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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now He Comes To Bankrupt The Coalfields

The knock on the door that you have been expecting:
After health, Obama allies zero in on climate

After a hard-fought victory on health care reform, President Barack Obama's allies in Congress are setting their sights on climate change -- but some on both sides are already crying foul.

Environmentalists hope Obama will seize on new political momentum to push forward climate legislation, though some observers question whether he would seek another divisive vote as November congressional elections approach.

Senator John Kerry, who has spearheaded climate legislation, said that White House officials can now "pour their energy and attention" into the issue after Sunday's down-to-the-wire vote on expanding health care coverage.

"In the wake of health care's passage, we have a strong case to make that this can be the next breakthrough legislative fight," the Massachusetts Democrat argued.

"Climate legislation is the single best opportunity we have to create jobs, reduce pollution and stop sending billions overseas for foreign oil from countries that would do us harm," Kerry said. [link]
All lies of course.

What an asshole.

But, like it or not, that's the same lame rationale that lowlifes like Kerry used to get ObamaCare passed.  So maybe it'll be as effective.

The same rationale that our congressman - Rick Boucher - who represents the coalfields of Virginia that John Kerry and his Democrat brethren intend to turn into a wasteland - has used to support his YEA vote on cap-and-tax.

Obama vowed to seize control of our health care system.  In that he has now succeeded.

He has also vowed to bankrupt the coal industry.

He now turns his attention to doing just that.

- - -

"This is a responsible measure. It is carefully balanced; it reduces greenhouse gases by 83 percent by the year 2050 as compared to 2005 levels; it keeps electricity rates affordable; it enables coal usage to grow as the demand for electricity increases nationwide; and it opens the door to a more secure energy future and the creation of millions of new jobs, innovating, deploying and exporting to the world the new, low-carbon-dioxide-emitting technologies that will power our energy future."

If It's So Great ...


The class divide widens.

What? You Don't Like Being Subjugated?

Hope and Change turns to Anger and Despair:
CNN poll: Majority disapprove of Obama for first time
CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) – For the first time, a CNN poll has found that a majority of Americans disapprove of President Obama's job performance.

According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Monday, 51 percent of respondents disapprove of Obama's job performance and 46 percent approve of it.

Obama's approval rating has dropped steadily each month since December, when it was 54 percent. His highest approval rating in a CNN poll was 76 percent in February 2009 shortly after he took office.

The new poll was conducted before the House on Sunday narrowly approved the Obama administration's signature domestic policy proposal: health care reform. [link]
If only they had paid attention when it mattered.

Lest We Forget

Amidst all the euphoria over Obama's successful effort to spend money the government doesn't have on (further) regulating the health care industry, and dumping more cash on those who are unwilling to do for themselves, it's worth remembering that his is the same government that created Social Security and Medicare.  And it's worth remembering that both are soon to implode.

A related thought from Café Hayek :
The existing legislative promises of Medicare and Social Security are a train wreck that cannot be avoided without radical change. Expanding coverage just brings the train wreck closer. It’s a nice idea but it is unaffordable. We have taken a step closer to Greece. We have taken a step closer to national bankruptcy. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry about that part.
When I think of the efforts that my father and his father and his father put forth to bring me and my children and grandchildren and my grandchildren's children the American dream, I go with crying.

In The Aftermath

It's in critical moments like those that took place on Saturday and Sunday that you learn what your elected representatives are made of.  Think of Daniel in the den.

Then there's Bart Stupak:
Pro-life Democrats, R.I.P.
By William McGurn, Wall Street Journal

And then there were none.

When Bart Stupak announced Sunday he was now a "yes" on the health-care bill, six Democrats stood with him. Even that handful would have been enough to defeat the bill. Instead, they accepted the fig leaf of an executive order—and threw away all the hard-won gains they had made.

Amid the recriminations it's easy to overlook what Mr. Stupak had cobbled together. His amendment restricting federal funding for abortions, passed in November, marked the only bipartisan vote in this whole health-care mess. For the first time since Roe v. Wade, pro-life Democrats had seized the legislative initiative in the teeth of their leadership's opposition—and brought the party of abortion to heel.

Now Mr. Stupak has thrown it away. By caving at the last hour, he discredited all who stood with him. In addition to undermining an encouraging partnership with pro-lifers across the congressional aisle, Mr. Stupak signaled that, in the end, you can't count on pro-life Democrats. [link]
I've written before that to many of us there is a short list of absolutes when it comes to those we support.  Two for me involve taxes and abortion. (My congressman is very much pro-abortion; I'll never vote for him.) But what do people do when they put their faith in a man who speaks in their favor but who abandons them at the most critical hour of their need?

Flush him.

Move on.

Find someone who lives his or her beliefs, who never wavers from his or her convictions.

They're out there.  Find 'em.

Just don't be looking too close for a Democrat.

Cooking Weinies In Style

Boys.  And toys:

Flamethrowin' good.

In Remembrance

I got lost in the website Virtual Wall for hours recently.  It lists the names - by state - of all those killed in Vietnam, and links to pages with biographies of each casualty. 

So many names.  So many stories.  So many young lives cut short.

It's worth your time.  Check it out.

This Is What We're Up Against

Nitwits with advanced degrees:

For the love of God.