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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Adverb Police!

From a silly Roanoke Times editorial ("An Incentive to Go Green") having to do with America's most pressing crisis, the magnitude of which threatens to overwhelm the economic crisis and the Iran crisis and the federal deficit crisis, the plastic grocery bag crisis:

"Next time you stroll along the banks of the Roanoke or New rivers, keep an eye on the shores and trees. It will not take long to spot white and tan bags clinging wetly to rocks and branches."

Wetly?  The bags clung wetly?  From which dictionary did that word spring?

Probably the same one that listed macaca ("a pejorative epithet used by francophone colonialists in Central Africa's Belgian Congo for the native population") as a word.  These guys were big massagers of that one too.

Wetly.  Good grief.

Forward Thinking

It appears that they haven't quite figured out how to get goods from Point A to Point B yet, but they're working on it.  And this seems promising - if only because there have been no solutions proposed that will destroy commerce along I-81.  I'm encouraged.

The news:
Rail could be answer to I-81 gridlock, report says
By Jeff Sturgeon, The Roanoke Times

Virginia could eliminate about one in three trucks from Interstate 81 with extensive --and expensive -- rail improvements, a consultant says.

Given the high cost and logistical barriers to such a plan, however, the consultant endorses a more modest approach that will shift fewer trucks -- perhaps one in seven -- much to the disappointment of some railroad supporters.

Three years in the making at a cost of $75,000, the December report from consultant Cambridge Systematics recommends Virginia stick to its present plan to address truck congestion on I-81: funding the Crescent Corridor.

The Crescent Corridor is a proposed new intermodal rail service under which Norfolk Southern Corp. intends to expand its rail system to better compete with, and integrate with, highway trucking.

The corridor is designed to link the southern freight hubs of New Orleans and Memphis, Tenn., with those in New Jersey. [link]
I-81 congestion is a real issue.  One that must be addressed.

But a few of the suggestions that have been put forward to ameliorate the situation have either been pie-in-the-sky nonsense or will prove to be detrimental to our struggling economy.  Making the interstate a toll road to keep vehicles off of it is one of the latter.  Hi-speed passenger train service is one of the former.

Here's to the planners.  It looks like they're ... on ... the ... right ... track.

The Gov't Is Setting Up a Global Warming Office

Its launch had to be postponed because of frigid temperatures and a debilitating snow accumulation.

For the love of God.  How long do we have to put up with these nitwits?

This Has To Hurt

There are few conservative politicians that are/were more despised by the left than Dick Cheney.  Sarah Palin comes to mind (see next post).  That being the case, this has to be really upsetting to them.

Cheney was right all along:
Cheney's Revenge
The Obama Administration is vindicating Bush antiterror policy.
Wall Street Journal editorial

Dick Cheney is not the most popular of politicians, but when he offered a harsh assessment of the Obama Administration's approach to terrorism last May, his criticism stung—so much that the President gave a speech the same day that was widely seen as a direct response. Though neither man would admit it, eight months later political and security realities are forcing Mr. Obama's antiterror policies ever-closer to the former Vice President's.

In fact, the President's changes in antiterror policy have never been as dramatic as he or his critics have advertised. His supporters on the left have repeatedly howled when the Justice Department quietly went to court and offered the same legal arguments the Bush Administration made, among them that the President has the power to detain enemy combatants indefinitely without charge. He has also ramped up drone strikes against al Qaeda and Taliban operatives in Pakistan.

However, the Administration has tried to break from its predecessors on several big antiterror issues, and it is on those that it is suffering the humiliation of having to walk back from its own righteous declarations. This is Dick Cheney's revenge.

Begin with Mr. Obama's executive order, two days after his inauguration, to shut the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay within one year. [link]
Read the whole thing.  The money quote:

"As long as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were responsible for keeping Americans safe, Democrats could pander to the U.S. and European left's anti-antiterror views at little political cost. But now that they are responsible, American voters are able to see what the left really has in mind, and they are saying loud and clear that they prefer the Cheney method."

Bush and Cheney were right.  The whimpering lefties were all wrong.  As we've been saying all along.

Why Do They Hate Her So?

I can understand why they would disagree.  I can even understand how it is that they look down upon her education, upbringing, and family values.  But such hatred is beyond explanation:
Matthews Attacks Palin for 12 Minutes: 'Can a Palm Reader be President?' 'Is She a Balloon Head?'
By Noel Sheppard, NewsBusters

Chris Matthews Monday went on a twelve minute attack on former Alaska governor Sarah Palin that should make his fellow MSNBCers and the liberal blogosphere quite happy.

Here's how Monday's "Hardball" began:

"Can a palm reader be president? What do we think of kids in school who write stuff on their hands to get through a test? What do we think of a would-be political leader who does it to look like she`s speaking without notes? What do we think of Sarah Palin this weekend answering pre-screened questions from a like-minded audience in Nashville, a tea party convention, and still having to put a cheat sheet on her palm to answer what she calls the basics of her beliefs? How can someone presume to be auditioning for president when they can`t even answer questions they know are coming?"

And that was just the teaser! Readers are strongly cautioned to prepare themselves for a level of vitriol and invective normally only spewed on television by Matthews' colleague Keith Olbermann. [link]
That which they fear they must destroy?

This from the guy who routinely says WE'RE full of hate.

- - -

There are those who explain the condescension and hatred by pointing out the Liberal Conceit.