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Saturday, June 26, 2010

And Here I Thought You Just Had To Be Ugly

Turns out, there are strict requirements that must be met if you're to be considered a feminist.

Sarah Palin doesn't qualify.

Though not spelled out, surely ugly is in there somewhere.

Can Kathleen Parker Be Far Behind?

It's almost laughable watching the Washington Post twist itself in knots trying to justify its hiring - and firing - of a liberal blogger that it had touted to the world as being a conservative.  Well, maybe a libertarian.  Uh, okay, a liberal with the occasional libertarian tendency,  Or something.

In truth, the Post didn't have the first clue as to whom it had hired.  Which poses the question: Who's at the helm of that Titanic?
David Weigel quits – and a debate begins
By Keach Hagey, Politico

Blogger David Weigel’s resignation from the Washington Post after emails he wrote disparaging conservatives were made public has touched off a raging Internet debate about journalistic objectivity and prompted Weigel’s fellow Post blogger, Ezra Klein, to shut down the listserve where Weigel expressed his opinions.

The Post, which stood by Weigel after his first emails from Journolist were published and Wiegel apologized on his blog “Right Now,” apparently changed its mind when a new batch surfaced Friday.

“Time to move on,” Managing Editor Raju Narisetti told POLITICO Thursday night. But Friday Kris Coratti, the Post’s spokesman, said: "Dave offered his resignation and we accepted it."

It was the second time an attempt by the Post to find a credible blogger to cover the right ended badly. In 2006, it hired Ben Domenech, founder of the RedState group blog, but allegations of plagiarism against Domenech quickly surfaced in the blogosphere, and he never started. [link]
As it turns out, based on the emails made public, this guy is about as conservative as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Just this side of Oliver Stone and Helen Thomas.  How did he get hired in the first place?

My guess is, someone at the Post thought it a good idea to go out and find some bloggers to fill some space and score a few "diversity" points.  Who filled that space really didn't matter.  Because bloggers don't matter to these elitist snobs who know everything and need not be challenged on their beliefs.  So the directive was sent down: Go out and get me some o' them weblog people.

This conservative turns out to be a flaming liberal?  Who cares?  He's just a blogger.  Get back to work.

So when do you suppose the Post will find out the truth about its other "conservative" staffer, Kathleen Parker?

And some wonder why the newspaper business is on the brink of extinction.

Why Kagan Is a Poor Choice For The Court

Like Harriet Miers before her, she is totally under-qualified.  But she'll be confirmed anyway.  James Taranto:
Republican senators are gearing up for next week's argument over the nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. (It would be silly to call it a "battle," since, with 59 Democrats in the Senate, the outcome is foreordained.) Kagan will be the first Supreme Court appointee without judicial experience since William Rehnquist in 1972; most of her experience is administrative and political, including in the Clinton White House.

Politics trumps the well-being of the United States of America.  Again.

It gets dispiriting, doesn't it?

The Headline Is The Story

Why America is in the trouble it's in:

Conrad Black and the Criminalization of Business

Someday - maybe many years from now - people are going to once again find affiliation between the words "corporation" and "jobs" Whether that realization arrives before we become a third-world nation is not yet clear.

Can They Do This?

Might liven things up, eh?

I gotta get me one of those.

When Democrats Are Put In Charge

Reminiscent of the congressman who worried on national television that the island of Guam, if too many people were to stand on top of it, would tip over and sink, so too this Democrat official from Milwaukee frets over the fate of local legislation intended to force her city to boycott Arizona over the illegal alien issue.

If only Arizona were a border state, she might consider it.

Idiocy on display for all the world to see.

Did I mention the fact that she's a Democrat?

So How Did Your Congressman Vote?

On the DISCLOSE Act, David A. Patten:

"The Disclose Act that House Democrats passed Thursday would 'shred' the U.S. Constitution and represents a 'blatant partisan maneuver to protect their incumbency,' according to U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President R. Bruce Josten."

And how did Representative Rick Boucher (D-VA-9) vote on this Constitution shredding?


I'm sure Boucher would tell you that it is an effort at transparency at election time.  Or something.  But ask yourself, if this is such a good idea, why did he vote to exempt two of his largest campaign contributor groups from its oversight - the NRA and the unions?

This is such an ugly business.