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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Washington Post Is Pathetic

In a 1,349 word news item political campaign production piece that someone in the Obama White House must have had a hand in writing, see "As Obama visits coal country, many are wary of his environmental policies," "reporters" David A. Fahrenthold and Michael D. Shear give us all kinds of reasons why West Virginians should appreciate the love and affection Mr. Wonderful has for them and the industry that keeps them in food, shelter, and clothing, and they share with us the revelation that Obama is doing everything in his power to protect them from his fellow Democrats who want to destroy the coalfields and, along with them, the livelihoods of every man, woman, and child living there.

Fahrenthold and Shear may be serious.

Or not.

This is, after all, the same Barack Obama who gleefully outlined to a San Francisco Chronicle reporter how he was going to bankrupt the coal industry.

Odd how that bit of news has yet to make its way into the Washington Post. Odder still is how David A. Fahrenthold and Michael D. Shear could write a 1,349 word article about Obama's relationship with the coal miners of West Virginia and not mention his plan for them.

Odd indeed.

Nauseating too.

What More Needs Be Said?

Ed Morrissey on the idiots among us:
Protest picture of the day

Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else see the irony in the juxtaposition of these two protest signs outside of an appearance by Sarah Palin in Eugene, Oregon?

It’s a darned good thing that the person holding the sign that says, “Hope she chokes” (with the Obama logo a nice touch, by the way) is doing so in Eugene’s “hate-free zone.”  Why, if someone had displayed a sign at a Tea Party rally that said something about our President choking, it would have been declared a symptom of the violence inherent in the conservative system ...  Maybe the two protesters should coordinate their message a bit better.  
I have a theory.  A possible explanation.  The leftist in the front of the photo with the bad hair and cheap sunglasses, holding the sign that says "Eugene: A Hate-Free Zone," is actually protesting the leftist behind her who carries the incontestably hateful "Hope she chokes" banner.

Or maybe her "hate-free zone" begins and ends in the space her butt occupies.

Or maybe she's like the typical Oregon leftist and, having consumed an excessive number of magic mushrooms, has decided to... "zone" out and, in doing so, is ignoring the vile hatred around her.

Or maybe she's just stupid.

In any case, it sure seems there's a whole lotta hate goin' on in that zone of hers.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

Words well Writ

Mark Steyn:
For a long time, tea partiers were racists. Everybody knows that when you say “I’m becoming very concerned about unsustainable levels of federal spending,” that’s old Jim Crow code for “Let’s get up a lynching party and teach that uppity Negro a lesson.” Frank Rich of the New York Times attempted to diversify the tea-party racism into homophobia by arguing that Obamacare’s opponents were uncomfortable with Barney Frank’s sexuality. I yield to no one in my discomfort with Barney Frank’s sexuality, but, with the best will in the world, I find it hard to blame it for more than the first 4 or 5 trillion dollars of federal overspending. Eschewing such cheap slurs, Time’s Joe Klein said opposition to Obama was “seditious,” because nothing says sedition like citing the U.S. Constitution and quoting Thomas Jefferson. Unfortunately for Klein, thanks to “educator” William Ayers’s education reforms, nobody knows what “seditious” means anymore.
Adjective: seditious sɪˈdɪʃəs
1. What Americans who dissent are when Democrats are in power.

Words Not So Well Writ

Duncan Adams:

"Meanwhile, looking nationally at the local level ..."


Come on, man. You're better than this.  Tell me it was one of those mindless copy editors.

I Have a Suggestion For Obama

Instead of meeting with Billy Graham ...

... in a futile effort to convince the American people that he has some kind of kinship with Christianity, maybe it would do the president well for him to meet with ...

... Lindsey Graham (no relation) instead.

Things are coming apart at the seams, there, big guy.

The Rallying Cry Goes Forth

The revolution begins. Be there.

A Few Things We Can Deduce About Tom Friedman ...

... from his own words:

(1) "I’ve been trying to understand the Tea Party Movement."

(2) "I have a suggestion:  "Become the Green Tea Party."

See (1).

We Could Have Been ... New Jersey

Had the Washington Post and the Roanoke Times and Virginia's Democrats - every one of them - and too many liberal Republicans like Emmett Hanger had their way, we'd be in the same boat as the Garden State.  Knee-deep in tax burdens and destitute of economic growth.

Here's a taste of what might have been:
A revolt grows in Jersey
New York Post

New Jersey voters just sent another loud reminder of their disgust with out-of-control taxes.

Of 537 school budgets up for a vote in the Garden State, 315 -- a whopping 59 percent -- went down in flames Tuesday.

That's more than the state's seen in decades.

Median tax bills in six Garden State counties are among the 10 highest in all of America. As a share of income, levies in Passaic and Essex lead the nation -- with Bergen, Union, Hunterdon and Hudson not far behind.
School boards -- and teachers unions that refused concessions -- must have been dreaming if they thought voters would rubber-stamp tax hikes yet again.

No, this time taxpayers were paying . . . attention.
Fact is, last November's election of Republican Gov. Chris Christie in Democratic New Jersey was no fluke.

Rather, it was part of a national tax revolt that gave rise to the Tea Party movement and stunning GOP wins in places like Virginia, Massachusetts and even New York.

Indeed, the anti-tax spirit is showing no signs of wavering, even as this fall's elections near. As Christie said, pols "ignore these results at their own political peril." [link]
Were it not for the brave men and women in the House of Delegates - who stood up to the powers that be here in Virginia and stopped the drive to make the commonwealth just like that basket case to the north - we'd be mired in problems now too.  More problems than we already face with the collapse of the national economy, that is.

The people of New Jersey are only now learning the lesson that Virginians absorbed long ago.  Keep government lean and focused on that which it is empowered to do* (and on the few things in life that it is capable of achieving with any degree of success, like keeping the toilets at our interstate highway rest stops clean) and we all prosper.

Here's to our conservative watchdogs.  Thanks for not allowing us to become New Jersey.

* Until recently, the state of New Jersey had programs set up - at great expense - to combat "global warming," for God's sake.

Why Must They Be Deceitful?

I understand and have come to accept the fact that politicians distort the truth in order to further their own ends.  It's something in their DNA.

But why would the chairman of General Motors do the same?

What does Ed Whitacre have to gain by telling America (you've seen the commercials on TV) that GM has repaid its loan from Uncle Sam - when really it hasn't?

This is the startling truth about his claim:
Still Government Motors
Shikha Dalmia, Forbes

... before belting out their victory aria, GM-boosters ought to hear the whole story--not just the fairytale version about Government Motors' grand comeback that Mr. (GM Chairman Ed) Whitacre is feeding them.

Uncle Sam gave GM $49.5 billion last summer in aid to finance its bankruptcy. (If it hadn't, the company, which couldn't raise this kind of money from private lenders, would have been forced into liquidation, its assets sold for scrap.) So when Mr. Whitacre publishes a column with the headline, "The GM Bailout: Paid Back in Full," most ordinary mortals unfamiliar with bailout minutia would assume that he is alluding to the entire $49.5 billion. That, however, is far from the case.

... when Mr. Whitacre says GM has paid back the bailout money in full, he means not the entire $49.5 billion--the loan and the equity. In fact, he avoids all mention of that figure in his column. He means only the $6.7 billion loan amount.

But wait! Even that's not the full story given that GM, which has not yet broken even, much less turned a profit, can't pay even this puny amount from its own earnings.

So how is it paying it?

As it turns out, the Obama administration put $13.4 billion of the aid money as "working capital" in an escrow account when the company was in bankruptcy. The company is using this escrow money--government money--to pay back the government loan. [link] [emphasis mine]
Good grief.  Was it necessary for Mr. Whitacre to pull this stunt?  Who was he trying to hoodwink?  Wall Street?

Sell some cars, dude.  Make them reliable.  Make them profitably.  The success stories - real success stories - will follow.  You don't have to resort to deception to make customers and investors want to buy GM.