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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Justice Prevails In Harrisonburg

I've taken two freaking law classes - both relating to business law - in my life and still I knew what the authorities tried to pull up in Harrisonburg in April was about as unlawful as a government action can get.

See "This Is Not Nazi Germany."

So if I knew it, why didn't anyone working for the commonwealth attorney's office - presumably someone with an actual law degree  - get it?

It would have saved the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Virginia a lot of dough:
State to pay $10,000 for seizing JMU photos
By Bob Stuart, The News Virginian

Harrisonburg -- Harrisonburg's top prosecutor and James Madison University's student newspaper have reached a settlement under which the state will pay $10,000 in legal fees that the paper accumulated while arguing against the seizure of staff photographs documenting a riot.

However, the student paper also agreed to turn over to the prosecutor 20 photos that it did not publish.

Commonwealth's Attorney Marsha Garst also said yesterday that she will use subpoenas to obtain information from news organizations in the future, unless there is "an imminent need to prevent the loss of life or threat of bodily injury."

The Washington-based attorney for The Breeze said the most important piece of the settlement between the student newspaper and Garst was her admission that a seizure of photos wasn't the right way to go.

"I admire the commonwealth's attorney for her willingness to stand up and say so," said attorney Seth Berlin.

In a statement, Garst wrote of the "fear and concern" she caused the staff of The Breeze when executing an April 16 search warrant on the paper to obtain staff photos of the violence that occurred at Springfest six days earlier.

The off-campus block party led to the arrest of dozens and injuries to eight Harrisonburg police officers, authorities said.

Garst and several plainclothes officers went to The Breeze office April 16 and requested photos from Springfest that the newspaper declined to provide on the basis of reporter's privilege and the federal Privacy Protection Act.

Garst demanded the photos be turned over and said she would ask law enforcement to take steps to retrieve them by confiscating all office electronics.

After initial resistance, Breeze Editor Katie Thisdell turned over about 900 photos, including more than 600 shot at Springfest. [link]
I love that line about "her admission that a seizure of photos wasn't the right way to go."  It was an unlawful seizure is what she's reluctant to say.

Shockingly, this gal admits that she'll do it again (with the issuance of subpoenas).  Let's assume there is intelligent life left in western Virginia.  If so, could someone there please rein in this woman before she sets up camps and starts tattooing us all?

I'm Getting Really Confused

Does Obama even have a plan?

Graphic courtesy of Hot Air.

Today's Laugher

We're expected to believe that former President Bill Clinton agreed to go to Congressman Joe Sestak and offer him a meaningless unpaid gig on an obscure advisory panel in exchange for Sestak agreeing to give up on his quest to secure a very meaningful - and very powerful - and high-paid - gig as United States senator.

I'll give you a moment to collect yourself ...
White House can't get its Sestak story straight
Washington Examiner Editorial

Did you hear the one about how President Obama got Slick Willie Clinton to offer second-term Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak an unpaid appointment to an obscure White House advisory panel in return for dropping his primary challenge to incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter? Obama and his Chicago boys are still guffawing over how all the chumps in the media reported that one with a straight face. Hey, it's a just another reason why running a gangster government is nothing but laughs for the Obama crew in the White House. [link]

In this case, we are of a mind with Obama and his gang.  It is uproariously funny.

Quote of the Day

From Glenn Reynolds:

"SO HOW’S THAT CHICAGO GUN CONTROL LAW WORKING? At least 25 shot, 1 killed in Chicago weekend violence."

Based on the history of such government efforts to control the lawless among us, it's working as expected, Glenn.

All These Years Later

The war - the BIG WAR - still provides aftermath, even after six decades:
World War Two bomb explodes in Germany, three dead

Berlin, June 1 (Reuters) - A World War Two bomb found in central Germany exploded on Tuesday, killing three people, as disposal experts were about to defuse it, local authorities said.

Six people were injured, two seriously, when the bomb dropped by Allied aircraft on the university town of Goettingen went off unexpectedly, the town's fire department said.

Authorities had evacuated thousands of residents beforehand so experts could defuse the 500 kg bomb, a fire department spokesman said. Bombs left over from World War Two are regularly defused in Germany and rarely explode unexpectedly. [link]
And thousands more are still buried in the earth all over Europe (a similar story from northern France came up a few months ago). 

Tipper Gore Has Had Enough

I'm expected to write something snarky about the breakup of Al Gore's marriage this morning. 

But I've nothing against Tipper.  And she'll be the one anguishing over her decision to bust up the marriage.

So I wish her the best as she works through this.

She deserves the best.

Climate Models Turn Out Latest Prediction

Objective Journalism At Its Best

Objective Journalism At Its Best II

"Today, to find the sort of 'accountability journalism' the AP was practicing when Bush was president, you have to go to conservative websites."