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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It Comes Down To This

What do those who consider themselves to be environmentalists propose as an alternative to fossil fuels?

"Who knows."

Always "who knows."

From a letter to the editor of the Roanoke Times:
I am certainly no expert nor very knowledgeable when it comes to drilling oil or even oil itself. What I know is this: Oil and water don't mix. Oil and life don't mix. Maybe we should have never started using oil. But, you say, we would still be in the days of the horse and buggy. No, it ain't necessarily so.

Americans are terribly innovative. Just ask any foreign country. Our middle name is ingenuity. Who knows what would be powering our machines if oil did not exist? 
Who knows?

The cold, hard truth is this: In the year of our Lord 2010 oil and human life mix in every imaginable way.  From the computer the author used to write this letter to the clothing she's wearing right now (guaranteed), petroleum byproducts are an integral part of her existence.

And just as cold a fact is this: Ingenuity is not our middle name, oil is.

Like it or not, wish it weren't so or no, there's no escaping the reality of it.

I'm Conflicted

I've steered clear of the Bedford D-Day Memorial controversy, only because I don't yet have an opinion on the issue. Or, more accurately, I have two conflicting opinions.

On the one hand, nobody (except perhaps for Hitler and Mao) has been more responsible for the deaths of innocent human beings - ever - millions of them - than Joseph Stalin.  For that reason alone, he should not be honored with a statue (or bust) at America's premier memorial dedicated to those who fought and died in Normandy, June, 1944.

On the other hand, no one man was more responsible for the defeat of the Nazis in World War II than that same Joseph Stalin. See Stalingrad, Leningrad, and Kursk.

I guess it comes down to this: What role did Joseph Stalin play in the D-Day saga (remember, this is a D-Day memorial)?  Well, the horrific sacrifices he forced upon the Soviet people in the years 1939 to 1944 certainly made the invasion from the west (D-Day) possible.

If the Russians hadn't brought about as much carnage on Hitler's eastern front (killing an estimated 4 million Germans in combat), Hitler would have had a powerful "Festung Europa" arrayed against the western allies when the Americans, British, and Canadians came ashore on June 6, 1944, and the slaughter there would have been much worse than it was.

So we owe Stalin that much.

But nothing more.

Does he deserve recognition at the D-Day Memorial?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

Thanks For The Memories

Who can forget "Big John"?

The man who made it famous is dead at 81.

I knew all the words.  Thanks, big guy.

Obama Returns To Gulf, Sucks ...

... a snow cone:

Read the full account of his effort to stop the worst ecological disaster in modern history party on the beach here.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images and CNN.

Feeding The Government Maw

Millions of Americans are out of work?  Plants are closing?  The economy teeters on the brink?


Keeping government functioning is all that matters:

It's like an addiction ...

Makes Sense To Me

See "South Carolina voter: I voted for Alvin Greene because … his name reminded me of Al Green."

Make fun of him if you wish.

But it makes as much sense as all those millions of Americans who voted for Obama because his daddy was Kenyan.

Besides, I like Al Green.

Alvin Greene for president!

A Nation Of Ignoramuses

One of the reasons I support a major increase in the quotas set on legal immigration is because we need the world's best and brightest to keep our country from going off the rails.  Because those graduating our "institutions of higher learning" - increasingly - graduate stupid.  Because of the dumbing down of America's colleges and universities.

That dumbing down continues.

See "Keeping Up with the University of Stupid."

I talked on Sunday to a soon-to-be college senior.  He mentioned with a smile that he'd made the Dean's List the semester prior.  "Hey, congratulations," I said.  He was smiling, though, because, as he replied to my felicitations, "I never opened a book."  It was all a big farce to him.

And so it goes.

I'm hoping Indians and Pakistanis take over the U.S.  Someone's going to need to be able to fix the cash registers at McDonald's where all of America's college graduates will be working.