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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who Would Have Thought?

We all know how despised and reviled George W. Bush was by the time he fled Washington, right?

To think, it took the hard, heart-rending slog of a war to bring Bush's numbers down. Obama did it with ... promises.

Funny how this stuff works out.


From a Roanoke Times editorial this morning:

"The death penalty remains a barbaric practice."

This is the same Roanoke Times that is run by a woman who sits on the board of directors for the biggest slaughterhouse of human babies on the planet.

Oddly, that's not "barbaric."  That's .. a choice.

Twisted, man.  Twisted.

Remember 'Global Warming'?

I wonder what those environmental groups that owed their very existence to the concept are going to do now that it has been pretty much proven to be an elaborate hoax.

Then again, maybe I shouldn't be wondering at all.

Keep the delusion alive!
2 groups fume as Va. disputes EPA proposal
By Laurence Hammack, Roanoke Times

Two Virginia environmental groups are entering the legal fray over whether the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can regulate greenhouse gases in an effort to slow climate change.

A motion to intervene in a federal lawsuit was filed Thursday by the Southern Environmental Law Center on behalf of Wetlands Watch, a Norfolk-based group concerned about rising sea levels.

The legal move comes one month after Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed court papers asking the EPA to reconsider its finding that carbon dioxide and other emissions contribute to global warming.

Cuccinelli has argued that recently disclosed e-mails suggest the EPA relied on flawed data and, in some cases, falsified information.

The Southern Environmental Law Center called Cuccinelli's action "an unwarranted stall tactic, and a dangerous distraction from grappling with the damaging impacts of climate change." [link]
Climate change.  That's what they called global warming after it was discovered that the globe wasn't warming.

Now that it's being revealed that the climate really isn't changing from centuries past either, perhaps these morons will call it something else - like Gaia Disturbances.

In any case, prepare for the environmentalists to continue to bring their meddlesome lawsuits, regardless the basis for them. 

Saving the planet transcends all reality, you see.

Minds Impenetrable

I was reminded of the Roanoke Times editorial from yesterday that called on Congressmen Rick Boucher and Tom Perriello to vote in favor of Obama's health care plan - the one that will raise taxes by $940,000,000 - because health care costs are ... too ... high.  In other words, the costs are too high, so let's make them higher.

How do you argue with such idiocy?

Well, maybe you don't.  Megan McArdle:

"I think this is a fiscal disaster waiting to happen.  But no one on the other side cares, so I'm not sure how much point there is in saying that any more."

Arguing with a concrete wall is futile.  Taking a sledgehammer to it isn't.

Let the chips fly.

Who's Going To Pay For Obama's Trillion Dollar Plan?

As goes Caterpillar, so goes the nation.

It's time to ask the question: Who's going to pay for ObamaCare?

It won't be the doctor.  He'll just close up shop and find other work.

It won't be the insurance companies.  They're already making little to no return on shareholders' investments; they'll just jack up rates and attempt to survive.

It won't be Caterpillar.  Although Komatsu won't allow CAT to raise prices, CAT isn't going to elect to go out of business either.  It'll have to cut costs in order to compete.

No, it'll be the same people who always pay for liberal government largesse.  The American worker.

How soon can Caterpillar erect another plant in China?

Be forewarned:
Caterpillar: Health care bill would cost it $100M
Chicago Breaking News

Dow Jones Newswires | Caterpillar Inc. said the health-care overhaul legislation being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives would increase the company's health-care costs by more than $100 million in the first year alone.

In a letter Thursday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Republican Leader John Boehner of Ohio, Caterpillar urged lawmakers to vote against the plan "because of the substantial cost burdens it would place on our shareholders, employees and retirees."

Caterpillar, the world's largest construction machinery manufacturer by sales, said it's particularly opposed to provisions in the bill that would expand Medicare taxes and mandate insurance coverage. The legislation would require nearly all companies to provide health insurance for their employees or face large fines.

The Peoria-based company said these provisions would increase its insurance costs by at least 20 percent, or more than $100 million, just in the first year of the health-care overhaul program.

"We can ill-afford cost increases that place us at a disadvantage versus our global competitors," said the letter signed by Gregory Folley, vice president and chief human resources officer of Caterpillar. "We are disappointed that efforts at reform have not addressed the cost concerns we've raised throughout the year."

Business executives have long complained that the options offered for covering 32 million uninsured Americans would result in higher insurance costs for those employers that already provide coverage. [link]
$100 million, just in the first year.

So Caterpillar will be laying off workers - again - to pay for government meddling.

The upshot will be that ObamaCare will reduce the number of uninsured in this country and increase the number of unemployed.  Is that what the supporters of Obama's plan want?

The Chinese must be lovin' this.

What's He Going To Do In 2012?

The folks who voted for Obama in 2008 because he was black (come on, admit it), championing the fact that he'd be our First Black President, won't have that guilt trip plaguing them in 2012 when he runs for reelection.  Unless he campaigns as The First Black Person To Ever Be Reelected President.

Okay, I can see a lot of liberals voting for him on that basis too.  Guilt - especially the shallow, narcissistic kind that consumes some people in the tea and Brie crowd - is a tough thing to assuage.  So maybe they'll be shamed into voting for him based on the color of his skin again.  Who knows.

But if that doesn't happen, the dude is in serious trouble.  He may have to run on his record (what a novel idea; one that might have made an eency difference in 2008 had slavery! not been the overriding issue for some).

Let it be agreed to that, based on his record to date, he as president sucks.  Thus:
Mitt tied with Obama
By Don Surber, Daily Mail

The liberal Public Policy Polling has a blockbuster: Mitt Romney 44%, Barack Obama 44%. [link]
Hey!  What has Obama done to deserve this?  Don't you understand that he's ... he's ... he's ... black!

On second thought, what has he done to deserve anything else?

I Have No Sympathy For You

And no patience for what you, the voters of New Jersey, are now trying to do.

To wit:
Garden State Voters Gear Up to Recall a Senator
By James Taranto

Are you fed up with your members of Congress? Hey, take a number! And wait, because until they're up for re-election, which in the case of most senators isn't until 2012 or 2014, there's nothing you can do about it.

Or is there? This week a three-judge appellate panel of the New Jersey Superior Court ruled in favor of the Committee to Recall Robert Menendez From the Office of U.S. Senator. The committee now has a green light to begin a recall drive for this November's ballot.

Mr. Menendez, a Democrat, will almost certainly be able to ... [link]
Here's my problem with this (it has nothing to do with the possible violation of any constitution, although there certainly is that).  It has everything to do with the fact that the people of New Jersey chose this fool/crook to be their United States senator and, now that they've gotten a really good feel for who he is and what he's about, they want a do-over.

Well, that ain't how it works, sweetheart.  You people in New Jersey should have paid closer attention when it counted.  There are no do-overs (in hand grenades or in elections).  You were stupid (or lazy) enough to have voted this Menendez character into office, now you live with him.

Maybe next time you'll pay closer attention to who it is you're pulling the lever for.