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Sunday, July 04, 2010

'To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before'

To reach out to an audience that may not be receiving information from the traditional sources.

Some politicians get it.  Some don't.

Dan Riehl:
A Lesson In New Media For The GOP From The GOP

As a result of my recent dust-up with the Beltway GOP, J. Garren Shipley, Communications Director for the Virginia GOP happened by the blog, read my damn the GOP posts and sent me an email. I believe he's relatively new to the slot and they want to make blogs a big part of their efforts this year, but weren't sure how to proceed. I sent him my phone number, asked him to give me a call, so we could discuss things from a blogger's perspective.

We talked of several issues that, as a blogger, I think GOP orgs can do to establish better relationships with bloggers. One thing I suggested was making them feel like they're part of the team, as opposed to someone to be kept at arms length. After the call, the VA GOP decided to release a pretty good new video exclusively to a couple of bloggers, as opposed to simply hosting it, or giving it to the media first.

They shared the video exclusively with From on High and Bearing Drift. You can view it there [actually here]. He emailed today to say they've gotten the best response to a video, blog-wise, than they've ever gotten in the past.

From Garren's email:

"You were absolutely right... freakishly so."

We talked briefly again today. I wanted permission to post this. He laughed and said, doing it occured [sic] to him after our talk and he couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it before. Political comms people may have to think differently in a new media age. But when it comes to working with bloggers, in my opinion, it isn't always that hard if they're willing to take a blogger's perspective into consideration.
Well, we are a frightening bunch.

But we are able to communicate with people who have walked away from the old media too in ways that prove to be powerfully effective.

Got a message worth disseminating?  Tired of giving it to the Washington Post only to have it disappear into the black hole or have it distorted beyond anything recognizable?  Think of the weblog world.

We are the new media.  We are another channel of communication.

And we are better lookin'.

By the way, thanks, Dan, for the mention.

Priorities. Priorities.

Since we can't conserve jobs ...

... let's conserve our weeds:

Yeah, everyone knows we're running out of green space around here.

Laugher of the Day

Although I have no real problem with the Washington Post's conclusion in the Elena Kagan matter, its editorial reasoning is - to put it gently - hillariously preposterous:
Confirm Elena Kagan

Over the course of her Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Elena Kagan showed herself to be an intellectually gifted person with an impressive grasp of a wide array of legal matters. She exhibited an admirable judicial temperament that allowed her to stay cool and engaged despite at times hostile questioning. The former Harvard Law School dean and current U.S. solicitor general should be confirmed, and ... [blah blah blah] [link]
I'd bet a dollar to a Krispy Kreme that the dude who wrote that either (a) wrote it before the hearing took place, or (b) never watched one minute of the dreadful proceeding.

"Elena Kagan showed herself to be an intellectually gifted person with an impressive grasp of a wide array of legal matters"?  Is that how we characterize circus clowns these days?

The hearing was an embarrassment.  Kagan's performance was an embarrassment.  The whole process is an embarrassment.

And she'll be confirmed overwhelmingly.

Not with a bang but a whimper.

Why Are We In Afghanistan?

To hear Obama sympathizers tell it, we are there to kill some Taliban.  And then leave.

"Victory"?  That's so ... George Bush.

So how 'bout we agree that we've killed said Taliban and leave now?

Mark Steyn:
“When people see a strong horse and a weak horse,” said Osama bin Laden many years ago, “by nature they will like the strong horse.” The world does not see President Obama as the strong horse. He has announced that U.S. troop withdrawals will begin in 12 months’ time. Karzai takes him at his word, and is obliged to prepare for a post-American order in Afghanistan, which means reaching his accommodations with those who’ll still be around when the Yanks are over over there. The new government in London takes him at his word, too. Liam Fox, the defence secretary, wants as rapid a British pullout as possible. When Obama announced an Afghan “surge” dependent on such elements as mythical NATO trainers and then added that, however it went, U.S. forces would begin checking out in July 2011, he in effect ruled out the possibility of victory. Over 1,000 American troops have died in Afghanistan, 300 British soldiers, 148 Canadians. What will our soldiers be dying for in the sunset of the West’s Afghan expedition? What is Obama’s characteristically postmodern “surge” intended to achieve? More Afghan police sleeping in fields? Greater opportunities for women? Take Your Child Bride to Work Day in Kandahar?
I know what Republican Party chairman Michael Steele was trying to say the other day (I may be the only one) when he positied that Afghanistan "is a war of Obama's choosing."  Our president, then Candidate Obama, wanted the U.S. to focus our foreign policy efforts on any geography that didn't involve Bush's War of Choice (a landmass that begins with "I" and ends in "RAQ").  John Murtha chose Okinawa; others picked Chicago; Obama chose Afghanistan.  Same difference.  Same level of seriousness.

Tough talk pursued.

But lo and behold, Obama, having gotten elected and having grabbed that tiger by the tail, now wonders what in the hell he's to do with it.  So we're entertained by a policy that has us fully committed to defeating Osama bin Ladin, destroying the Taliban, and bolstering the Afghan government, as long as we can do it in the next 180 days.  After that, well, been nice workin' with ya.  We're outta here.  And on to Arizona.  Or wherever the 101st Airborne is needed most.

It's all a joke.  A cruel, deadly, misguided, unforgiving joke.  Being played on those who volunteered to protect the United States of America against those who would have us all dead, but now find themselves in a foreign land with orders to make all-out war on our enemy, but not for much longer, in a "war" where they're to be shot at before they can shoot, and, by the way, don't call those adversaries "the enemy."

Steyn asks: "What is Obama’s characteristically postmodern 'surge' intended to achieve?" Even Obama can't answer that any more.

In truth, Obama's plan was to get his skinny ass elected.  Nothing more.

Now?  Who knows?

Trying To Shape The Narrative

Julia Baird, writing in Newsweek, feels it necessary to criticize America for noticing that the Republican Party has a host of really hot female persons in its leadership ranks these days.

The reason for her making this oh-so-transparent effort to change the subject is obvious:

I don't blame her one bit.

Quote of the Day

On "global warming," John Christy, "atmospheric scientist and Professor of same at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and winner of achievement awards from NASA and the American Meteorological Society":

"I'm sure the majority (but not all) of my IPCC colleagues cringe when I say this, but I see neither the developing catastrophe nor the smoking gun proving that human activity is to blame for most of the warming we see."

With that in mind, why are the Democrats in Congress working feverishly to pass "climate" legislation?

Gutter Propagandist-in-Chief

I listened to portions of Barack Obama's speech the other day on the subject of illegal immigration.  I could only shake my head in disgust.  He was so far off the mark, with probably the most disingenuous address I've ever heard a president deliver, that I was ashamed for my country.  I kept shouting at the radio:

It's not about immigration.  It's about the illegal activityWe are all in favor of immigration.

But he knows full well that that's the case.  To him it's really all about neither.  To him, and the political cynics like him, it's about Hispanic votes.

So he wallows in the sewer.

And gets it wrong.  See "Obama and Immigration: Rewriting History?"

He'll not get away with this.

Like An Addict With a Pocketful of Crack

These people can't stop themselves from spending money they don't have:

It has, in large part, to do with unfunded pensions. And other "obligations" that are well beyond the state's means to fulfill.

It probably goes without mentioning - but I'll mention it anyway - the legislature in Illinois is controlled by Democrats.

- - -

As goes Illinois, so goes the nation:

Imprison all the Democrats. Save the USA. It's our only way out of this.

Taking a Page From Climate Science Studies

I'm now a big believer in global warming.

And I will remain so until the weather cools.

Then I'll be normal again.

That's really the impetus.