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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Votes Have Been Cast

As you read the results of this survey, understand that Virginia's 9th Congressional District voters have been included in its findings since Representative Rick Boucher happens to be in one of the "35 districts represented by members who could determine the outcome of the health-care debate."  In other words, he voted against ObamaCare earlier but is under pressure to switch his vote this time around:
Swing Districts Oppose Health Reform
Sobering poll news for 35 key House members.
By Heather R. Higgins and Kellyanne E. Conway, writing in the Wall Street Journal

Voters in key congressional districts are clear in their opposition to what they have seen, read and heard on health-care reform. That's one of the findings of a survey that will be released today by the Polling Company on behalf of Independent Women's Voice. The survey consisted of 1,200 registered voters in 35 districts represented by members who could determine the outcome of the health-care debate. Twenty of those members voted for the House bill in November but now may be reconsidering. Fifteen voted against the bill but are under tremendous pressure to change their vote.

The survey shows astonishing intensity and sharp opposition to reform, far more than national polls reflect. For 82% of those surveyed, the heath-care bill is either the top or one of the top three issues for deciding whom to support for Congress next November. (That number goes to 88% among independent women.) Sixty percent want Congress to start from scratch on a bipartisan health-care reform proposal or stop working on it this year. Majorities say the legislation will make them and their loved ones (53%), the economy (54%) and the U.S. health-care system (55%) worse off—quite the trifecta.

Seven in 10 would vote against a House member who votes for the Senate health-care bill with its special interest provisions. That includes 45% of self-identified Democrats, 72% of independents and 88% of Republicans. Three in four disagree that the federal government should mandate that everyone buy a government-approved insurance plan (64% strongly so), and 81% say any reform should focus first on reducing costs. Three quarters agree that Americans have the right to choose not to participate in any health-care system or plan without a penalty or fine.

But the survey does provide a little good news for wavering Democrats. A congressman can buy himself a little grace if he had previously voted for health-care reform but now votes against it. Forty-nine percent of voters will feel more supportive of that member if he does so, 40% less supportive. More dramatically, 58% of voters say they will be more supportive of their congressman's re-election if he votes against the bill a second time. However, for those members who voted against it in November and vote yes this time, 61% of voters say they will be less likely to support their re-election.

Over a third of respondents say they will actively work against a candidate who votes the wrong way or for the candidate who votes the right way. [link]
Take into account the fact that, if Rick Boucher were to switch his vote from NAY to YEA, he'd experience all the above in spades.  The same Rick Boucher who is already in deep doo-doo over his support - then non-support - then support of the radical global warming cap-and-trade bill that has the coalfield counties of Virginia in a fury.

Will he ignore the polls?  He never has before.  But there's always a first time.

Let's hope this ain't it.

Simple Question, Simple Answer.



Yes. It's mined safely every day.

Just not in Virginia because there are pinheads here who think it will, if given the opportunity, leap from the ground and attack their children and cause women to have three-headed babies.  Despite all evidence being available to the contrary.

So life in ol' Virginie goes on in blissful ignorance ...

Shocking News Reaches Roanoke Times

The commonwealth of Virginia has been violating the state constitution since 1776!

There's so much dead brain matter this kind of information has to work its way through. No wonder the news took 234 years to reach these numbskulls.

The state doesn't provide quality education.  Stop the presses.

Can Second-Hand Smoke Be Next?

If there's one thing I've learned over the years about health studies it's that when one is published that purports to have definitive proof that a particular food or beverage is hazardous to our health all I need do is wait and the "definitive proof" will prove to be definite nonsense. 

Hey, let's talk about the devil's brew.

From "Coffee's clean bill of health":
It hasn't been long since the medical community feared that coffee consumption might increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. Many of us remember with fear the scare over a purported link between coffee-drinking and pancreatic cancer. That's been fully debunked.

More recent evaluations of coffee's effects on our health paint a much happier picture. The inky brew is credited with helping to ward off Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and colon cancer.

Most recently, and surprisingly, research presented at an American Heart Association conference earlier this month found that people who drink a lot of coffee are at decreased risk of hospitalization for heart arrhythmia. No cause-and-effect was established, but still, the news is encouraging to those of us who wonder whether our coffee habit is hurting our hearts.
Of course, my skepticism runs both ways.  I'm betting these more recent studies extolling the virtues of coffee will be found to be bogus in time as well.

So I just sit here with my steaming cup of Folger's, waiting in eager anticipation utter indifference for the next study to be released telling me to drink a lot more or drink a lot less.

I like coffee in the morning.  And lots of it.  It makes me feel good.  Stick that in your study and ....

New York Times To Anti-Abortion Democrats

Let's compromise.  You abandon your principles and agree with us.

News From Jabberwocky

Someone needs to tell the bureaucrats that work in Washington that global warming theory died last year.  In doing so they might prevent the destruction of more innocent trees.  Trees that were used to produce meaningless - and embarrassing - reports that no longer relate to the real world as the rest of humanity knows it.

Get this:
Climate Change Threatens Migratory Birds, Report Says
By John M. Broder, New York Times

Washington — Changes in the global climate are imposing additional stress on hundreds of species of migratory birds in the United States that are already threatened by other environmental factors, according to a new Interior Department report.

The latest version of the department’s annual State of the Birds report shows that nearly a third of the nation’s 800 bird species are endangered, threatened or suffering from population decline.

For the first time, the report adds climate change to other factors threatening bird populations, including destruction of habitat, hunting, pesticides, invasive species and loss of wetlands.

The report said that oceanic and shore birds are among the most vulnerable to climate change because of rapidly changing marine ecosystems and rising sea levels. [link]
Where, you're asking, are those"rapidly changing marine ecosystems and rising sea levels"?  Only in the halls of the Interior Department, of course.  Here in the real world, life is as it's always been.  With weather regularly surprising us.

I wonder when the news will finally reach Washington D.C. that "rapidly changing marine ecosystems and rising sea levels" was so last century.

Quote of the Day

From Dr. Martin Hertzberg, PhD, and retired meteorologist:
There is a simple way to tell the difference between a scientist and a propagandist. If a scientist has a theory, he searches diligently for data that might actually contradict his theory so that he can modify or refine it. If a propagandist has a theory, he carefully selects only the data that might agree with his theory and dutifully ignores the data that disagrees with it. In the case of James Hansen, he doesn't even bother with the data: all he has to support his theory are half-baked computer models that are totally out of touch with reality, and have already been proven to be wrong. By any reasonable definition, Hansen's scenarios and those he helped Gore and the IPCC to concoct, are the work of fear-mongering propagandists.

The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence shows clearly that the theory that human emissions of so-called “greenhouse gases” such as CO2 is causing global warming, is completely false.
"When a scientist becomes a fear-mongering propagandist," Breckenridge and Summit County Daily, March 14, 2010.

At Least He's Black

They'll always have that.

Okay, half-black.

High Noon

The final showdown between the American people and Washington Democrats over how much damage we allow the federal government to inflict upon our health care system begins:

It's entitled the "Reconciliation Act of 2010."  All 2,309 pages of it.

The Republic teeters on the edge of the abyss.

* Note: If you're on dial-up, don't even try to load the bill.  It's in .pdf format and could take a good bit of time.

From Dumb To Dumber

When We Have More Gov't Workers ...

... than private sector workers, we have more voters prepared to vote themselves a pay raise than we have taxpayers able to pay them.  A look into America's future:
Class Conflict in Obama's America
By Steve Bartin, American Thinker

Marxists have long stated that class conflict exists between workers and the owners of capital. Marx and his followers were wrong about that. Class conflict exists between taxpayers and tax-consumers.

In the coming years, the war between those who pay taxes and those who receive them will only increase. It could be college students who feel they are entitled to pay tuitions cheaper than grammar school tuitions or government workers who can retire at 42 instead of 65. Taxation without representation has long been a powerful rallying cry in America. In the near future, we may be hearing a derivative of that famous slogan: no representation without taxation. Many are beginning to question whether low taxes are possible with government workers allowed to vote. [link]
We have here in this country an ever-expanding list of Americans who draw government welfare every month in the form of unemployment compensation (now seemingly without end), food stamps (36 million), Social Security (yes, it's become a form of welfare with nearly all recipients drawing far more out of the system than they ever put into it) (50 million and growing fast), SSI (8.5 million), and on and on.

Add to that list all those who now work for the federal government and the various state governments (from the article: "Madison, Wisconsin's highest-paid government worker, is a bus driver making $159,258 a year."). A fast-growing list.

Add to that all those in the private sector whose upper-class livelihoods depend on a government check for services rendered (see "Six of the 10 Richest US Counties Are in the DC Metro Area").

Add all this up and we have an imbalance that can only be righted - temporarily - by the federal government spending a trillion dollars a year it doesn't have.  And not just that.  It's a situation that has brought several state governments to the verge of collapse.

Where does it end?  You'll be able to pinpoint it the day foreign entities quit buying our debt.  Then it all comes crashing down.

Will we then still have Americans voting themselves a check?  You can count on it.

For the love of God.