to Perriello and Boucher: Don't think for a minute that we are going to forget your traitorous votes on John Kerry's ruinous cap-and-trade bill.  Not for a minute.  We will hound you until you are sent back to the nether regions from which both of you came.  That's how wrong you were on this, and how deep-rooted our disdain for your sellout to the environmentalists runs.

Video produced and distributed by the Republican Party of Virginia.

My God

There will be those who will see that the unemployment rate fell from 10% to 9.7% last month and see good times ahead.  Me?  I think that that is good news.  But I turn to the New York Times this morning for the rest of the story:

(1)  "The United States economy shed 20,000 [more] jobs in January."

(2)  "The overall toll of the recession ... grew larger: 8.4 million jobs have been lost since December 2007, the government said, nearly one million more than previously recorded."

Has the recession really bottomed out?  Nobody seems to know.  And that in itself is cause for concern.

And They Said Bush Was Stupid

I'll bet he at least knew how to pronounce the various ranks that the Navy and Marine Corps entitles.

Uh, make that Marine Corpse.  Obama's new pronunciation.

See "Obama Mispronounces 'Corpsman' At Prayer Breakfast."

He must have missed that class because he was shoving cocaine up his nose.

Corpse-man.  Too funny.

These Guys Crack Me Up

Bush Derangement Syndrome lives!  It's just been channeled in a different direction, toward a different enemy:
Records: Palin cabins not noted in tax assessments
By Rachel D'Oro, Associated Press Writer

Anchorage, Alaska – Records show that Sarah Palin hasn't paid any property taxes on cabins that have been built on two backcountry plots partially owned by the former Alaska governor.

There are no tax assessments for the two-story, house-sized cabins, a workshop and a sauna spotted Thursday in an aerial survey. Property taxes totaling $156.13 were paid on the land in 2009 — but that bill did not include anything for the structures because the local assessor didn't know about the new construction nearly 100 miles north of Anchorage.

The issue has attracted the attention of local tax officials who conducted the scheduled aerial survey of properties in the area on Thursday. The area is accessible only by floatplane, snowmobile or four-wheeler.

Dave Dunivan, the assessor for the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, said such a survey had not been done there in five years, before construction started on the cabins. [link]
What?!  Sarah Palin hasn't paid the property taxes she owes?

Well, no.  Not even.

If you read the details carefully - after the knife is removed from Palin's back ("Records show that Sarah Palin hasn't paid any property taxes on ...") -  you'll understand that the Borough assessor hasn't updated his records with a routine inspection of the property that is at the center of this faux conflagration.  Quite simply the assessed value of the property hasn't changed.  Yet.  And it won't until the borough (in many states, the county) assessor does his thing.  When the assessor makes his way out to her cabin location, makes note of the improvements to the land, appraises those improvements in the normal manner, the assessed value of the property will be adjusted (her land value might actually decrease if Alaska property values are going the way of Las Vegas property values these days; ever think of that?  She might be getting screwed by not having a reassessment performed.)

Before anyone tries to make the point that what this "reporter" reported is accurate, I'll concede the point.  When she wrote, "Records show that Sarah Palin hasn't paid any property taxes on cabins that have been built on two backcountry plots partially owned by the former Alaska governor," she's not wrong.  Taxes have not been paid.   

Nor were they owed.

For the love of God, these people need to get therapy.

Quote of the Day

From Charles Krauthammer:
A year later, after stunning Democratic setbacks in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, Obama gave a stay-the-course State of the Union address (a) pledging not to walk away from health-care reform, (b) seeking to turn college education increasingly into a federal entitlement, and (c) asking again for cap-and-trade energy legislation. Plus, of course, another stimulus package, this time renamed a "jobs bill."

This being a democracy, don't the Democrats see that clinging to this agenda will march them over a cliff? Don't they understand Massachusetts?

Well, they understand it through a prism of two cherished axioms: (1) The people are stupid and (2) Republicans are bad. Result? The dim, led by the malicious, vote incorrectly. 
He's always so right.  What is it about Krauthammer?

Expect a Lot More Of This

All of the above?

I expect, as global warming theory continues to crumble, to read a whole lot of "I've been had" op/eds.  Like this one:
May Cooler Heads Prevail
By A. Kam Napier, Honolulu Magazine

I feel I’ve been had.

I grew up admiring science and scientists. One of my favorite TV shows as a kid? Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. I took global warming seriously because I took scientists seriously and forgot that they are people, too, no less prone to vanity, piety or hubris than others. When I read about the CRU e-mails, a scandal now known as Climategate, I felt anger and disappointment, some of it directed at myself.

People make these kinds of mistakes all the time, and the motives are no mystery. For the researchers, grant dollars and reputations are on the line. For reporters, global warming offers the thrill of covering The Biggest Story Ever Told, an appeal I could not resist. For politicians, it has offered an endless opportunity for grandstanding and power grabs. Convinced they are saving the earth—what could be more rewarding or important?—all three groups helped each other lose their minds.

It’s time for scientists to do what science is all about: check their work to see if the results can be reproduced. Fresh eyes need to look at the original data the CRU used, to see if they can independently find the same evidence for warming. But wait—that can’t be done. Somehow, the CRU managed to “lose” all its original data.

How’s that for an inconvenient truth? [link]
An even greater inconvenient truth?  We are only now coming to realize that scientists don't know what the planet's temperature is.  Much less what it's been over the centuries.  Much less what it will be in centuries to come.

To make assumptions about all three, "scientists" had to distort and/or delete data and fudge their analyses.  Like crazy.

And the world's governments were about to wreak economic havoc on the human species as a result of their "findings."

Here's the important question of the day: Have we learned from this monumental scandal?

One human being has (see above).  Others haven't.  But will.  Sooner or later.

How Congress Works

Kinda reminiscent of how the Supreme Soviet worked in 1951.  In total secrecy.

Why does this come across as being both humorous and pathetic at the same time?
Democrats coy about jobs bill costs
By Meredith Shiner, Politico

Senate Democrats are moving quickly on a jobs bill, with plans for the first procedural votes as early as Monday.

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday would not reveal any details about what’s in his bill, how much it would cost or how it would be paid for.

Reid would only say that he’s hoping to get some Republicans on board to make it bipartisan —especially now that Republicans have a 41st senator in Scott Brown, who will be sworn in today. And he predicted that the Senate could pass the bill — whatever is in it — by the end of next week. [link]
He's keeping the details a secret.  And don't ask him about the funding.  But he's looking for broad support.  Probably enthusiastic broad support.  For a bill that is being crafted in secret.  Perhaps by his wife and maid.

I don't know.  Call me na├»ve but it seems like a national legislature operating in a democratic republic outside the reach of Stalin and his apparatchiks should be working in less secrecy.

But then this is Harry Reid, Democratic leader, friend of the people.