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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Quickly They Change Their Tune

The Roanoke Times editorial page on Sunday:

"Republican Rep. Eric Cantor, who claims his office was shot at this week, nonsensically blames Democrats for "dangerously fanning the flames" by raising concerns about violent incidents and threats.

"No. It is Republicans who have been dangerously fanning the flames ..

Three days later, after it was revealed that Rep. Eric Cantor's life had been threatened by a moron with a video camera and a link to YouTube, that same Roanoke Times has this to say this morning:

"Disagreement and even hostility come with being an elected official, especially a high-profile one like Cantor, who is the House Republican whip. Nevertheless, there are limits to what is appropriate even in a nation that prizes free speech. Death threats cross that line."

Where that line was, just days ago, drawn at the GOP's doorstep, today it becomes more expansive to include nutcases of all stripes.

This requires an answer to the question: Where were you guys on Sunday? Sniffing each other's armpits?  Heads buried in Daily Kos?  Distracted by the latest musings coming from "The View"?  "Days of Our Lives?"

This takes self-discipline, fellas.  And rational, persistent, consistent thought.

Bouncing off the walls like you do is so unbecoming.

Radford U Wastes Money & Time

This was intended to be some kind of heartwarming story about college students on a quest to save humanity:
RU students return from studying arctic ice
By Tonia Moxley, Roanoke Times

Radford -- An ongoing Radford University student study of arctic sea ice in Alaska could eventually help climate scientists better monitor the melting of polar ice caps and other threats to endangered species and native cultures.

The group of 11 led by physics professor Rhett Herman spent two weeks, including spring break, enduring temperatures of minus-40 degrees to collect data for the project in Barrow, Alaska.

There the group dragged heavy equipment over the ice to measure its thickness, temperature and other characteristics.

Back in Radford, they now are working to analyze that data and hopefully develop new computer models to help scientists measure sea ice over arctic expanses. [link]
Sweet.  Despite the hard times and mounting attacks on Governor Bob for reducing education funding here in the commonwealth, it's good to know that Radford has enough cash on hand to send a boatload of students to Alaska to study ice.

But what exactly are they getting from their (costly) excursion?
The students learned first-hand about the problems presented by melting polar ice, rising sea levels and oil spills.

[G]lobal warming and oil spills that are sometimes trapped under the ice threaten the communities that depend on the arctic climate.

The disappearance of arctic sea ice is seen by scientists as not only a warning sign of climate change but as a dangerous contributor to warming trends.

The Radford team's data and research may help preserve both the communities and the wildlife and may contribute to the growing body of climate research.
I wonder just how valuable this research into melting polar ice and rising sea levels is when it is now known that polar ice is not melting and the rise in sea levels has been grossly exaggerated.

See "Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away."

See "Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered."

See "Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels."

See "Rise of sea levels is 'the greatest lie ever told'."

I wonder if those Radford students were exposed to this information.

I wonder ...

Still, a fun time was had by all, we hope.

A Worsening Problem

I saw a huge banner yesterday hanging in front of my bank that read, "Still strong.  Still lending."  I turned to Paula and asked, "Why telegraph the point that there are a lot of people out here who worry that the bank is not 'strong' at all these days?"

The answer probably lies in the fact that there are a whole lotta banks in this country that aren't:
Half of Commercial Mortgages to Be Underwater: Warren
By CNBC.com

By the end of 2010, about half of all commercial real estate mortgages will be underwater, said Elizabeth Warren, chairperson of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel, in a wide-ranging interview on Monday.

“They are [mostly] concentrated in the mid-sized banks,” Warren told CNBC. “We now have 2,988 banks—mostly midsized, that have these dangerous concentrations in commercial real estate lending."

As a result, the economy will face another “very serious problem” that will have to be resolved over the next three years, she said, adding that things are unlikely to return to normalcy in 2010. [link]
Are you ready for Stimulus IV?

This One Goes Out To Eugene Robinson

We may have to live with the fact that there are right-wing extremists out there who give us conservatives a bad name.

But you will always have your embarrassments as well:

"Sean Penn: Journalists who call Hugo Chávez a dictator should be jailed."

"Sean Penn Wishes 'Rectal Cancer' on His Critics"

"You Misters Bush and Cheney; you Ms. Rice are villainously and criminally obscene people ..."

"Sean Penn Applauds as Venezuela's Chavez Bashes Bush"

What do you suppose this country would be like if Eugene Robinson's fellow left-winger took charge?

Life & Times

It's fascinating to see liberals in this country become outraged over deviant sexual behavior (see Maureen Dowd's "Should There Be an Inquisition for the Pope?") and, at the same time, become outraged when conservatives voice their displeasure with deviant sexual behavior (see the Roanoke Times editorial "Gays on campus deserve protection").

They'll tell you it's perfectly logical.

In fact, it's not logical at all.

Living In Obama's Post-Racial America

Surprise.  Surprise.

"The Obama administration has asked a federal appeals court to uphold a race-conscious admissions system at the University of Texas at Austin, aiming ..."

For the love of God, can't we get beyond this?

So Many Environmantalists, So Many Private Jets

Well, the lofty idealism was fun while it lasted.  Too bad it had to be pushed aside by the real world.

Let's talk about environmentalists.  And reality.  And about what a frigid winter will do to one's idealistic fervor. 

It is the natural tendency of human beings to become less high-minded when the concern about immediate needs becomes paramount.  For all those "environmentalists" out there, it was fun to talk about green this and green that, and to show support for the environment by going out and buying a curlicue light bulb.

But, eventually, the harsh realities of Planet Earth had to set in:
Government set to unveil offshore drilling plan

(Reuters) - The Obama administration is expected to announce by Wednesday its updated plan for oil and natural gas drilling in U.S. waters, including whether to allow exploration for the first time along the U.S. East Coast.

The plan could pave the way for a significant new domestic source of energy, helping to reduce U.S. dependence on oil imports and boost supplies of natural gas used to displace coal in power plants as the country works to reduce emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases. [link]
Expect Obama and this Salazar character to do a lot of song-and-dance about investing in "alternative energy" in their attempts to sidestep this issue.

But make no mistake, both knew that solar and wind amounted to no more than 2% of our energy production, and that such blather would only placate the mentally challenged - and environmentally conscious - among us for a period of time.  That "alternative energy" was never really going to amount to anything other than a good campaign topic for leftists.

We need oil.  Obama, if reluctantly, is going after it.  Good for him.

Is The Planet Warming?

The experts haven't a clue.