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Saturday, March 06, 2010

They Hold The Majority

So they make the rules.

So try not to complain about the process.  It's how it works.

Simply vow to get even.

To throw the bums out.

Starting with that anti-gun snake, Roanoke Democratic Senator John Edwards.

The Shining Stars of Modern-day Journalism

The Roanoke Times editorial board is calling for government to step up and help those most in need of help - the poor.

This would be the same Roanoke Times editorial board that cheered when government dramatically increased the tax on those most in need - the poor.

Can we agree, deep thinkers they ain't?

- - -

Reminds me of the Washington Post editorial the other day - just to show that all the really smart editorialists don't reside in Roanoke - that calls for the government to raise the gas tax so as to cut down on all the pollution being belched into the atmosphere by those old clunkers that poor people drive, and to take the tax revenue and give a portion of it to the poor so they can continue driving those clunkers that belch pollution into the atmosphere.

I'm reluctant to call these people stupid but, as James Darrell Edwards III might put it ... damn!

The SnarkMeister

I love it:

Her new campaign slogan should be: “Balancing the budget deficit… right after quadrupling it!”

Here I thought I had the market cornered on impertinence.

Those Extremist Right-Wing Tea Party Fanatics Become Violent



Odd. Why aren't the left-wing motives of this bunch being reviled on MSNBC?

Make Of This What You Will

I was thumbing through Consumer Report's Annual Buying Guide last night and was struck by the fact that, with the exception of the Silverado pick-up truck, the Malibu, and, to a lesser extent, the Corvette, Chevrolet vehicles were rated mostly below average (the low-end Aveo actually rated "poor").  In addition, Chrysler vehicles, except for the Dodge Ram, rated even worse.

Getting good grades?  Ford.

For comparison purposes, a quote:
Ford consolidated its position as the only Detroit automaker with world-class reliability. The Fusion and Milan led the charge; four-cylinder, front-wheel-drive V6, and hybrid versions got top marks.

Of the 51 Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln products that we surveyed, 46, or about 90 percent, were average or better, including the new Ford Flex SUV. But the Lincoln division had mixed results; some models scored below their Ford equivalents. All-wheel-drive versions of the Lincoln MKS, MKX, and MKZ, essentially high-end versions of the Ford Taurus, Edge, and Fusion, were all below average.

Following its bankruptcy filing and shedding the Hummer, Pontiac, and Saturn brands, GM now consists of Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. Of the 48 models we surveyed from those brands, 20 had average scores, and only one, the Malibu V6 sedan, was better than average.

In last year's survey we couldn't recommend any Chrysler products, either because of mediocre performance, poor reliability, or both. Now there is one: the four-wheel-drive version of the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup, which was redesigned for 2009. It did well in our road tests and rated average in reliability. Still, more than one-third of Chrysler products were much worse than average, including its new car-based SUV, the Dodge Journey.
This might surprise you: Doing quite well in Consumer Report's overall ratings? Hyundai.

How times have changed.

Oh, it should be mentioned - Caveat Emptor.

- - -

All that might, I suppose, explain this.

'The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations'

The head of Detroit's school board is borderline illiterate.  And apparently no one in the education community there cares.  Which is emblematic in itself of that which plagues that once-proud metropolis.

Tear it down.  Bulldoze it.  Salt the earth beneath the rubble so that nothing ever grows there again.

For the love of God.

I Couldn't Believe It When I Read It

So I had to view the YouTube video.  And, sure enough, there's Senate Majority Leader - and Dunce Par Excellence - Harry Reid making the following Statement of the Year:

“Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good.”

And he wasn't being facetious. He's deliriously happy that only 36,000 Americans lost their jobs "today."

I'm sure he'd say too that we owe it all to Obama's stimulus plan.  Which is fine by me.

I wonder how orgasmic Reid will be when that number doubles ... tomorrow.

- - -

Here's a flashback: Remember when candidate Obama was promising 5 million NEW JOBS?  Now his lackies boast of only LOSING 36,000 ("today").

I never thought I'd write this, but maybe President McCain wasn't a bad idea after all.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

The Looming Debt Crisis

You know we're doomed as a nation when all the Democrats in Washington - as well as too many Republicans - get all worked up because one lone United States senator briefly stops the out-of-control government spending spree and asks the question: How do we pay for it?

It is out of control.

And no one is attempting to stop it.

And it spells our doom:
Congressional estimates show grim deficit picture
By Andrew Taylor Associated Press Writer

Washington (AP) — A new congressional report released Friday says the United States' long-term fiscal woes are even worse than predicted by President Barack Obama's grim budget submission last month.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicts that Obama's budget plans would generate deficits over the upcoming decade that would total $9.8 trillion. That's $1.2 trillion more than predicted by the administration.

The deficit picture has turned alarmingly worse since the recession that started at the end of 2007, never dipping below 4 percent of the size of the economy over the next decade. Economists say that deficits of that size are unsustainable and could put upward pressure on interest rates, crowd out private investment in the economy and ultimately erode the nation's standard of living.

Still, the Feb. 1 White House budget plan was a largely stand-pat document that avoided difficult decisions on curbing the unsustainable growth of federal benefit programs like the Medicare health care program for the elderly and Medicaid, which provides health care to the poor and disabled.

Instead, Obama has created an 18-member fiscal reform commission that's charged with coming up with a plan to shrink the deficit to 3 percent of the economy within five years. [link]
We face a monumental crisis and Obama appoints a committee to look into it.  He appoints a committee.  That's not leadership.  That's Cluelessness.  Ineptitude.  And cowardice.

The federal debt problem is not of his making.  It's been building for years, with no one from either party, except in a few short years when Newt Gingrich took control of the purse strings in the 90's, doing anything to stop it.

But now it has reached critical mass.  Something must be done to end the profligacy or none of our children and grandchildren will see a bright future.  It's that bad.

Concerned About Your Electricity Rate Increase?

A public service announcement from the office of Anne B. Crockett-Stark, House Delegate, 6th Virginia District:
Richmond- Virginia House of Delegates member Anne B. Crockett-Stark (R-Wythe) and House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith (R-Salem) will be hosting a Telephone Town Hall on Tuesday March 9, 2010. It will begin at approximately 6:45 p.m. The Telephone Town Hall will focus on information regarding the Appalachian Power Company rate increase, State budget and other issues in the 2010 Virginia General Assembly Session. Residents will receive an automated phone call at about 6:45 on Tuesday evening instructing residents on how to participate on the call. To ensure that citizens are included on the call, they are encouraged to call 804-698-1006 or e-mail delacrockett-stark@house.virginia.gov to provide the necessary information. 
Dial in.  Find out the latest about the state's effort to curtail those rate increases.

I Can't Blame Him

A sometimes personality on MSNBC (radio host Mark Levin refers to it as MSLSD) has had enough of the hatred, the vitriol, and the blatant bias regularly on display at his place of employment.

Make that former place of employment.  He's gotten out:
MSNBC Contributor Crawford Resigns, No Longer Willing to be 'Cartoon Player for Lefty Games'
By Anthony Kang, NewsBusters

No longer capable of tolerating his colleagues at NBC, political contributor Craig Crawford announced he has resigned from MSNBC post.

"Three months short of my current contract I sent the following to the boss, Phil Griffin: ‘Phil, Just wanted to give you the heads up that my situation with MSNBC has become so unrewarding for me that I've decided to move on,'" he wrote this morning on his Congressional Quarterly blog.

"I simply could not any longer endure being a cartoon player for lefty games, just gotta move on to higher ground even if there's no oxygen," Crawford later elaborated on a comments-thread.

Crawford will likely be best remembered for work his work during the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries - drawing much ire from MSNBC compatriots - for vigorously defending the biggest Democratic threat to MSNBC's golden-boy:

"I really think the evidence-free bias against the Clintons in the media borders on mental illness," Crawford said at the time.

Evidently, his tenure at MSNBC has been difficult since then and the parting will not be amicable. [link]
The article goes on to mention a controversy that erupted during the primaries that I had not heard of before.  Apparently rabidly leftist - and often slobberingly so - commentator Chris Matthews - he of tingling stuff dribbling down his leg fame - called Crawford a racist on air because Crawford had said kind things about Obama's opponent, Hillary Clinton.  Anyone who does that, or who offers up criticism of Mr. Wonderful, as everyone now knows, is tantamount to wanting him taken out and hanged from the nearest tree.  Criticism to the warped minds of those like Matthews (and his compatriot Keith Olbermann) is racist assault.

So Craig Crawford has had enough of NBC and its diseased sewer dwellers.  My only question: Welcome to the world but what took you so long?