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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Call Goes Out To Gun Enthusiasts ...

... and to those who wish to support our way of life:

Got some free time?
Wythe Shooting Range in Need of Volunteers

The Wythe Shooting Range near Wytheville in the Jefferson National Forest was closed earlier this year. The unsupervised shooting range was the victim of sufficient vandalism that the Forest Service took action to close it.

A meeting about the closure will be held in the Wythe County Sheriff's Office on Monday, April 26. The meeting is open to all those with an interest in having the range reopened and in volunteering support to assist the Forest Service with maintenance and oversight of the range.

If you have an interest in becoming a volunteer, your attendance at the meeting would be most welcomed. The meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at 245 South 4th Street in Wytheville.

NRA Eastern Regional Director Brian Hyder will be in attendance as well as representatives of Virginia's Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. The NRA and the Department provided the funding and technical assistance for the construction of the range.

If you can attend or for further information, please contact Mr. Hyder at 276-579-9828. [link]
Your assistance would be appreciated.

Two Americas

The mainstream press is singing the praises of the economic recovery that is gaining steam.

24,000 Americans just this week, joined by 460,000 others who have filed new jobless claims, along with the 4.64 million who are working through continuing jobless claims, as well as the 6.5 million "long-term" unemployed, and the 21 million Americans who are now underemployed ...

... somehow aren't in the mood to celebrate.

We Live In Two Worlds

Hear the name "John Murtha" out here in the real world and words like "corruption" and "earmarks" and "waste" and "abuse" and "arrogance" come to mind.  Along with others like "traitor" and "un-American" and "they killed innocent civilians in cold blood."

But in the world of Washington they are preparing to erect statues of him honoring his life's work.  Name ships after him. To memorialize him.  To laud him, to glorify him.  To elevate him into the pantheon of Washington heroes. They sing his praises.   To them he is a champion.

My God.

To Washington we out here in the world say:
Sink the Murtha
The Navy can do better than honoring this hack
Washington Times editorial

The late Rep. John Murtha, Pennsylvania Democrat, has achieved his highest undeserved honor. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has decided to name the Navy's newest San Antonio Class amphibious transport-dock LPD 26 the USS John P. Murtha. This is a slap in the face to every service member who bridled when Murtha publicly accused Marines in Iraq of intentionally killing women and children in cold blood.

Murtha made his views known after details emerged about a firefight in Haditha in November 2005 in which 24 Iraqis were killed. Murtha accused the Marines of engaging in premeditated murder and agreed with MSNBC's Chris Matthews that this was "exactly" like the 1968 My Lai massacre in Vietnam. Charges later were brought against eight Marines but have since been dropped against all but one. However, Murtha's theatrical rush to judgment still rankles Americans in uniform, whose views on the congressman range from disappointment to the belief that he gave aid and comfort to the enemy.

"This dishonors every Marine who will serve aboard that ship," a Navy officer told The Washington Times. "And it sends a poor message to the acquisition community that politicians can have ships named after them just for sending pork back to their districts." Milblogger "CDR Salamander," who served in the Navy for 21 years, told us this was "a naked political move" and "nothing about this man will be inspiring to the crew assigned to the ship."

It's doubtful that the ship naming will do much to honor Murtha. The brave Marines and sailors who serve aboard this vessel probably will refer to it only as LPD 26 or come up with a colorful nickname like "Porky Pig" or the "Fat Bastard" (the Marine favorite). Perhaps Murtha could still be useful in supplying the ship's slogan: "Cold Blooded Killers." [link]
Murtha is dead and gone.  And we were trying our best to forget the guy.  But Washington will have none of it.  Just as he did when he was there making a mockery of this country of ours, they use his corpse to rub it in our faces even today.

LPD 26: The Fat Bastard.

If that's what they want, then, by God, America will rise to the challenge.

Unemployment Remains Grievously High

A Question

At what point do we start calling it welfare?

A never-ending, no-strings-attached handout from the government, by any other name, is ...

Quote of the Day

From Politico:
The cover of The Atlantic this month shows a shirt-sleeved President Barack Obama and the headline, “WHY HE’S RIGHT.” It reflects the Washington conventional wisdom that Obama is on a roll, bolstered by his long-delayed victory on health reform.

Someone should tell the rest of the country.
"A tale of two Obamas: Up in D.C., down in U.S.", Mike Allen and James Hohmann, April 16,2010

Zeroing In On The Immigration Debate

Here's my clearly stated - and consistently stated - position on immigration: We need more immigrants. And lots of them.

But not those who are dirt-poor, uneducated, and whose first act upon arrival to this country is to break the laws of our land by crossing our border illegally. Those "immigrants" we can do without. Mexico, as far as I'm concerned, is well-suited to them.  Chiapas beckons.

No, what we need are highly educated professionals to fill the ranks in fields of endeavor that still thrive in this country.

For them, and for us, I call upon our politicians to ease the rules, speed up the process, expand the quotas. Let's keep the U.S. competitive by luring the best and the brightest the world has to offer here to work and prosper.

So you know, there are other really smart Americans who think the same way I do. For example:
Immigration Reform: The New Third Rail
By Michael Barone, Wall Street Journal

Back in August, when he was heading to his Martha's Vineyard vacation, President Obama called on Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration bill. He has renewed that call more recently, and Sens. Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham say they want to co-sponsor a bipartisan bill. With Democrats holding 59 of 100 Senate seats and 254 of 435 House seats (there are three vacancies), you might think passage would be assured. But you would be wrong.

The problem now, with Mr. Bush back in Texas, is that the immigration issue is political poison for both parties. Any bill that provides legal status to illegal immigrants leaves Democrats open to the charge that they're backing "amnesty" and rewarding those who have broken the law. And vocal Republican opposition to such a bill leaves the GOP open to charges of anti-Hispanic bigotry, with possible backlash at the polls for years to come.

[Republicans] should take a cue from Sen. Kyl's work on the 2007 bill, and from the thoughtful 2009 report of a bipartisan panel assembled by the Brookings Institution and Duke University's Kenan Center. Both urged significant reductions in the number of green cards for legal residents' relatives beyond the nuclear family and for a sizeable increase in the number issued to high-skill immigrants. This is the approach taken currently by Canada and Australia, with good results. The argument would be that in our current economy we need fewer job seekers and more job creators.

These reforms would probably not be welcomed by the Hispanic groups that are pushing the Democrats to take up this legislation. But a package that provided limited legalization, further strengthened enforcement, and made room for more high-skill immigrants might be the only way to obtain bipartisan support—and could minimize the damage that each party faces from this emotion-laden issue. [link]
High-skilled immigrants.  The very people who made this country great.

We conservatives should champion immigration, not run from it.  We should talk about expanding the opportunities available to foreigners who come here and contribute.  We should be open about the fact that we confront the issue out of self-interest and a need for self-preservation.

What we don't need to do is get mired in a discussion about illegals.  They are a distraction from the bigger issue.  Let's continue to send them back from whence they came and be done with them.  Let's continue to make it difficult for them to break our laws, by maintaining a strong border presence, and we should move forward in our discussions of issues that really matter.

We need the world's best.  They are yearning to come here.  Before it's too late, let's take them in and grow this country of ours.

From the Mind of Barnie Day

Southwest Virginia's resident humorist and social commentator:

Easy To Use, Fill-In-The-Blanks Restoration Of Rights Request

Dear Governor McDonnell:

(Note: Do NOT open with, “Yo, Guv!”)

My name is __________.

(Do NOT use your gang name. Do NOT use “Stinky,” “Mo Blood,” “Wheels,” “Turnip Nose” or “Laverne.” If you can remember the name your mother gave you, go with that. If not, ask your grandma. She probably knows.)

Please accept this note in fulfillment of the new essay component required of my petition for restoration of voting rights.

I was convicted on __________(insert date of conviction) of_________(insert applicable charge(s)—rape, murder, bestiality, money laundering, grand theft, meth distribution, battery, income tax evasion, assault, etc.) in the Circuit Court of __________ (Insert name of county here) and sentenced by Judge __________ (Insert judge’s last name—do NOT refer to the judge as a “Mo-Fo”) to incarceration for a period of __________ years (Insert number of years) by a duly sworn jury of my peers. (Do NOT use the word ‘hoes’ when referring to jury members).

I was guilty, Governor McDonnell (do NOT address the governor as “Cool,” “Bro,” “Homey,”or “My Man”).

I have learned my lesson, served my time, and am remorseful.

(Note: resist the urge to blame to your crime on others, to mention your no-count daddy, your crack-head mama, or a shoplifting aunt. This governor has a tendency to airbrush history. No need to tell him you wet the bed until you were fifteen. In general, focus instead on the positive.)

I kept my nose clean, learned new skills and improved my education while in prison (Use ‘prison” here; do NOT use ‘the Big House.’)

At one time, I was uneducated and an unproductive citizen, but I used my time wisely.

I now __________(Insert “read on the third grade level” or “teach part-time at W&M”) and have become proficient at__________(Insert “tattooing” or “making license plates” here. Do NOT mention the word “shanks”; do NOT mention “running numbers.”)

And, finally, Governor, you dear, sweet man, I experienced spiritual growth.

I attend Sunday school now, watch your buddy Pat on TV and in my spare time have opened a__________(insert one—“soup kitchen,” “methadone clinic,” or “half-way house for Democrats”) for those suffering individuals headed down the road I took.

At this point in my life, I desire nothing so much as to be able to participate in the electoral process again. We’ve seen the mess regular folks have made, give us felons a chance. Give us voice again.

Thank you for your consideration.


(Insert name here—remember: do NOT use gang name).

PS: Please know that if this petition is granted, I will register as a Republican and attend tea-party meetings with my parole officer.
Thanks, Barnie.  I think.