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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

These Are The Kind Of People ...

... who believe in global warming.  If I were in the same room with them, I'd be looking for the nearest exit:
Women hit by climate change head to Capitol Hill

(Reuters) - Women hit hard by the effects of climate change -- drought, floods, sea level rise and crop failure -- gathered on Monday to plan a Capitol Hill push for U.S. legislation to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate "witnesses" from the United States, Peru, Senegal, Uganda and other countries aim to tell their stories to members of Congress on Tuesday in a lobbying effort timed to follow Monday's International Women's Day.

Beyond trying to cap climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions, the women said they want to make the strong link between poverty and climate change, and to stress that poor women suffer disproportionately as a result, so adapting to climate change is key.

"Nature is disrupted," Marisa Marcavillaca of Peru said through a translator. "It rains when it shouldn't rain. We have freezing temperatures when we shouldn't have freezing temperatures. Because our yields are down, it is difficult to feed our children." [link]
Warming causes freezing.  And this nitwit is allowed to set foot in the hallowed halls of Congress.  My God.

It should be noted - again - that global temperatures over the last several decades have risen - as best anyone can tell - and if the reported measurements are to be trusted - 0.2° to 0.5° F.  That's not enough variation from the norm to even be detected if you were to enter one room from another, much less cause all the destruction these fools believe has resulted from a warming planet.

But weather happened.  No getting around that.  The reason?  Well, that's why we call it weather, I think.

Update 03.11.10:  A kind commenter makes mention of an error in this post.  The miniscule change in the earth's temperature - 0.2° to 0.5° - is actually a Celsius measurement and not Fahrenheit.  Consider this a correction.

Guess That Could Be Important

The National Journal's Reid Wilson on the chances that ObamaCare will pass:

"They don’t have the votes just yet. Then again, they don’t have a bill yet, either.”

Seems like a good reason for every congressperson to be in the "undecided" column right now, no?

We Know Better

He came.  He made his sales pitch.  We thanked him for his effort.  We closed the door behind him.

But we weren't buying:
Why Obama Can't Move the Health-Care Numbers
By Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen, writing in the Wall Street Journal

But the bigger problem is that people simply don't trust the official projections. People in Washington may live and die by the pronouncements of the Congressional Budget Office, but 81% of voters say it's likely the plan will end up costing more than projected. Only 10% say the official numbers are likely to be on target.

As a result, 66% of voters believe passage of the president's plan will lead to higher deficits and 78% say it's at least somewhat likely to mean higher middle-class taxes. Even within the president's own political party there are concerns on these fronts.

A plurality of Democrats believe the health-care plan will increase the deficit and a majority say it will likely mean higher middle-class taxes. At a time when voters say that reducing the deficit is a higher priority than health-care reform, these numbers are hard to ignore.

The proposed increase in government spending creates problems for advocates of reform beyond the perceived impact on deficits and the economy. Fifty-nine percent of voters say that the biggest problem with the health-care system is the cost: They want reform that will bring down the cost of care. For these voters, the notion that you need to spend an additional trillion dollars doesn't make sense. If the program is supposed to save money, why does it cost anything at all?

On top of that, most voters expect that passage of the congressional plan will increase the cost of care at the same time it drives up government spending. Only 17% now believe it will reduce the cost of care.

The final piece of the puzzle is that the overwhelming majority of voters have insurance coverage, and 76% rate their own coverage as good or excellent. Half of these voters say it's likely that if the congressional health bill becomes law, they would be forced to switch insurance coverage—a prospect hardly anyone ever relishes. These numbers have barely moved for months: Nothing the president has said has reassured people on this point. [link] [emphasis mine]
Obama has tried to convince us that we hate our health care delivery system.  We've decided, after much deliberation, that we like it a whole lot more than the prospects he's offered up.  So we reject him.

Will he reach for a Plan B or will he drive this awful monstrosity down our throats in spite of our attitudes?

I Don't Know.

It just doesn't seem like this is how the lefties in this country meant for it all to turn out:
California watchdog sees climate policy job losses

California is likely to see modest job losses in the near term from its aggressive climate change policy due to higher energy costs and other factors, the state's independent Legislative Analyst's Office said. Skip related content

The budget watchdog was responding to a request by Republican state Senator Dave Cogdill to study the effects of California's 2006 climate change law, which mandates changes to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

"We believe that the aggregate net jobs impact in the near term is likely to be negative," said the report, dated March 4. "Reasons for this include the various economic dislocations, behavioral adjustments, investment requirements, and certain other factors," it said. [link]
We've lost our freaking minds.

We're Lead By Idiots

Oh. No. Not Again.

My ... view ... of Katie Couric changed forever the day she decided to have a camera stuck up her butt on national television.  I know.  I know.  She's passionately committed to her colon cancer cause.  So she did it to bring awareness ... oh, never mind.  It was a camera.  It was stuck up her butt for all the world to see.

Please, some one pass a law banning ...

Uh, too late:
Harry Smith colonoscopy to air on `Early Show'
My Way.com

New York (AP) - "The Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith is scheduled to have a colonoscopy Wednesday, with live reports planned as he undergoes the procedure at a New York hospital.

CBS says it will be the first time an anchor has had a colonoscopy live on network television.

"CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric plans to be with Smith as he prepares for the procedure.

Smith and Couric are recognizing National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. Couric has been an advocate for early cancer screenings since her husband, TV legal analyst Jay Monahan, died of colon cancer 12 years ago. He was 42. [link]
Couldn't these two simply do a "We Are The World" kinda sing-a-long video and leave their private parts private?

For God's sake, Harry Smith's hairy butt on national television.  These people must be stopped.

Can You Guess What It Is?

Some one has a wonderful imagination.  And talent.  And time on his hands.

Click on the image to enlarge it.