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Friday, July 02, 2010


Remember it when you enter the voting booth on November 2.

Seize that number and use it with a vengeance.

That is how close Rick Boucher is to Barack Obama.

Unemployment has doubled since Obama came into office.  Millions are without work.  Factories are closing right and left.  The finest health care delivery system on the planet has been seized by the government with ruination the only outcome.  The annual federal deficit has tripled in the last year.  Federal debt has exploded.  Obama's EPA is poised to assume control of everyone's daily existence in order, ostensibly, to prevent "global warming."  Obama's party is on the verge of passing a "private sector" financial institutions overhaul that guarantees bank bailouts as a regular part of doing business forever.

And they can't even plug the damn hole.

The Republican Party of Virginia, on behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth who are fed up with the disastrous situation we find ourselves in, has assembled a video broadside aimed squarely at those who have brought this conflagration down upon us:

The part I find most breathtaking? The clip that includes this Obama quote from his campaign days:

"Under my plan, under the cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Even ... regardless what I say about whether coal is good or bad."


He says it with conviction. With intent. With far too much satisfaction.

And lest we forget, he also said this:

"I love Rick Boucher."

And why shouldn't he?

From the RPV video:

Rick Boucher and Barack Obama.  In league to remake this country into a twisted wreck.

Let that thought guide you on November 2.  The future of Southwest Virginia is at stake.

- - -

Want to argue that these guys aren't intentionally wrecking this country?  In the news:

"EPA rejects air permits of 122 Texas plants."

This to stop global warming!

It's intentional.  And it's harmful.  These people must be stopped.

Quote of the Day

From Ed Morrissey:

"The Supreme Court has made an individual right to gun ownership settled law, more than 220 years after the founders mistakenly believed they had settled the issue."

Just words on a page ...

Embarrassing Moments In History

Newt Gingrich, two short years ago:

"Our country must take action to address climate change.  If enough of us demand action from our leaders, we can spark the innovation we need."

Newt Gingrich days ago:

"It's an act of egotism for humans to think we're a primary source of climate change. Look at what happened recently with the Icelandic volcano. The natural systems are so much bigger than manmade [sic] systems. I am very dubious about claims that we know precisely what's going to happen. And I'm very suspicious of the use of those claims to create much larger governments with much greater bureaucratic controls over our life."

Change of heart?  A wind shift?  Political pandering?

You decide.

In This The Enlightened Age

The least free environment in which to exercise one's right to speak freely is on America's college campuses.  Irony abounds:

The Marxists who marched, protested, burned, and vandalized college campuses around the country 40 years ago now control them. And today they ban - simply, straightforwardly - the mere expression of ideas with which they have objections.

They were cowardly worms then. They are cowardly worms today.

The Two Faces Of The Leftist Media

I'm watching the pageantry unfold on TV and in the papers surrounding the funereal celebration of the life of Robert Byrd and I have to ask:

What was it again that Trent Lott did that prompted media outrage and forced him from high office in 2002?

Oh.  Yeah.  He praised a non-KKK-affiliated former Democrat for being a good guy in an offhanded remark at a going-away party.

Byrd, so you know, was an admitted former racist of the worst order, admitted former Klan member, admitted vehement adversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but a good Democrat all along, right up to his death last week.

A distinction worth remembering.

It Goes Beyond Plugging 'The Damn Hole'

The United States government is imploding under the sheer weight of colossal ineptitude:

Wait until the GAO tries to sift through IRS accounts this coming year. The Democrats in Congress, for the first time in American history, have decided to not produce a federal budget at all!

A metaphor: Obama to aides: 'Plug the damn hole'

A hole where effective government - a lean, focused government - once, long ago, engaged.