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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Roanoke Times: Here's Our Lawyer Response

This made me chuckle.

The Roanoke Times editorial staff wants you to believe that there is no real big deal in the University of Virginia's refusal, on the one hand, to give Virginia's attorney general the documents he is seeking that have to do with possible fraud having been committed by one of its professors and a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request made by Greenpeace that related to a former professor's paper trail - a request promptly honored by UVa.

A lawyerly treatise that only a lawyer could love.

Ignored, of course, is the untidy subject of CRIME.  FRAUD.  BILKING OF THE TAXPAYERS.

My favorite line:

"Cuccinelli is seeking to use the broad powers of the state not just to review records but to conduct 'interrogatories,' both to pursue a fraud investigation into the validity of peer-reviewed scientific research that he doubts."

Got that?

Trust me.  Those bozos didn't write that.

Speaking of fraud ...

A Post-Racial America Not Far Away?

Just think.  If there were no white people and there were no black people, there'd be no complaining about racism in this country.

What have I been smoking?

Anyway, we are on our way to a truly post-racial world.  And the sooner we get there the better:
Interracial marriages at an all-time high, study says
By Stephanie Chen, CNN

Asian. White. Black. Hispanic. Do race and ethnicity matter when it comes to marriage?

Apparently, race is mattering less these days, say researchers at the Pew Research Center, who report that nearly one out of seven new marriages in the U.S. is interracial or interethnic. The report released Friday, which interviewed couples married for less than a year, found racial lines are blurring as more people choose to marry outside their race.

"From what we can tell, this is the highest [percentage of interracial marriage] it has ever been," said Jeffrey Passel, a senior demographer for the Pew Research Center.

He said interracial marriages have soared since the 1980s. About 6.8 percent of newly married couples reported marrying outside their race or ethnicity in 1980. That figure jumped to about 14.6 percent in the Pew report released this week, which surveyed newlyweds in 2008. [link]
Our half-white/half-black president could have gone a long way toward making ours a post-racial America.  Instead he decided he was black, prolonging the angst.  Too bad.  It was a momentous opportunity missed.

Even if it did get him elected ... 

There's No Place For Hate In America

That's why we need to send a clear message to those who openly profess their hatred toward their fellow Americans:
Ari Fleischer: Fire Helen Thomas
By Sam Stein, Huffington Post

Longtime White House scribe Helen Thomas caused more than a few eyebrows to perk up when video surfaced on Friday of her declaring that Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" and go back to Germany and Poland.

Captured by Rabbi David Nesenoff of RabbiLive.com, the footage made the rounds on mostly conservative and neoconservative sites, with some private complaints that her comments weren't getting wider play.

But even as she was trying to walk back the remarks, calls for her firing mounted. Among the more vocal was former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, who claimed to have a close relationship with Thomas when he was manning the daily briefings.

"She should lose her job over this," Fleischer said in an email. "As someone who is Jewish, and as someone who worked with her and used to like her, I find this appalling."

"She is advocating religious cleansing. How can Hearst stand by her? If a journalist, or a columnist, said the same thing about blacks or Hispanics, they would already have lost their jobs." [link]
Fleischer is right.  What if she'd said "Negroes need to go back to Africa"?  Would that be all right? 

If not, why is spewing anti-Semitic venom toward Jews tolerated?

Fire the skank.  Be done with her.

On Helen Thomas's Hate Comment

Glenn Reynolds has a commenter with a great point:
When my father was growing up in Poland in the ‘30s, the local anti-Semites often demanded that the Jews get the hell out of Poland and go to Palestine (after all the Jews had only lived in Poland for 1,000 years and were not really “Polish”). Now Helen Thomas wants the Jews to get the hell out of Palestine and go to Poland. Makes you think that perhaps these folks don’t want the Jews to be anywhere. We have a name for such people – Nazis.
Nazis. Or liberal mainstream media members, that is.