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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kaine Never Was That Bright

What's wrong with this quote from former Governor Tim Kaine?

If you look at what’s on the mantle over the fireplace with the Democratic Party, we have Medicaid and Medicare, we have Social Security, we have the civil-rights bill — we point to those and say, ‘That’s what it means to be a Democrat.'" (source)

"That’s what it means to be a Democrat."

To be embarrassingly wrong about history.

So Mr. Kaine knows, the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed with overwhelming support of both House and Senate Republicans (fully 80% of House Republicans and 81% of Senate Republicans voted in favor), and with vehement opposition from Democrats (96 House Democrats voted against passage (37%) as did 21 Democrat senators (31%).  (source)

In the House vote, 89% of Southern Democrats voted against the historic Civil Rights bill, including the entire delegation from Tim Kaine's home state of Virginia.

Particularly noteworthy was the strong opposition of key Democratic committee chairmen to the bill that Martin Luther King worked so hard to get enacted - opposition from one Howard Worth Smith of Fauquier County, Virginia and from Senator Robert K. Byrd, West Virginia, of KKK infamy.  Again, both Democrats.  Both uncompromisingly opposed to the civil rights act.

And there's this:

A quote from Tim Kaine's fellow Democrat Howard W. Smith:

""The Southern people have never accepted the colored race as a race of people who had equal intelligence ... as the white people of the South." (source)

Years later, when a portrait of Smith was displayed in the Capitol, civil rights champion John Lewis had this to say:

"It is an affront to all of us ...[Democrat Smith is] perhaps best remembered for his obstruction in passing this country's civil rights laws. A man who in his own words never accepted the colored race as a race of people who had equal intelligence and education and social attainments as the White people of the South..." (source)

And he wasn't just an opponent.  Democrat Howard Smith "was long the leading opponent of civil rights laws for Blacks" in the House of Representatives. (source)

As for that towering Democrat figure in the Senate, Robert Byrd once wrote this:

"The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth ... in every state in the Union."  (source)

And he once uttered these words:

"I will never submit to fight beneath that banner (the American flag) with a nigger by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds." (source)

That's your party's - the Democratic Party's - civil rights legacy, Timmy.  That's what's "on your mantle over the fireplace."  Get it right.  And live with it every day for the rest of your life.

A Headline I'd Like To See

In today's news: Obama Orders Lenders to Cut Mortgage Payments for Jobless...

If only ...

Mortgage Lenders Order Obama To Mind His Own Business ...

ObamaCare Won't Hurt At All. Just Bend Over.

"Most Americans who get their coverage from their workplaces will see no major change ..."
"Insurance rates will begin to come down ..."

-- Roanoke Times editorial  --

Were they lying, wrong, or just stupid? You decide:
AT&T will take $1B non-cash charge for health care
By Barbara Ortutay, AP Technology Writer

New York – AT&T Inc. will take a $1 billion non-cash accounting charge in the first quarter because of the health care overhaul and may cut benefits it offers to current and retired workers.

The charge is the largest disclosed so far. Earlier this week, AK Steel Corp., Caterpillar Inc., Deere & Co. and Valero Energy announced similar accounting charges, saying the health care law that President Barack Obama signed Tuesday will raise their expenses. On Friday, 3M Co. said it will also take a charge of $85 million to $90 million.

All five are smaller than AT&T, and their combined charges are less than half of the $1 billion that AT&T is planning. The $1 billion is a third of AT&T's most recent quarterly earnings. In the fourth quarter of 2009, the company earned $3 billion on revenue of $30.9 billion.

AT&aT said Friday that the charge reflects changes to how Medicare subsidies are taxed. Companies say the health care overhaul will require them to start paying taxes next year on a subsidy they receive for retiree drug coverage.

AT&T also said Friday that it is looking into changing the health care benefits it offers because of the new law. Analysts say retirees could lose the prescription drug coverage provided by their former employers as a result of the overhaul. [link] [emphasis mine]
This is exactly what I warned you would happen.  And now it's happening at lightning speed.

Someone needs to get through to those geniuses at the Roanoke Times and ...

Uh, never mind.  Don't waste your breath.

- - -

How could this have happened, you ask?

Ed Morrissey:
Congress passed the bill without knowing what was in it. Barack Obama signed it without reading it.  Now it looks as though the Associated Press reported on ObamaCare without comprehending its content.   Readers will have to scroll far down to discover that the elimination of a key tax break that kept retirees on company prescription-medication plans will mean dumping millions of seniors onto Medicare — and that the AP ignored it until now.
 - - -

See also "Some States Find Burdens in New Rules on Health Care."

- - -

See also "So You Bought Into The Hype."

- - -

Is it fair to say that the tactic that Washington Democrats used to hide the details of the plan until the last minute was successful in getting it passed, but has also brought about a "death by a thousand cuts" momentum?

No, It Won't

You want to know why the experts are wrong about this?

CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP

Because long before we ever get to that point - in 2020 - the United States of America, as we know it, will have ceased to exist if the government doesn't make draconian cuts in outlays in order to keep from reaching that milestone.

Which it won't.

We have Obama and his party to thank for this.

- - -

This involves a remarkable achievement on the part of our president.  All the heads of state from George Washington to George W. Bush - George to George - accumulated a combined federal debt of $6.3 trillion.  Obama, all by himself, will have run up a debt of $14.0 trillion.

That assumes, of course, that there isn't open rebellion and chaos in the streets before 2020 or that the Chinese haven't foreclosed on our debt and seized control of all our assets.

Way to go, Mr. Hope & Change.

This Is How You Skewer The Left

They make such easy targets of themselves.

See "Sun Rises In East; Krugman Makes Fool of Himself."

Great stuff.

The Country's Run By Idiots

This from the second-most powerful Democrat in Washington:

Oh, wait. I forgot Vice President Biden.

This from the second-most senile Democrat in Washington:

The Country's Run By Idiots II

Obama's transportation secretary decrees that we are all to sprout wings:

Today I want to announce a sea change. This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of nonmotorized.”

Said the man to a nation that has no other means of transportation.

"So let it be written.  So let it be done."

For the love of God.  Are these people for real?

Let's Talk About Coal-Fired Power Plants

Next time someone starts whining about how they pollute the planet, bring up this graph, provided by Randall Hoven:

Here's what it reveals:

Since 1990, the population of the United States has increased by 22%.  In that same period, energy consumption has increased a somewhat correspondingly 19%. 

But look at how power plant "pollution" has been dramatically curtailed.  Reduced by a mind-blowing 41%.

Any effort to further restrict what's "going up the stack" is, without argument, majoring in the minors.  And will prove to be staggeringly expensive.

So why all the fuss?

Oh, yeah.  Global warming.


- - -

* EPA findings cited by Mr. Hoven:

Changes in annual U.S. emissions of various air pollutants, 1990 to 2008:

Fine particulate matter:  -58%

Coarse particulate matter:  -39%

Ammonia:  -6%

Oxides of sulfur:  -50%

Oxides of nitrogen:  -36%

Volatile organic compounds:  -35%

Carbon monoxide:  -53%

Lead:  -79%
** Click on the image to enlarge it.

Congressional Conflagration Post Mortem

This (from "Health Care Mice and Men," Richmond Times-Dispatch) seems about right to me:
Permit us some random thoughts:

Americans dislike mandates. The most unpopular aspects of the plan relate to the compulsory items -- especially to requirements that individuals buy approved policies.

As we said yesterday, thanks to a dysfunctional process the U.S. may find itself with the worst aspects of nationalized medicine and few of the benefits.

Polls indicate a split among the citizenry. Critics of the bill want to think the public shares their hostility. The reality is more nuanced.

Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts and the Tea Party movement had scant effect on the outcome.

Bart Stupak's capitulation was as predictable as a win by UConn's women's basketball team.

We knew the House would pass the bill when Obama delayed his trip to Indonesia.

Voters will deliver their verdict in November. 

November it is.  Be there.

And Do It With a Smile

Because you know it's the right thing to do:

It needs it.