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Friday, June 11, 2010

Know Your Enemies

Those of you living in the coal counties of Southwest Virginia will want to remember this when your elected representatives in Washington come before you with hat in hand wanting your vote.

There is now no questioning the fact that "climate change" legislation will - in truth is is intended to - do you grievous harm.  Your livelihood is at stake.  Your families are in jeopardy.  Hearth and home are in peril.  If the EPA gets its way and devastates the coal industry, you are out of work and on the street.

In recent days a large group of United States senators had mounted an effort to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon dioxide (the stuff you exhale).  Their work looked promising until the authors of the legislation ran up against radical Democrats in the Senate and radical bureaucrats in the Obama administration.

The result?  A vote on S.J.RES.26 ("A joint resolution disapproving a rule submitted by the Environmental Protection Agency relating to the endangerment finding and the cause or contribute findings for greenhouse gases under section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act") yesterday took place and those supporting the coal industry went down to defeat 47 to 53.

Voting against the best interests of the good people of Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Tazewell, and Wise Counties - James Webb.

Voting against the best interests of the good people of Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Tazewell, and Wise Counties - Mark Warner

The coal industry in this state is under assault.  Now leading the forces threatening doom are our very own two senators.

Remember both of these snakes come Judgment Day.

They Don't Care

Consider: The same people who look after our fallen warriors who go to Arlington National Cemetery for a well-earned resting place amongst America's heroes will soon be watching over you at the local hospital when ObamaCare fully kicks in.

Or not watching over you, as the case may be:
Chaos at Arlington Cemetery: Mismarked graves, dumping of urns
By Michael E. Ruane, Washington Post Staff Writer

Army investigators at Arlington National Cemetery have found more than 100 unmarked graves, scores of grave sites with headstones that are not recorded on cemetery maps, and at least four burial urns that had been unearthed and dumped in an area where excess grave dirt is kept.

The investigators found that these and other blunders were the result of a "dysfunctional" and chaotic management system at the cemetery, which was poisoned by bitterness among top supervisors and hobbled by antiquated record-keeping.

And the Army said it's not sure if all such mistakes have been found. [link]
Absolutely disgraceful.  I am ashamed for my country.

I am ashamed of my country.

And those responsible for Arlington don't give a damn.

This is the country my generation is creating.

Challenge. Response.

From a letter to the editor of the Roanoke Times regarding the meaning of the 2nd Amendment:

"So, don't wave your copy of the Constitution and suggest that we liberal idiots just need to read it. The people deserve better public debate than that."

Law degrees can sometimes confuse.  Let me make it simple for you:

Anywhere in the Bill of Rights you read "the right of the people," consider it to mean "the right of the people."

- - -


"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be ..."

"... the right of the people peaceably to assemble ..."

Ever Get The Feeling ...

... that the president of the United States is following rather than leading?

Directionless. Pointless. Clueless.

Democrats Are All Idiots

You can't make this stuff up!
Boxer: Carbon dioxide will be “leading cause of conflict” in next 20 years
By Ed Morrissey

Let’s see how Senator Ma’am’s priorities work in this revealing clip from her speech earlier today in the Senate. We’ve had four terrorist attacks in less than a year, two of which succeeded in killing people and another two which only failed because of the incompetence of the terrorist. Iran is a year or less away from getting a nuclear weapon. Turkey is rapidly sliding towards Islamism. North Korea is doing their best to restart the Korean War.

And what keeps Barbara Boxer awake at night? A raging case of the vapors:

"I’m going to put in the record, Madam President, a host of quotes from our national security experts who tell us that carbon pollution leading to climate change will be over the next 20 years the leading cause of conflict, putting our troops in harm’s way. And that’s why we have so many returning veterans who want us to move forward and address this issue, so we can create those new technologies that get us off this foreign oil."

This hyperbole comes from a desperate attempt to get her colleagues to push her cap-and-tax bill forward in the Senate, and the ridiculous claim that CO2 will somehow outweigh a nuclear Iranian mullahcracy and a global Islamist network for national-security concerns shows just how desperate Boxer has become. [link]
A United States senator, for God's sake.  An abject fool of a senator at that.

Words Have Meaning

I had to read this headline in the London Daily Mail twice:

My question: Why would the border guard put a bullet into a dead body?

But why get picky.  Structuring meaningful sentences is only this person's freaking career.

In a more literate world, that headline would read:

Mexico's fury as U.S. border guard shoots, kills 14-year-old boy ... for throwing stones at him

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