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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Caption of the Day

From Hot Air:

That adjective seems to fit a lot of Democrats these days.

* CBS News: "In 2014, everyone must purchase health insurance or face a $695 annual fine. There are some exceptions for low-income people."

I Wonder If We'll See a Roanoke Times Editorial On This

Republicans have been so intent on defeating "Obamacare" -- and thus, they believed, defeating President Obama -- that they engaged in despicable tactics.

"They are, in fact, reaching feverish and dangerous levels.

"How dangerous? After Lynchburg Tea Party members posted the home address of Rep. Tom Perriello's brother -- in the mistaken belief it was Perriello's address -- a line between a propane tank and a grill was found severed at the house inside a screened porch."

-- Roanoke Times editorial, "The Politics of Rage," March 28, 2010 --

Note to Roanoke Times: I'll bet this guy ain't a Republican:

When Liberals Attack: Leftist Union Protester Attacks Tea Partier at Fort Lauderdale Townhall Meeting

Yeah. I'll be waiting for that Times editorial ...

More On Obama's Decision to Target American Citizens

See my weblog post from yesterday - "Can We Talk About This?"  In it I wrote:

"But when the United States government starts targeting American citizens who are deemed terrorists for termination, summarily, without due process, we need to have a discussion about where such an action is taking us."

More on that subject from Jason Kuznicki at the Cato Institute:
A Government of Laws, Not Men

"The Obama administration has taken the extraordinary step of authorizing the targeted killing of an American citizen, the radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who is believed to have shifted from encouraging attacks on the United States to directly participating in them, intelligence and counterterrorism officials said Tuesday."

Americans, this is what arbitrary government looks like. As a simple matter of fact, even George III was never this arbitrary. Even he didn’t make individual colonists’ lives depend merely on an act of his own will.

Indeed, if I wanted a perfect example of what a government of men, not laws, looked like, I could just glance at the newspapers today and see what our government is doing right at this moment.

Do not respond that this power will only be used wisely and sparingly. Doing so just admits my basic point, namely that we now depend purely on the wisdom and restraint of our individual leaders. We depend on their wisdom and restraint — to check their own worst impulses. All power, both for and against, is contained in one individual. No legal processes, and no guarantees, separate us from them. And the stakes are life or death. [link]
I'm certainly no constitutional scholar but I see no place in the Constitution that authorizes the president to order the assassination of American citizens at his will.  If I'm missing it, show me.

If I'm not missing it, and he hasn't the power, then what, if we let him get away with it, is our Constitution worth?  I'll answer for you: Not two cents.

Those in the media who fretted daily over Bush's "illegal wiretaps" being a usurpation of power are strangely silent on this matter.  The Washington Post comes to mind. (In fact, they all seem to be fixated this morning on timely Civil War issues - a tedious example).

That speaks volumes about those worms.

In their absence, Congress, and freedom-loving Americans everywhere, need to put a stop to this.  And now.

The End Draws Nigh

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."
-- Ben Franklin --

Nearly half the American people are more than willing to have taxes raised.  And they vote accordingly.  It's more money for them.

There are times when I think of joining them.  I'm tired of this.  And I want free money too.

And as long as Obama is printing it at a furious pace, what could be the downside?

Rock Stars


Could Barack Obama draw a wildly enthusiastic crowd of 11,000 these days?



I doubt it.

But you know who can?
Palin, Bachmann enthrall Minn. rally
By Andy Barr, Politico

Two of the conservative movement’s biggest stars, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), lavished praise on each other Wednesday at a boisterous rally held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Before a predominantly female crowd of more than 11,000 fans, the two high-profile Republicans ripped President Obama at an event that doubled as a fundraiser for Bachmann’s re-election campaign.

The governor and congresswoman were welcomed to the stage by an announcer who boomed: “Freedom loving Minnesotans, please welcome Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.”

The pair walked in together in front of a shrieking crowd that nearly drowned out the blaring country music—the Martina McBride anthem, “This one’s for the girls.”

In a reference to the crowd’s energy, Bachmann, who spoke first, exclaimed, “Take that liberals!” [link]
If you're wondering where all the political energy went after Obama exposed himself as being just another Washington big-government insider, and the vitality vanished like a fizzled firecracker, look no further.   It's pouring into - and emanating from - two hardcore conservative babes.


“This one’s for the girls.”

Too Bad

I'm not sure it was a slick move on Governor Bob's part to designate April "Confederate History Month."*

But, knowing how the mainstream press has the long knives drawn and is prepared to use them whenever it's perceived that a wrong has been committed by our new Republican leader (perception rarely being reality) (see "Washington Post Assaults Bob McDonnell With Seven Hit Pieces In One Day"), I sure as hell wouldn't apologize for having done it either.


A Republican apology fosters the perception of weakness and is unbecoming.


Like an apology will appease the vermin among us.

Not cool, Bob.

* I'm not sure it was right to name April "Confederate History Month" in part because it was the month - in 1865 - when the Confederacy effectively came crashing down.

Amazing Stuff

I always thought that there are few people on this earth who had pipes like Whitney Houston, LeAnn Rimes, Mariah Carey, and Celin Dion (when they're on their game).  But today I make room for another "voice from heaven" - and its a young dude. From Taiwan.

Turn the volume up and listen to this:

Wonderful. Flawless.

Hat tip to Allahpundit.

A Man Who Lives His Convictions

Or ...

... do as I say, not as I do:

Disclaimer: I've never watched his TV show. I think I heard his radio show once up in Pennsylvania somewhere a few years back.

Obviously I didn't miss anything by not tuning in to the blowhard.