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Sunday, June 20, 2010

And So It Goes

I don't know why this particular manufacturing facility always stuck out in my mind.  I suppose it has to do with the fact that every competitor in its industry had abandoned the U.S. for more inviting geography overseas long ago, but this one kept plugging along in Evansville, by God, Indiana.

Alas, "kept" being past tense.
In Indiana, Centerpiece for a City Closes Shop
By Steven Greenhouse, New York Times

Evansville, Ind. — Having seen her father make a solid living at the Whirlpool refrigerator factory, Natalie Ford was enthusiastic about landing a job there and was happy years later when her 20-year-old son also went to work there.

But that family tradition will soon end because Whirlpool plans to close the plant on Friday and move the operation to Mexico, eliminating 1,100 jobs here. Many in this city in southern Indiana are seething and sad — sad about losing what was long the city’s economic centerpiece and a ticket to the middle class for one generation after another.

Whirlpool has operated the plant since 1956, and at the factory’s peak in 1973 it employed nearly 10,000 workers.

“This is all about corporate greed,” said ..." [link]
"Greed" is a harsh word but it applies if it's meant that Whirlpool executives would like to continue to provide shareholder (owner) equity, stock dividends, and employment to human beings (including thousands of other Americans).  In that sense, greed, as the saying goes, is good.

What's bad is the manufacturing base that we're watching crumble on a daily basis.

Food stamps and government stimulus plans will only get us so far.  We need employers.  We need to create conditions that allow employers to thrive in this country.

So Whirlpool is finally leaving Indiana for Mexico.  With conditions such as they are, one can only ask: What took so long?

As for that "greed" thing, is it inappropriate to mention the 1974 strike that ripped Whirlpool apart to the point that it never regained its health and vitality?  (Note the above: " ... at the factory’s peak in 1973 it employed nearly 10,000 workers.")  A strike that had everything to do with petty, bullshit - but costly - union demands that eventually made Whirlpool non-competitive?

There was plenty of greed to go around, fellas.

In truth, Whirlpool's demise in Evansville was a negotiated deal.

Photo courtesy of the Evansville Courier & Press.

Crisis? What Crisis?

It's so hard to feel a sense of urgency when those in authority are partying their brains out:


Graphic courtesy of the Drudge Report.

It's All Based Upon a Lie

Carbon emissions.  Cap-and-tax.  Sequestration.  CO2 buildup.  EPA.

It's all based on one thing.  Global warming.

Which isn't.

From "Heartland Conference Establishes Post-Climategate Consensus":
For years now, alarmists have arrogantly ignored the cooling we’ve experienced worldwide since 1999, continuing their demands that we sacrifice everything – jobs, money, comfort, progress and ultimately, freedom -- to halt fictitious “runaway global warming.”  Such unfounded hysteria seems all the more inane after hearing the unvarnished truth from the experts at ICCC-4, beginning with their predictions that the global cooling will likely continue for the next few decades.  

The globe has been cooling for 12 (perhaps 31) years while atmospheric CO2 levels have risen 6 (perhaps 15) percent.

And yet, left-leaning policy makers throughout the world would have us surrender all that mankind has achieved, “flinging us back to the Stone Age, but without even the right to light fires in our caves” as Monckton describes it.   That even a small percentage of the population is willing to do so despite the overwhelming evidence that we are being conned by a well-organized and well-funded eco-socialist movement is nothing short of staggering.

That Obama and the Democrats plan to exploit public outrage over the entirely unrelated BP disaster to muster votes for this larceny of our freedom is downright vulgar.  
Vulgar indeed.  And, in the case of certain "scientists," downright criminal.