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Friday, February 12, 2010

Boucher & Perriello, Working tirelessly For You

You remember that tropical beach down in the Caribbean island of St. Croix that the United States government was planning on buying with money neither it nor the taxpayers that support it have?  The one that prompted this response from Representative Doc Hastings (R-WA)?

"Now is not the time to spend up to $50 million dollars of the taxpayers’ money to buy nearly 3,000 acres of beachfront property on a Caribbean Island. "We can't afford a price tag for a new park in St Croix, just as many Americans will never be able to afford a visit there."

The House of Representatives yesterday approved the purchase.

Included among those who voted to spend $50,000,000 on this beach that only members of Congress will be able to afford to ever see?

Rick Boucher.  Democrat.

Tom Perriello.  Democrat.

50 million bucks.

Remember that next time either tries to tell you they're working tirelessly up there in the Magic Kingdom on the Potomac for you.

Where's The Real Issue? ... Where's The Real Issue?

I occasionally quote from the Virginia Tech student newspaper, Collegiate Times.  I can even remember quoting from commenters to its website.  So this news caught me by surprise.  And roused my curiosity:
Va. Tech threatens to pull funding from campus newspaper
School officials are concerned about anonymous postings on the paper's Web site.
By Tonia Moxley, Roanoke Times

A leader at Virginia Tech's campus newspaper said the organization will sue in court if the university goes forward with a threat to cut its funding and disrupt its advertising revenues.

The Collegiate Times was notified in writing this week by the Commission on Student Affairs that it may be in violation of the university's "Principles of Community" for allowing anonymous online comments to be posted to its Web site.

In a letter to Kelly Wolff, general manager of the Educational Media Company at Virginia Tech, dated Feb. 8, commission chairwoman Michelle McLeese laid out a proposal that, if approved, would cut university funding to the paper, which is owned by EMCVT, a legally independent entity. [link]
Okay, let's cut the crap.  What's the real issue that Virginia Tech bureaucrats have with Collegiate Times?  It isn't "anonymous commenters."  It's something else.

We peruse ...

We peruse ...

"This is not an issue of freedom of the press," [Vice President for Student Affairs Ed] Spencer said. The concern is not the content per se, although some of it is alarming -- homophobic and racist and so forth."
Bullshit.  The concern is with the content per se.  And everyone knows it.

VT administrators of student affairs thought police find the dialogue posted to Collegiate Times to be - on occasion - both homophobic and racist.  In other words, not to their liking.  So they want those comments banned.

I have a reasonable compromise that the officers at Collegiate Times might want to consider.  Meet the university half way.  If Virginia Tech will allow anonymous commenters to continue to post their thoughts on collegiatetimes.com, Collegiate Times will limit those comments to Bush-bashing, Republican-trashing, Palin-slashing, and conservative lashing.  And Obama worship.

Everyone running this institute of higher learning, people who want you to know how much they really, really encourage and promote "diversity" on campus, except diversity of thought and opinion, will then be happy.

And Freedom of the Press will continue to be celebrated on the Virginia Tech campus as much as it's always been.

Words Well Writ

Big Hollywood bitchslaps a deserving elitist snob (is that a redundancy - Elitist Snob?).

And well it did.

As Sure As The Sun Will Rise ...

"I can make a firm pledge, under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."
-- Barack Obama --
The Obama Middle-Class Tax Hike is Coming
The Heritage Foundation

Campaigning just last year, then-candidate Barack Obama repeatedly promised audiences at campaign stops across the country: “If you’re a family that’s making $250,000 a year or less, you will see no increase in your taxes. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your personal gains tax, not any of your taxes.” But now President Obama is finding that keeping the promises made by candidate Obama is next to impossible. You just can’t borrow a trillion dollars for an economic stimulus, enact a new trillion dollar health care entitlement, and increase discretionary spending by 12% through 2019 (including doubling federal education spending) and then expect to pay for it all by taxing the most productive Americans. Eventually the moment comes when reality catches up to campaigning . That moment is fast approaching.

This weekend on the Sunday talk shows, both Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Larry Summers refused to rule out the possibility that President Obama will raise taxes on the middle class. [link]
To most of us a man's word is his bond.  But not to Barack Obama.  His words are meaningless.

Any pronouncements this joker makes from this point on - any promises he tosses at us - are to be judged by Barack Obama's "firm pledge": "No family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase."

It was a lie.   

- - -

A stroll down memory lane:

And While We're On The Subject ...

... of liars in the White House ...
Robert Gibbs Tells White House Press Corps That Obama Saved Iraq
By Jim Hoft

Shameless liars. Robert Gibbs today tried to take credit for the success in Iraq even though both Biden* and Obama voted against the successful surge that stabilized the country. That’s not all. Biden caused rioting and protests when he pushed legislation to divide Iraq into three countries. Barack Obama told supporters in 2007 that, “Preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn’t a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there.”

These people are absolutely shameless.
I'd bet there aren't twenty people in this entire country who believe this idiot's untruths.

- - -

And Gibbs ain't alone:

For the love of God.

Quote of the Day

James Taranto on the significance - or lack thereof - of all that snow that blankets the East Coast:
It's true that cold weather, while providing an occasion to mock global warming, does not disprove it. But the mocking would be far less effective had global warmists not spent the past quarter-century making a mockery of the scientific method.
"Hot Enough For You?" Best of the Web Today, February 11, 2010

Right Man. Right Place. Right Time.

Why Charlie Wilson (who passed away yesterday at age 76), even with all his faults and weaknesses, is an American hero:
Wilson was a fixer and a carousing libertine. But he promised constituents that if caught in a scandal, "I won't blame booze and I won't suddenly find Jesus." In 1981 he visited refugee camps in Pakistan and saw children maimed by explosives disguised as toys. "I decided to grab the commie sons o' bitches by the throat," he told me in 2006.
From "Remembering Charlie Wilson and John Murtha," Wall Street Journal, February 11, 2010

He did good.  He saved lives.  He brought about conditions that allowed for a whole lot of bad people to exit this earth prematurely.  In the pantheon of heroes, he'll be standing tall, front and center.  Right next to George W. Bush.