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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Priorities Upside Down

While progressives in this state get all orgasmic over the prospect of two permanent "green jobs" being created someday over in Roanoke County, hundreds are being lost just south of there because of government inaction and indifference.  This is shameful. And heartbreaking.  And par for the course:
Stanley to cut 530 Henry Co. positions
By Duncan Adams, Roanoke Times

Economically besieged Martinsville and Henry County reeled again Wednesday in response to Stanley Furniture Co.'s announcement that it will cease all furniture production in Virginia and discharge some 530 workers before year's end.

Stanley plans to move its adult furniture production lines from Virginia to factories in Southeast Asia. Its Young America nursery and youth product furniture line will continue to be manufactured in North Carolina.

The job cuts will be "permanent but not immediate," said Glenn Prillaman, Stanley's president and CEO.

Employees heard the news about 4 p.m. Wednesday. The company anticipates it will continue to employ about 220 in Henry County after the first of the year.

Most of the 530 jobs will disappear between October and December, Prillaman said. [link]
530 families' lives destroyed.  530 families to go on the Obama relief program.

You people want to "stimulate" something?  How about stimulating capitalism in this country before we're all in the poor house.

Quote(s) of the Day

From Glenn Reynolds and Ann Althouse:
PEW POLL: “Fully 73% say they approve of requiring people to produce documents verifying their legal status if police ask for them.”

Ann Althouse asks: “I wonder what those percentages would be if the President and the political elite had not pressured us to think the Arizona law was outrageously racist.”

From the comments: “We’re seeing a crumbling of the left’s dogma and an end to the average person’s fear of an inquisition. This as a result of how ridiculous the left has become.” [link]
Ridiculous indeed.

Boycott Los Angeles

City leaders there seem to want to take us down this road.  Fine:
L.A. Becomes Largest City To Boycott Arizona

Los Angeles (CBS) ― Los Angeles on Wednesday became the largest city yet to boycott Arizona over its tough new law targeting illegal immigration in a move that likely will affect some $8 million in contracts with the state.

The City Council voted 13-1 to bar Los Angeles from conducting business with Arizona unless the law is repealed. The vote followed an emotional council discussion during which many members noted that their ancestors were U.S. immigrants.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa already has said he would approve the boycott. [link]
It would be appropriate to put this act of misguided indignation into perspective.  The same city leaders who find it important to stir up a fight over something that is none of their business are the same people who are doing nothing to keep their city from going into bankruptcy.

Priorities?  This bit of foolishness speaks volumes about the jokers who run what was once a robust city but is now the forlorn laughingstock of the nation.

- - -

Expect the Democrats in Washington to propose a national boycott of Arizona soon too.  As soon as they've accomplished more pressing issues of the day.  See "Congress Seeks to Expand Access to Women's Restrooms in Federal Buildings."  It beats having to deal with the quadrupling of the federal deficit in one year. Not to mention an ongoing war on two fronts. 

Boycott!  Boxers over briefs!  Tomato, not tomahto!

The founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.

Hope & Change?

How about More of Same:
Elena Kagan and the Yale-Harvard Nexus
By Michael Filozof, American Thinker

On Monday, President Obama nominated Elena Kagan to succeed John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court. Kagan's resume is incredibly thin. She was named dean of an Ivy League law school after only four years on its faculty. Kagan has never been a judge, and she had never argued a case in court prior to being named Solicitor General in 2009. But Kagan has one qualification that trumps nearly everything else: she's an alumna of Harvard, and formerly a faculty member there.

If it sometimes seems that the nation is governed by an elite liberal clique of college fraternity and sorority pals who are out of touch with average Americans, that's because it's largely true. Every president, and almost every presidential candidate for the last two decades has been a graduate of Harvard or Yale, and if Kagan gets confirmed by the Senate every member of the Supreme Court will have been a Yale or Harvard attendee, too. [link] [emphasis mine]
With the mess that this country is in, and taking note of the above, shouldn't a Harvard or Yale background provide for disqualification to high office by now?

Obviously not.  We plunge deeper into the Big Muddy.

May God have mercy.

The Sentiment of Many

This photo was taken at the Richmond Raceway Complex not long ago.  You'll want to click on the image to enlarge it:

If Muslims in this country hope to resurrect their image here in the USA, they might start by explaining - and apologizing for - the event that reshaped our way of life.

So far, though, we've gotten from them ... only ... silence.

- - -

Michelle Malcolm calls Islam the "religion of perpetual outrage."  Deservedly.

- - -

To those of you who think it harsh to criticize the religious beliefs of others, perhaps it would do you well to consider an incident that occurred in Sweden on Tuesday.  An artist, while lecturing on a college campus there, was attacked by Muslims for having previously produced a caricature of the prophet Mohammad in the form of a dog.

Of course you'd have plenty of cowardly friends.  The university, in response to the assault, banned the artist from ever giving lectures on campus again.

That'll show 'em.

Religion of peace?  Get your head out of your ass.