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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Par For The Course

One day the Democrats give a standing ovation to a Mexican who goes out of his way to trash the USA.

The next they nominate for the United States Senate a man who shows nothing but revulsion and disrespect to all those Americans who served in Vietnam.

What's with these people?


Fraud At UVa?

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cucinelli wants to find out.

But a powerful host of academics don't:
Marked Mann
Investor's Business Daily

A state attorney general is challenging the creator of the global warming hockey stick graph, and the researcher's allies are yelping about intimidation. But who are the real academic bullies?

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II has requested that the University of Virginia release to his office documents Michael Mann generated in his successful effort to obtain five research grants from the school. Mann, now at Penn State, reportedly received nearly $500,000 in taxpayer-funded grants from the university for research from 1999 to 2005.

While the environmentalist left worships the Mann chart, its integrity has been called into question twice in the past six years.

In 2004, Canadian researchers Ross McKitrick and Stephen McIntyre found that the chart was based on flawed and biased data-crunching that distorted the temperature record. At that time, physics professor Richard Muller wrote in the MIT Technology Review that the pair "uncovered a fundamental mathematical flaw in the computer program that was used to produce the hockey stick."

Mann's work was further questioned last year when an exchange of e-mails made public indicated that Mann had used a "trick" to conceal late 20th century temperature data that would have undermined the man-made global warming claim.

Cuccinelli is fully within his authority, both moral and legal, to demand that the university turn over the Mann documents. If Mann used public money to commit academic fraud in order to promote a political agenda, he needs to be held accountable.

This is no witch hunt, but the truth isn't getting in the way of hyperbole. Mann says Cuccinelli is trying to smear him. Rachel Levinson, senior counsel with the American Association of University Professors, told the Washington Post that Cuccinelli's request had "echoes of McCarthyism."

"It would be incredibly chilling to anyone else practicing in either the same area or in any politically sensitive area," she said.

In fact, a chill is what scientists who dissent from the global warming orthodoxy have been feeling for a long time. They are intimidated, ridiculed and held in contempt by their scholarly peers. Their grants vanish. Free thought is punished rather than rewarded.

Anyone who thinks Mann is being unfairly treated is ignoring the real bullies. [link]
If a professor on the government payroll can so easily bilk the taxpayers - his employers - then by God, maybe we need a chilling to occur within academe.  They take our money, they play by our rules.

First rule?  The law.  Live with it. Or get out.

They Keep On Making Fools Of Themselves

This is just pathetic:

The nuthouses were once full of these guys. Now they write for prestigious journals.

Quote of the Day

From Mark Steyn:
"My name is Daniel Pearl. I am a Jewish American from Encino, California, USA ..."

He didn't have a prompter. But he spoke the truth. That's all President Obama owed him – to do the same.
"Obama's lazy tribute to Daniel Pearl," Orange County Register, May 21, 2010