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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Why Cuccinelli Is Investigating That UVa Professor

It was never about academics.  Or even about science.  It was about plotting and planning the perpetuation of a fraud upon the people of the world.

From David Archibald's "Why scientists get it wrong":
Michael Mann, infamous for having concocted the hockey stick, replied:

"Yeah, basically this is just a heads-up to people that something might be up here. What a shame that would be. It’s one thing to lose Climate Research. We can’t afford to lose Geophysical Research Letters."

What Dr Mann was afraid of was losing control of the climate papers published in Geophysical Research Letters.

If you think that it is a bit harsh to state that the alarmist scientists were aware that they were committing fraud, consider the next email from Phil Jones on 5th July, 2005:

"This quote is from an Australian at the Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre, Melbourne (not Neville Nicholls). It began from the attached article. What an idiot. The scientific community would come down on me in no uncertain terms if I said the world had cooled from 1998. OK, it has, but it is only 7 years of data and it isn’t statistically significant."

This email shows that one of the major IPCC authors held views in private that he dare not state publicly.
These guys knew that they were in trouble and that their research would not hold up to scrutiny.  So they fought against scrutiny and attempted as best they could to hide their research.

This is what Virginia's academic community is defending.  Fraud and deceit.

All I can say is: When you lie down with dogs ...

Wythe County Native Makes The Big Time

David Huddle, originally from Ivanhoe, considers himself to be a poet.  The New Yorker apparently agrees.

"Roanoke Pastorale."


Hat tip to Neil Harvey.

Be The Best That You Can Be

We all contribute in our own way. Whether it's by providing the best and most entertaining weblog on the planet, or by pounding out the hottest drum performance evah.

This guy is rockin'.

Not to mention the material provided by the incomparable ZZ Top.

Keep hammerin,' man.

How's That Stimulus Working Out, Barry?

Even Wall Street, the only segment of the economy that seemed to benefit from Obama's largesse, is sliding back into recession.

How's that song go?  If it weren't for government jobs, we'd have no jobs at all:
Job growth disappoints
By Eamon Javers and Ben White, Politico

The nation's economy added 431,000 jobs in the month of May, and the unemployment rate dipped to 9.7 percent, the government reported Friday.

The job growth is lower than many expected and will not provide a boost to the Obama administration, which has been struggling to demonstrate that its economic policies are helping to ease the nation's epic unemployment problem.

The government said that 411,000 of the jobs created in May were temporary positions with the once-a-decade U.S. census and not the kind of employment that can drive a sustained economic recovery. That meant that the overall private sector employment growth for the month was anemic — up by just 41,000. [link]
Just out of curiosity, what does the Census Bureau need with half a million employees?  Besides artificially inflating Obama's jobs numbers, I mean.  Can there be that much need for bodies out there counting heads?

In any case, this is another in a very long string of disappointing economic numbers coming out of Washington.  Might this country be on the wrong track?


Why We Love Michelle Malkin

And why we turn to the weblog world for no-holds-barred commentary on the news:

(Darling of the mainstream press, "reporter" Thomas made her usual, vile Jew-hating remarks, in case you're wondering).


(And they say the Tea Parties are full of hate.  I've yet to see anything that rivals this.)

Drudge headlines the contemptible bigotry:

I'm surprised she didn't tell the world's Jews to go back to Auschwitz.