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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Takin' It Downtown

Morgan Griffith can win if he draws Rick Boucher out of the safe confines of Washington D.C.

Morgan Griffith can only win if he draws Rick Boucher out of his comfort zone.

Morgan Griffith will win if he forces Rick Boucher to answer for all that ails Southwest Virginia.

To that end, the following letter was forwarded to Congressman Boucher yesterday:
June 28, 2010

The Honorable Rick Boucher

2187 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Boucher,

I am writing you today to ask you to meet me in debate. More specifically, I ask that you agree to open public debates in every county and city across Virginia's 9th Congressional District between now and Election Day in November.

The people deserve to hear their candidates for Congress debate so that they can make an informed decision on who is the best fit to serve them in Washington.

I look forward to hearing your explanation as to why you voted against the people of Virginia and with Nancy Pelosi on Cap and Trade. This legislation will send manufacturing jobs overseas, eliminate coal jobs in southwest Virginia and increase electric bills.

Since the Congress is taking an extra week of vacation time this year you will have a full five weeks in late July and August to schedule these debates. Congress will also recess by early October so you will have that entire month to meet me in debate before the election as well. Certainly you can find the time for these important events.

I know that in the past you have preferred to run TV and radio ads rather than debate, but I hope in this critical election year you will meet with the voters.

I will be willing to debate you anywhere, anytime and anyplace. I am willing to take that risk to educate the voters about our respective political philosophies, ideas and plans for our country. Are you? I am confident that it is to my benefit that the voters know where we stand on the issues.

To make sure we have a level playing field, we can ask the local media to set the terms of the debates and moderate them.

I hope your response will be favorable and my campaign can work with your staff to start scheduling these important debates tomorrow.


H. Morgan Griffith

A series of debates is the only plan Griffith should settle for (Boucher will try to settle on one). Griffith must be the news for the next four months. He must take the offensive and not relinquish it. And he must not get sidetracked by the Roanoke Times trying to make much of the fact that he doesn't live in the 9th Congressional District yet (neither does Boucher, in reality).

It's Griffith's time. There is no better time. Th'ow down the gloves. Have at him.

Why We Need To Get Out Now

Every American life lost in Afghanistan is now being wasted.  We no longer send troops into harm's way to gain victory over terrorism (a goal that is critically important to many of us), or to bring stability to a war-ravaged country; we are there only in preparation for withdrawal. To leave.  An awful reason to ask our best and brightest to die.

The latest bit of news to bolster my position:
Pelosi: There Will Be 'A Serious Drawdown' From Afghanistan In July 2011
By Sam Stein, The Huffington Post

In some of the strongest terms she has used to date, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared last Friday that the United States will see "a serious drawdown" of forces in Afghanistan by July 2011 and that the House may use the power of the purse to ensure the drawdown takes place.

In an exclusive interview with the Huffington Post, Pelosi made clear that while recent talk has hinted that the administration's stated goal of a June 2011 start date for a troop drawdown may be open to change, her commitment to it remains firm.

"I think we'll have a serious drawdown, I don't think it'll be, as [the president] said, turning out the lights," said Pelosi.

Asked point-blank whether she thinks troops will be pulled out of the country in July 2011, Pelosi replied: "I do. And everything I saw there before, for all the bad things there that I saw in terms of [corruption and money wasted] ... I did consistently hear that the timetable was on schedule to have serious drawdown." [link]
It's a rare day that this woman and I agree on anything.  But on the subject of our war presence in Afghanistan, we are of like minds.  Almost.  Pelosi wants us out sometime soon; I want us out now.  Because Obama has no intention of winning the War on Terror.  Or whatever it is that he's calling it these days.

"Defense Secretary Robert Gates cautions that goals have been too broad and need to be more 'realistic and limited,' or the U.S. risks failure."
-- CNN, February 7, 2009 --

"In 1991, I was asked why the US could not assume a 'limited' role in Bosnia. I had been engaged in limited military involvements before, in Vietnam for starters. I said, 'As soon as they tell me it’s limited, it means they do not care whether you achieve a result or not.'"
- -  Colin Powell, My American Journey, p. 543-4, Jan 1, 1995 - -

On The Chicago Gun Ban Case ...

... and Justice Clarence Thomas's opinion, Randy Barnett, professor of constitutional law at Georgetown University, practically stands up and cheers.  The 14th Amendment is interpreted to mean what it was originally meant to mean!
The Privileges or Immunities Clause has been virtually a dead letter since 1873, when the court in The Slaughter-House Cases limited its scope to rights of a purely national scope, such as the right to access a foreign embassy or to be protected when traveling on the high seas. It was a preposterous interpretation—these were hardly the rights congressional Republicans in the aftermath of the Civil War were most concerned to protect in the wake of the terrible abuses of free blacks and white unionists by Southern states.

There is a remarkable academic consensus that the original meaning of the 14th Amendment protected an individual right to keep and bear arms against interference by state governments. Yesterday's Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. Chicago affirmed that this is indeed the case. It is, therefore, a great victory for enforcing the original meaning of the Constitution. Thankfully for the rights of Americans, the Chicago gun ban at issue will soon be consigned to the dust bin of history. 

To the conservative fear that the full scope of the Privileges or Immunities Clause was uncertain, Justice Thomas countered that the only "question presented in this case is . . . whether, and to what extent, a particular clause in the Constitution protects the particular right at issue here." With this narrower focus, Justice Thomas presented an extensive and detailed analysis of the original meaning of the Clause in the belief that "this case presents an opportunity to reexamine, and begin the process of restoring, the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment agreed upon by those who ratified it." While conceding that "interpreting the Privileges or Immunities Clause may produce hard questions," Justice Thomas countered that "they will have the advantage of being questions the Constitution asks us to answer." 
Interestingly, Clarence Thomas was the only justice to hold this position.  The other eight were content in leaving the 14th Amendment to mean something other than what it was originally meant to mean. 

It's a strange, strange world.

And They Say WE'RE Full of Hate

Liberal radio talk show host Mike Malloy on former Vice President Dick Cheney's recent trip to the hospital:
Cheney has had five heart attacks, and history of heart trouble. Well, I guess they're one and the same. The cause of his latest health problem is not clear. I think I know, but ... he's done too much cannibalism, drunk too many cups of blood! Cheney's in the hospital. Ah, the first good news all day.

No, I'm not going to feel anything but intense gratitude that this miserable bastard has stepped off this earthly coil! Really! And I'm sure on a much lesser scale when I die, there will probably be some of you right-wing flip tops who will feel the same way - I frankly don't give a damn!

But no - Cheney is responsible. Cheney is a murderer. He's a killer. He's a torturer. He is evil personified! He is a walking mass of horror and when he's gone, this planet will be cleaner! [link]
Compare this to anything that Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity says on any given day and you'll agree: Hate is a left-wing trait.  Exclusively.

Hat tip to NewsBusters.