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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lotta Good It Did

The eulogies for Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia pour in.  He died Monday at the age of 92.

This one from this morning's Roanoke Times is typical of the general effort:
The senator grew up in West Virginia's impoverished coalfields, and he never forgot where he came from. As his position grew more powerful, he never stopped trying to improve conditions for his constituents.

When he became chairman of the powerful Appropriations committee, he went about trying to improve those conditions by sending as much federal largesse as humanly possible back to the Mountain State.
So Byrd gets an "A" for effort.  (Which is all that ever matters to liberals.)

But how about results? Did he "improve conditions"?

West Virginia was one of the poorest states in the nation when Byrd set about dumping billions of tax dollars on his state.  West Virginia, fifty years later, is, next to Mississippi, the poorest state in the nation today.

With a couple of nice highways that make out-migration so much easier.

Robert Byrd's lasting legacy.

Quote of the Day

From "Watts Up With That?":
Perhaps the stupidest article I’ve ever seen

Here’s the link.

I have no other comment.
The subject matter? 

For the love of God.

What We Know About Obama's Supreme Court Pick

She has squat in the way of judicial experience.

Not much more in courtroom litigation background.

Or in juridical academics, for that matter.

But Elena Kagan is one heck of a political foot soldier in the liberal horde.


If you're an admirer of statistics, as I am, you'll find this exposé of Daily Kos's daily political poll as being fraudulent quite fascinating.  It has to do with the fact that making purposive numbers appear random ain't all that easy.

Sweet.  Statisticians rock!

Even if they are nerds and dweebs.

Who Knew?

Larry King is still alive.

But We Made Friends

Not much has been written about Obama's recent venture into the world of high-stakes multi-national summit meetings.  So, from American Thinker:
The Obama administration's strategy of pumping up the economic tire without patching the trade deficit leak has not worked. Its attempt to talk Germany, Japan and China into balancing trade has not worked. And yet, Obama pledges in the G-20 communiqué that we will not take any action to balance trade, stronger than talk, before 2014.

From the standpoint of what the U.S. hoped to accomplish, the G-20 meeting has to be considered a total failure, if not a diplomatic and economic disaster. The big winners were the trade-surplus countries, led by Germany and China. At previous summits, they were under pressure to stimulate their imports - no longer. The big losers were the world's trade-deficit countries, especially the United States, who have no effective leadership whatsoever at this time. 
"No effective leadership."  A pattern.

Leadership By Small Minds

Read "The Bucyrus Travesty."  An excerpt:
In other words, the White House is happy to subsidize "green jobs" at a company that hasn't proven it can compete commercially. But it refuses to subsidize the export-related jobs at a globally competitive U.S. company like Bucyrus because they involve coal, which despite Washington's distaste will remain the workhorse of U.S. and world energy supply for decades to come.

The Bucyrus travesty is a preview of the consequences of the cap-and-tax program that Democrats are still trying to ram through Congress, and the peculiar income redistribution that it entails: taking from the middle class that depends on coal for jobs and power and giving to politically connected investors and the affluent who can afford to pay $40,000 for a car. Maybe Mr. Obama will explain to Bucyrus workers today why they are less deserving than Fisker Auto's.
Peculiar indeed. And damaging.

After Two Months of Oil Spewing In The Gulf ...

... Obama makes a decision:

For the love of God.

Headline Of The Day

From Glenn Reynolds:

Alrighty then.