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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And Speaking Of Economic Illiteracy ...

Earth to Roanoke Times:  The various states get their tax revenue from the same sources as does the federal government (except for that pittance that comes from tariffs).


So what's this?

States need more aid?  They know where they can get it. They don't need the middleman.

If they dare.

Don't Screw It Up

It is, after all, legend:
Cameras roll on 'Atlas'
By Dave McNary, Variety

The long-brewing feature version of author Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" has begun shooting in Los Angeles as a $5 million indie produced by John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow.

Cameras began rolling over the weekend on a five-week shoot for "Atlas Shrugged Part One" with Paul Johansson directing from Brian Patrick O'Toole's script.

"Atlas," published in 1957, takes place in a dystopian version of the U.S. in which society has collapsed as the government gains increasing controlover industry. The decline occurs while the most productive citizens, led by John Galt, begin vanishing. [link]
I hope it's done well.  Could be exciting.

For what it's worth, I recently downloaded another book in the "Atlas Shrugged" genre - "Animal Farm" - to my MP3 player and listened to it while on the road.  So classic.  So contemporary.

Speaking as one who some days wants to chuck it all and become a "moocher," as the other half of America is today, I hope the flick turns things around.  Or at least starts a conversation.  The path we're on is certainly unsustainable.

Oil Spill Like The Attack on The World Trade Center?

In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was [sic] shaped profoundly by 9/11, indelibly by 9/11, I think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come.
-- Barack Obama --

John Podhoretz:
"This is, not to put too fine a point on it, one of the most bizarre things ever said by any president.
"The first thing that needs to be said is this: The only thing the oil spill and 9/11 have in common is nothing."
I can see why Obama would want to form a comparison between the oil spill and America's response to 9/11.  As Glenn Reynolds put it, it beats comparing the Gulf disaster to the hurricane that brought down George W. Bush.

But wanting it don't make it so.  

Can't Blame Bush For This One, Big Guy

Obama had better hope this doesn't catch on:
Obama can trash BP till the cows come home.  He and it are tied at the hip on this one, whether he likes it or not.  And all his sycophants in the media can't make it otherwise.

Graphic courtesy of Matt Drudge.

Their Answer To Everything

How do Democrats propose to change the planet's climate?

By raising your taxes.

Their answer to every problem ever confronted.  Raise taxes.

For the love of God.

NRA Takes The Low Road

I've never known my NRA to give an inch in its dealings with Congress.  Until now.  It has apparently negotiated a deal with those who would put strict 1st Amendment restrictions - with onerous and clearly unconstitutional disclosure requirements and prohibitions on certain kinds of advertising and campaign activity - on America's corporations and "outside" organizations.

See "NRA campaign-finance exemption sparks criticism."

Here, in a press release entitled "STATEMENT FROM THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION ON H.R. 5175, THE DISCLOSE ACT," is NRA's explanation for its decision:

In the past, through the courts and in Congress, the NRA has opposed any effort to restrict the rights of its four million members to speak and have their voices heard on behalf of gun owners nationwide.

The NRA’s opposition to restrictions on political speech includes its May 26, 2010 letter to Members of Congress expressing strong concerns about H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE Act. As it stood at the time of that letter, the measure would have undermined or obliterated virtually all of the NRA’s right to free political speech and, therefore, jeopardized the Second Amendment rights of every law-abiding American.

The most potent defense of the Second Amendment requires the most adamant exercise of the First Amendment. The NRA stands absolutely obligated to its members to ensure maximum access to the First Amendment, in order to protect and preserve the freedom of the Second Amendment.

The NRA must preserve its ability to speak. It cannot risk a strategy that would deny its rights, for the Second Amendment cannot be defended without them.

Thus, the NRA’s first obligation must be to its members and to its most ardent defense of firearms freedom for America’s lawful gun owners.

On June 14, 2010, Democratic leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives pledged that H.R. 5175 would be amended to exempt groups like the NRA ... [link] [emphasis mine]
I beg to differ.  The NRA's first obligation is to defend the 2nd Amendment.  And that can't be done if every firearms manufacturer, and every political action committee that fights for liberty, and every citizen group formed to protect the 2nd Amendment is driven into bankruptcy or seclusion.  Every one, that is, except the National Rifle Association.

Americans join the NRA for many reasons.  One of which is "peaceably to assemble" and to - as a group - have our freedoms protected.  I'm one of those members.  My only interest in being part of NRA is to see to it that my gun rights are protected.  Not to have my membership protected.  And not to have my NRA retain a seat at the table.  If that table includes a buttload of Democrats and a sole NRA member, my rights as a U.S. citizen are toast.

This decision on the part of NRA - my NRA - is narrow-minded and ill-considered.  There is the bigger picture that needs to be taken into account.  The bigger picture that the NRA has always been superb in addressing.  Until it chose to cut a deal with the devil.

This is not the NRA that I know and love.

Just The Opposite

I've read where the oil spill disaster in the Gulf has proven that "small government" in this modern era would never be up to the task of taking on big problems, like natural disasters, and overcoming them.  My response?  "Big government" has shown that it can do better?

Katrina and BP, Two Sides of the Same Coin
By W. Robin Wansley, American Thinker

Mississippi's Governor Haley Barbour, in the wake of hurricane Katrina, often blunted attempts of the media to goad him into criticizing the rescue efforts of President George W. Bush by stating, "Louisiana has the same president as Mississippi has." That is to say Bush's supposed inaction in the New Orleans' "come rescue me" fiasco was in sharp contrast to the boot-strap spirit of the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Now the Gulf oil spill has shed more light on the consequences of reliance on the federal government to a national disaster. In Katrina, a group of people relied on government to take them out. In the Gulf, a group of people have been trying to get in -- to apply American ingenuity to clean up the oil spill or prevent it from reaching the shore. Both groups have been held up -- by government. [link]
Obama - with all his "big government" ideas - says he's in charge of the clean-up.  If so, he and his big government have done an awful job of it.

I Think We'd All Better Be Learning Mandarin

Do you find it a bit more difficult to fly the Red, White, and Blue on Flag Day when you know this is becoming a bigger and bigger problem with each passing day?
China's US govt debt holdings hit 2010 high: Treasury
MSN News

China's holdings of US debt climbed to the highest level this year, the US Treasury said Tuesday even as Beijing stepped up attacks on the United States for its burgeoning debt.

The cash-rich Chinese government raised its US Treasury bond holdings to 900.2 billion dollars in April, its highest level since November 2009, while posting the second consecutive monthly rise, according to a report on international capital flows.

China remained far ahead as the top foreign debt holder, followed by Japan, which held 795.5 billion dollars in April, and third-placed Britain at 239.3 billion dollars, according to the figures. [link]
I know it's a good thing that the USA is able to find someone to buy our debt.  But it wasn't that long ago that we were buying that of other nations in serious economic trouble.

How times have changed.