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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dinosaur Media Bless One Of Their Fossils

Dan Radmacher, editorial editor of the Roanoke Times, and leftist goofball if there ever was one, has won an award from the Virginia Press Association, a kind of Museum of Paleonotological History for journalists.  Though I don't understand why his rambling dissertations that delve into the critical issues of our time into meaningless and boring drivel are award-worthy.

But here's to you, Dan.  I'll bet you've earned this recognition.

Cows Like To Eat Grass

Government workers who want their paychecks to grow want higher taxes to make their paychecks grow.

Who'da guessed:

A startling revelation.

This About Sums It Up

So how do you feel about Obama wanting to change our way of life?

A graph showing a snapshot of public opinion that I derived from poll data collected by Rasmussen Reports:

The best part: Obama is still in his "honeymoon period."  It's all downhill from here.

We All Knew It Was Bogus

Here's a shock: Corporate America only adopted "diversity training" to keep the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton off its back.  It was never intended to really accomplish anything.  Everyone in corporate America - outside of a few deluded diversity trainers in certain human resources departments - knew it all along. It was a game.  It was for show.  And ... drum roll ... it ... "doesn't seem to work":
Who's still biased?
Diversity training has swept corporate America. Just one problem: It doesn’t seem to work.
By Drake Bennett, Boston Globe

If you work at a large company, and especially if you manage other people, chances are you’ve gone through diversity training. The vast majority of the Fortune 500 and, by some estimates, the majority of American employers offer diversity training programs for their employees. Many make such training mandatory. The amount of money spent on it in the United States runs into the billions.

Such programs have always been controversial, with critics arguing that they’re unnecessary and needlessly politicize the workplace. But despite the growth and prevalence of diversity training, there have been few attempts to systematically study it.

Now a few social scientists are taking a hard look at these programs, and, so far, what they’re finding is that there’s little evidence that diversity training works. A paper published last year by the psychologist Elizabeth Levy Paluck of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School and the Yale University political scientist Donald Green comprehensively surveyed the literature on prejudice reduction measures and found no empirical support for the idea that diversity training programs change attitudes or behavior. Similarly, a 2008 literature review paper by Carol Kulik of the University of South Australia and Loriann Roberson of Columbia University found that, on the question of changing behavior, there were few trustworthy studies - and decidedly mixed results among those. And research by a team of sociologists on more than 800 companies over three decades has found that the best diversity training programs make little difference in who gets hired and promoted, and many programs actually decrease the number of women and minorities in management. [link]
Who would have guessed that thought control classes wouldn't produce the desired result?

Certainly not those of us in the corporate world.  We knew they wouldn't work.

But we played along.  No need to get the NAACP mad at us if we could make the potential problem go away by throwing a few bucks down this rat hole.

The shock.  Diversity training is a waste of time.  Stop the presses.

What's Up With Boucher?

If Congressman Rick Boucher (D-Southwest Virginia) is voting NO on ObamaCare, as he said he was going to the other day, why does his name still appear on lists of undecided legislators?  Is his reputation preceding him?  Do Washington insiders know something his constituents don't?  Is he making statements there that he's not making here?

What's going on?

Take note of this and make of it what you will:
The 20 House Democrats who will decide the fate of the healthcare reform bill
By Bob Cusack, The Hill

With a historic vote one day away, a small group of undecided Democrats in the House will decide the fate of healthcare reform.

There are many publicly undecided Democrats, but the Democrats below are the legislators who are key to the success, or failure, of the measure heading to the floor on Sunday. [link]
Included on that list:

"Rick Boucher (Va.) Boucher is in a tough reelection and his vote is anyone's guess at this point. Boucher was a no last fall."

Anyone's guess?  Hmm.  If anyone is dialed in to the inner machinations of Capitol Hill politics, it's the reporters for The Hill.

There's a disconnect here.  Is our congressman about to throw us over the side to save Pelosi's ass?  Would he dare?

- - -

Is Mr. Boucher waiting till the last minute to see if his party has enough YEA votes to carry the bill so that he can vote NO and save his job?

Alas, The Courts May Decide

As I've stated before, when it comes to the manner in which Congress - our national legislative branch - goes about passing bills into law, the courts - our judicial branch - should butt out.  The rules governing process are set by those in power.  Don't like them?  Throw the bums out.  Don't go whining to the courts to fix that which you broke.  Key phrase: Separation of powers.

That doesn't mean the end product disgorged by that same legislature is beyond judicial review.  That, after all, is the Supreme Court's primary role in this republic of ours - to determine the constitutionality of laws passed.

So, if ObamaCare passes, expect a whole mess of active involvement.

Even before it becomes law, people are looking to the courts.  It's the age in which we live:
Probable Constitutional Challenges to ObamaCare
By Larrey Anderson, Pajamas Media

If the president signs H.R. 3590 (whether or not the bill is reconciled, “slaughter ruled,” and/or deemed in its passage), the legislation will be challenged on constitutional grounds. Let’s look at a few of the ways that federal control of health care, and H.R. 3590 in particular, is unconstitutional. [link]
Read the whole thing.  Your life depends on your knowing where all this is headed.

Then there's this thought: Is ObamaCare unconstitutional?  When I think about the fact that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is going to decide, I get this feeling of foreboding sweeping over me ...