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Friday, May 28, 2010

Cuccinelli Wants To Know: What Is UVa Hiding?

When last we visited the growing scandal up at the University of Virginia that had to do with a former professor there and the potentiality that a fraud on his employers - the taxpayers who pay every freaking inflated paycheck that goes to that misbegotten institution - had been perpetrated, a spokesperson told us that the emails that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli sought no longer existed.

So why is the Commonwealth's "premier" institution of higher learning now fighting to keep secret that which doesn't exist?
U-Va. goes to court to fight Cuccinelli's subpoena of ex-professor's documents
By Rosalind S. Helderman, Washington Post Staff Writer

Richmond -- Virginia's flagship university went to court Thursday to fight an effort by Virginia Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli II (R) to get documents from a former climate scientist at the school, an unusual confrontation that will test the bounds of academic freedom and result in the college facing down its own lawyer in court.

In a motion filed in Charlottesville, the University of Virginia argued that Cuccinelli's subpoena for papers and e-mail from global warming researcher Michael Mann exceeds the attorney general's authority under state law and intrudes on the rights of professors to pursue academic inquiry free from political pressure.

Cuccinelli ... has said he is investigating whether Mann committed fraud by knowingly skewing data as he sought publicly funded grants for his research. Mann left U-Va. in 2005 and now works at Penn State.

University President John T. Casteen III said in a statement that Cuccinelli's order had "sent a chill through the Commonwealth's colleges and universities." [link]
What apparently doesn't chill this guy is the fact that a former University of Virginia professor has embarrassed himself and the entire scientific community by (allegedly) falsifying data and massaging the "science" of global warming to justify his political ends.  Not to mention the possibility that a crime occurred.

One gets the impression, what with the stonewalling and faux cries of "chilling effect," that there must be a lot of this sort of thing going on there.  Ahem.

With each passing day, UVa and its administrators shame themselves and us.

Come clean.

If there's nothing there to be prosecuted, we move on.

Watergate this and the university's once-good name will continue to be dragged through the mud.

Another Hero Gone To Glory

A warrior died yesterday.  But, thank God, he lived when we needed him most:
Oldest Medal of Honor recipient from WWII dies
By Julie Watson, The Associated Press

San Diego -- Retired Navy Lt. John Finn - the first American to receive the nation's highest military award for defending sailors under a torrent of gunfire during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor - died Thursday. He was 100.

Finn was the oldest of 97 Medal of Honor recipients from World War II still living.

Despite head wounds and other injuries, Finn, the chief of ordnance for an air squadron, continuously fired a .50-caliber machine gun from an exposed position as bullets and bombs pounded the Naval Air Station at Kaneohe Bay in Oahu. He then supervised the rearming of returning American planes.

"Here they're paying you for doing your duty, and that's what I did," Finn told The Associated Press before his 100th birthday. "I never intended to be a hero. But on Dec. 7, by God, we're in a war." [link]
An American hero.  Thanks for being there for us, Lt. Finn.

This Would Be Pathetic ...

... if it weren't so tragic:

In the absence of an actual strategy to keep the oil spill from ruining a thousand miles of coastline, meaningless anecdotes dished out to a lapdog press will have to do.

What, Joe Biden wasn't available to bring us fatuous drivel?

As far as that "human" thing goes, as far as I'm concerned if Obama turned out to be a succubus and STOPPED THE LEAK FROM DESTROYING THE GULF I'd be okay with it.

What I don't need to hear from this overpaid and overrated community organizer is a story about his kids while 13 million gallons of oil are heading our way.

This Actually Happened To Me

Years ago Paula and I had a beautiful and adorable Irish Setter named Amber.  Came the day that Amber ran out into the road that passed in front of our farm and she was hit by a car and killed.  The driver never stopped.  But that evening the phone rang.

It took some nerve.

In our case it wasn't an insurance company that wanted me to pay for the damage done when the plastic bumper on the teenager's car smashed and killed Amber, and was cracked in the process, it was the teenager himself who called and asked for money.

I declined.

I buried Amber on our farm.

* Yes, we should have kept the dog out of the road. That's why I never blamed the kid for killing her. But to ask for damages was, as far as I'm concerned , a bit over the top.

GOP Nirvana

If you're a Republican tactician (they do have tacticians, right?), could there be a better narrative handed to you than that involving the Joe Sestak vs. Barack Obama scandal?  (See "Karl Rove: Joe Sestak's lying or he's protecting a felon in Barack Obama's White House").

If Sestak, the Democratic candidate for the Senate out of Pennsylvania, is lying, then he loses to his Republican opponent, Pat Toomey.

Even if Sestak is telling the truth, a truth that can never be validated, and this story refuses to go away, he loses because of the sleaziness of the subject matter.

And if the Obama administration decides to throw Sestak under the bus - which it is in the process of doing - he loses.

And if Sestak's allegations prove to be true and receive some sort of corroboration, he might win but Obama loses BIG TIME.

A Republican dream come true.

Where is this story taking us? Who knows? But get that popcorn out and settle back. This is going to be an entertaining ride.

Bill Bolling Is On Our Side

A press release from the lieutenant governor's office:
Bolling says decision will deprive Virginia of economic resources and jobs

Richmond – Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling issued the following statement today, following the President’s announcement that the White House is cancelling Lease Sale 220 off the coast of Virginia. The lease sale was scheduled for 2012.

“I am extremely disappointed that President Obama has chosen to cancel the Virginia lease sale for offshore energy exploration that was scheduled for 2012. While I certainly agree that we need to learn from the accident that recently occurred in the Gulf of Mexico and take additional steps to minimize the chance of an incident of this nature occurring again, I remain convinced that offshore energy development can occur safely and I do not believe that we should abandon or postpone responsible efforts to develop our offshore energy resources.

“Proceeding with this lease sale would enable our country to achieve a greater degree of energy security, while enabling Virginia to achieve a greater degree of economic security. The President’s decision will deprive Virginia of the economic resources and jobs that could be created as a result of offshore energy development, resources that are needed to help address critical needs like transportation; and it will keep our country dependent on foreign nations for large amounts of our energy resources. I do not believe that this is the right policy for our country, and I will continue to work to advance the exploration and development of Virginia’s offshore energy resources at the earliest possible opportunity.”
Obama's decision was nothing more than a shortsighted political move, born in the fetid sewers of Washington, intended to please only those leftists blinded by their detached and irrational view of the world.

We need oil to survive.

If we don't pump it, thirty other countries around the world will. And they'll charge us accordingly.

It was a stupid and/or cynical move.

Thanks go out to Bill Bolling for calling Obama on it.

No, He Was Supposed To Be Black

Peggy Noonan, God love her, gets this wrong about our president:

Since when?

I don't remember anyone ever touting that attribute when he was vying for the White House. All I remember was, "He'll be our first black president."

Maybe someone should have asked ...

Maybe We Don't Want To Know

I had read of NBC Today show host Matt Lauer's alleged affair a while back.  Other than hoping for a brief moment that his wife took a five-iron to his ass, I really didn't care all that much.  I rarely watch NBC and he has always come across as being so colorless that if I had to choose between the crocodiles and living on the deserted island with him, well ...

But this kicks it up a notch:

Let the games begin.