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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Selective Outrage

First, read the chapter in the history book related to the work of a former University of Virginia climate scientist and then read this:
Academics criticize Cuccinelli's UVa probe
By Michael Sluss, Roanoke Times

Richmond -- Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's demand for a wide range of documents related to the work of a former University of Virginia climate scientist has triggered a backlash from academics who consider Cuccinelli's tactic an assault on academic freedom and a threat to the state's competitiveness in scientific research.

Cuccinelli's office last month issued a "civil investigative demand" to the university as part of a probe targeting former UVa professor Michael Mann, a climate scientist who now works at Penn State University. In the document, the attorney general's office indicates it is investigating "possible violations" of the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act by Mann in pursuing five research grants while at UVa. Mann left the university in 2005. Four of the grants were from federal organizations and one was from UVa.

"This could have a damaging effect and my guess is it already has had a damaging effect," said UVa environmental science professor Howie Epstein, who collaborated with Mann on one of the grants targeted by Cuccinelli.

"That's a pretty scary thing to researchers who work at UVa or are considering coming to UVa," Epstein said. "It's just not the kind of environment you want to work in." [link]
Two things:

(1) Where was Howie the concerned scientist when another of his colleagues - Patrick Michaels - was forced out at UVa by the Kaine administration?  Probably in the audience applauding.

(2) The difference between the Michaels episode and the latest involving Ken Cuccinelli's inquiry into Michael Mann's work at UVa is in the fact that Mann stands accused of committing fraud, in fact, a multi-million dollar fraud, by creating out of thin air his now-infamous "hockey stick" theory of global warming.  Michaels was only guilty of having an opinion that lemming climate professors and Democrat politicians didn't appreciate.

Duplicity or hypocrisy.  You decide.  There is no third option.

Quote Of The Decade On The Quote of the Year

Glenn Reynolds:

"QUOTE OF THE YEAR: 'Do we really want to live in a country where when someone busts into your house at night you’re supposed to assume they might be cops?'

"I’d rather live in a country where you get a bounty for shooting people who bust into your house illegally ..."

The alternative, as we've learned over the years, is ... Chicago.

John Warner's Long Gone

But had he stuck around here in Virginia, he too might have been dealt with - finally - by an aroused - and worried - Republican Party.

Utah sent a powerful statement yesterday: We have enough Democrats in Washington.  More than enough.  The GOP will no longer be supporting and sending in more.

The eye-opening news:
Bennett out in UT Senate race; Update: Primary for GOP
By Ed Morrissey

In a humiliating end to his career, Senator Bob Bennett of Utah couldn’t get enough of his own party’s delegates at the Utah GOP convention to get past the second round of balloting for his re-election bid. After coming in third in the first two rounds, Bennett was automatically eliminated for the third round of voting. Earlier, he had pleaded with delegates to give him a second chance after coming under fire for supporting the TARP bailouts. [link]
The establishment, of course, went big for Bennett.  The establishment lost big too:
Bennett’s not the only one with egg on his face after today’s votes.  Mitt Romney endorsed Bennett’s bid for re-election and introduced him at the convention, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell endorsed him as well.  Sen. Orrin Hatch tried rounding up delegates for Bennett at the convention.  However, the state’s GOP leadership declined to publicly back him and worked to keep the national party out of the convention fight as well.

This shows that the Tea Party movement isn’t about restoring a Republican status quo.  The movement’s activists want real change, and real action to reverse the growth of government and the profligate spending that has gone on for far too long in Washington DC.  Republican incumbents nationwide should consider this a wake-up call.
Washington is messed up.  A mess that was created by members of both parties.  Only new blood will clean it up.

Here's to the Utah GOP.  This is really our last best hope of saving this country of ours from otherwise certain doom.

They're Still Doing That?

Chicago, the lawlessness capital of the planet, is still instigating gun buyback programs?

Didn't those go out of style with hiphuggers, love beads, and other hippie fads?