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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Governor Bob Wins a Big One

First, let me give a shout-out to Maryland State Sen. Richard S. Madaleno.*  On this I speak for all proud Virginians:

Kiss my ass.

Second, let's review the attempts of various DEMOCRAT lawmakers here in the commonwealth of VIRGINIA - along with their buddies in the VIRGINIA press - to lure Northrop Grumman jobs TO MARYLAND:

A quote from Style Weekly:
The controversy [we have a gay controversy, according to these geniuses, because the law here in Virginia has never afforded gay protections; a 300-year-old controversy, they'd have you believe] may be the first time that gay protection laws have become issues in the state’s economic development. [State Senator Don McEachin, D-Richmond] says that Virginia was able to snare such major companies as MeadWestvaco and Hilton Hotels in part because Warner and Kaine protected gay state workers.

“We knew [McDonnell] had issues when he was attorney general,” McEachin said.
The implication is that McDonnell - with his "issues" - (?) - is going to drive business away from Virginia.


Then there's the whine that went forth from some liberal columnist (reporter?) at the Virginian-Pilot a couple of weeks ago:
Virginia's failure to protect gays and lesbians against discrimination has become a national embarrassment and could hinder the state's economic development, several lawmakers charged Tuesday on the floor of the House of Delegates.

The dissenting delegates, all Democrats, unsuccessfully attempted a rare legislative maneuver to revive a bill prohibiting discrimination in public employment on the basis of sexual orientation.

Sen. Donald McEachin's bill, SB66, passed the Democrat-led Senate 23-17 but was killed last week by an eight-member subcommittee in the Republican-controlled House. McEachin is a Richmond Democrat.

"Ken Cuccinelli wants to hang a sign in front of the public colleges and universities of this commonwealth that reads 'Gays need not apply,' " said Del. David Englin of Alexandria.

Englin warned that companies such as military contractor Northrop Grumman Corp., which is considering moving its corporate headquarters from Los Angeles to Virginia, might be deterred by the state's stance on the issue.
Or might not, much to the Democrat's now-chagrin and crushing disappointment.

But more on Northrop Grumman in a moment.

From the disturbingly overwrought Delegate Englin [a Google cached version from his own website] we also get this, from a floor screech he gave to the assembled House:
Even if one is willing to set aside the moral outrage that is an Attorney General wasting taxpayer money by seeking to hinder equal protection under the law, we need Governor McDonnell to act now because his Attorney General’s actions are destructive to higher education and destructive to our economic future.

And speaking of business, businesses throughout Virginia understand that employees should be judged solely on their merit and not on other unrelated factors. The ten largest corporate employers in Virginia have active nondiscrimination policies. Northrop Grumman, whose corporate headquarters we are trying to lure here from California, wins perfect marks from the Human Rights Campaign for equal treatment of its gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender workers. Do you really want to let Ken Cuccinelli’s anti-gay crusade risk thousands of good-paying jobs in Virginia?
Gosh.  No.  If Cuccinelli's effort to uphold the law as written will jeopardize our economy, I think maybe we should void the rule of law, if that's what it takes.

But would a company facing the kind of massive taxation and regulation like Northrop Grumman does in California be willing to come to gay-bashing Virginia to avoid going under?

You betcha!  In a heartbeat!
Northrop Grumman chooses Virginia over Maryland
Defense contractor to move headquarters and 300 jobs to the state
By Andrea K. Walker, Jamie Smith Hopkins and Paul West, The Baltimore Sun

In a closely watched, highly competitive deal to lure the headquarters of one of the country's largest defense contractors, Northrop Grumman is rejecting Maryland and putting its main office in Virginia, the company confirmed Monday night.

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell of Virginia is expected to announce today that the company will relocate its California headquarters and 300 employees to his state, economic development officials confirmed.

Gov. Martin O'Malley learned about the decision in a late afternoon call with Northrop chief executive Wesley G. Bush, said O'Malley spokesman Rick Abbruzzese. The head of the Los Angeles-based company said his choice of Virginia was a real estate decision, he said. [link] [emphasis mine]
Since Los Angeles real estate values are crap right now, I'd love to know how Northrop Grumman trying to sell its headquarters there at a massive loss is somehow a good reason to do so is beyond me.  Unless it was a matter of Virginia real estate being more of a bargain than Maryland's - which is a fact.

But all that's beside the point.

Northrop Grumman is comin' to Virginia!

How sad a day it is for Englin and McEachin and the gay community and the Democratic Party of Virginia and the press and ...

- - -

* "He recently sent a letter to the chief executive of Los Angeles-based Northrop Grumman, in which he lambasted the anti-gay policies of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli."

ObamaCare Will Bring Our Ruin

Unless it's repealed.

Grace-Marie Turner analyzes a new report from Medicare’s chief actuary on the implications, should ObamaCare actually be put into effect:
1. People losing coverage: About 14 million people will lose their employer coverage by 2019, as smaller employers terminate their plans and workers who currently have employer coverage enroll in Medicaid. Half of all seniors on Medicare Advantage could lose their coverage and the extra benefits the plans offer.

2. Huge fines for companies: Businesses will pay $87 billion in penalties in the first five years after the fines trigger in 2014, partly because they can’t afford to offer expensive, government-mandated coverage and partly because some of their employees will apply for taxpayer-subsidized insurance.

3. Higher costs for consumers: Tens of billions of dollars in new fees and excise taxes will be “passed through to health consumers in the form of higher drug and devices prices and higher premiums,” according to Foster. A separate report shows small businesses will be hit hardest.

4. A program created to fail: The new “CLASS Act” long-term-care insurance program will face “a significant risk of failure,” according to Foster. Indeed, he finds, “there is a very serious risk that the problem of adverse selection will make the CLASS program unsustainable.”

5. Spending increases: Under the new law, national health spending will increase by $311 billion over the coming decade. And instead of bending the federal spending curve down, it will move it upward “by a net total of $251 billion” over the next decade.

6. “Free-riders”: An estimated 23 million people will remain uninsured in 2019, roughly 5 million of whom would be undocumented aliens; the remainder would be the 18 million who decline to get coverage and who will pay the penalty.

7. Spending reductions are fiction
: Estimated reductions in the growth rate of health spending “may not be fully achievable” because “Medicare productivity adjustments could become unsustainable even within the next ten years, and over time the reductions in the scope of employer-sponsored health insurance could also become an issue.”

8. You can’t keep your doctor
: Fifteen percent of all hospitals, nursing homes, and other providers treating Medicare patients could be operating at a loss by 2019, which will “possibly jeopardize access to care for beneficiaries.” Doctors are threatening to drop out of Medicare because cuts in Medicare reimbursement rates mean they can’t even cover their costs.

9. Coverage but no care: A significant portion of those newly eligible for Medicaid will have trouble finding physicians who will see them, and the increased demand for Medicaid services could be difficult to meet.
In summary:

"This is an objective report by administration actuaries that shows this sweeping legislation has serious, serious problems."

Bottom line: Obama did this to balloon the welfare rolls.  America be damned.

On Taxpayers & Freeloaders

Vasko Kohlmayer:
In a free-for-all democracy, on the other hand, many non-payers or net tax-consumers purposefully vote for those who promise to give them of their neighbors' substance. What these people do is, in effect, stealing. They are thieves, and it matters not that the theft in which they participate is state-sanctioned. After all, what name other than "thieves" can describe those who forcefully deprive others of their money in order to enrich themselves?

If the lady in the video wants to enrich herself at others' expense, she should be forced to do it the old fashioned way: by breaking into someone's house. Sadly, these days, she does not have to summon even that much initiative. She can simply vote for a politician who will do the dirty deed for her. If a thief gets caught with a couple of thousand dollars' worth of stolen goods, the chances are that he will end up in jail, humiliated and despised. Those, however, who vote for politicians who deprive productive citizens of tens of thousands of dollars every year never despise themselves. Quite the contrary: They consider themselves progressive, socially conscious, or enlightened. 
Half of us now pay income taxes.  Half of us live off the income taxes the other half pays. The latter control the House, the Senate, and the White House.

Which makes one wonder why those in the former category even try these days.

Did Francisco d'Anconia have it right?
Do you wish to know whether that day is coming? Watch money. Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion—when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing—when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors—when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you—when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice—you may know that your society is doomed. 
"You may know that your society is doomed."

More Evidence Of a Double Standard

Secretary of Agriculture James Watt, working for President Ronald Reagan, made the following quip about "diversity":

"I have a black, a woman, two Jews, and a cripple. And we have talent."

The press went apoplectic.

Watt resigned in disgrace within weeks as a veritable firestorm erupted around him.

Fast forward to 2010:

Last week Barack Obama's National Security Adviser, James Jones, told an off-color ethnic joke to a Washington think tank gathering, a joke that had to do with a coldhearted, miserly Jewish shopkeeper, and ...

... the press comes to his defense.

See New York magazine's "Why the National Security Adviser’s Jewish Joke Was Fine."

Suppose it would have been "fine" if Sarah Palin had uttered it?

- - -

Here's the joke:
I'd like to begin with a story that I think is true, a Taliban militant gets lost and is wandering around the desert looking for water. He finally arrives at a store run by a Jew and asks for water. The Jewish vendor tells him he doesn’t have any water but can gladly sell him a tie. The Taliban, the jokes goes on, begins to curse and yell at the Jewish storeowner. The Jew, unmoved, offers the rude militant an idea: Beyond the hill, there is a restaurant; they can sell you water. The Taliban keeps cursing and finally leaves toward the hill. An hour later he’s back at the tie store. He walks in and tells the merchant: “Your brother tells me I need a tie to get into the restaurant.” 
Actually, it's not a bad joke.

But then, neither was James Watt's.

Yet look at how each was received by the liberal media.

Tsk.  Tsk.

- - -

But, you say, the difference is in the fact that the Reagan administration had a reputation of being anti-Jew.  And anti-Jews can't be allowed to tell such jokes.

And Obama has no such perception problem ...


"Anti-Semitic Jew-hater" campaign ad poster courtesy of Haaretz.

We'll Not Be Your Lapdogs

They thought they could get away with that worn-out charge of racism.  They were wrong.  We were supposed to cower.  To shrink.  To bow down.

We instead defied them.

Andrew Breitbart:
It’s not just that Congressmen Carson’s accusation of an extraordinary racist verbal assault by the tea party participants on March 20 doesn’t appear to have occurred, it’s that the accusers have now gone into the bunker and, having raised the incendiary subject, are doing everything they can to avoid the discussion. Why? What’s changed?

When the accusation was made, the mainstream media made it the number one topic on every news show. The Democratic Party was leading the discussion. But when confronted on the baseless accusation, without even a modicum of evidence that it actually happened, other than an assertion, the Democratic Party, and its symbiotic allies the mainstream media, want to have another “beer summit.”

No. The Democratic Party and the political left cannot use the race card to shut up its opponents based upon pure fabrication any longer. This failed tactic ultimately serves to mitigate accusations of real racism — which we are not saying doesn’t exist.

When I offered a reward of $100,000 to be donated to the United Negro College Fund if anyone produced video and audio evidence that this occurred, I was accused of a publicity stunt (because everyone knows that the best way to get publicity in America is to accuse a civil rights icon of lying about racism). Rep. Carson himself suggested that my challenge was “a veiled attempt to justify actions that are simply unjustifiable.” Get it? He calls protesters racist and if you ask him to prove it, you’re a racist, too.

Needless to say, no one has claimed the $100,000.

The press is drawing a line in the sand for those that are doing the job the press should be doing: “Are you calling a civil rights legend a liar?”

Unfortunately, I am. And the mainstream media are as complicit in this lie as Congressman Lewis.
Can you imagine anyone in the mainstream press confronting John Lewis with the accusation of being a liar? Of course not. And that's the problem with the mainstream press.  They go along and get along.

And that's why liars like Lewis have always gotten away with it.

Well, no more.

The Stimulus?

It was so long ago, I don't remember "the stimulus."

Maybe that's why this is the case:

I'm sure the Democrats would argue, though, at this late date, that it didn't hurt either. After all, it was only money and they can print lots more of it.