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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Praiseworthy Column

This is news.  I agree with an opinion piece written by the Roanoke Times's resident lefty - Christian Trejbal.  In "Jefferson smiles on new Americans" he highlights that "great experiment" we call America, and reminds us that our open borders policy for legal immigration is a national virtue that we should all nourish.

And he doesn't write one word about illegals, Arizona, right-wingers, or Dick Cheney.

He must of had a ghost writer filling in this week. Must of.


I've been meaning to show you this.  What do you do with those antique rifles that won't fit into your traditional gun cabinet (or safe) because they are too tall?  Toss them in the closet?  Store them in the basement?  Stand them in the corner?

Here's what I did.  Several years ago I drove up to Pulaski Furniture's factory outlet store (where they sell their dinged and dented stuff at great prices) and picked out one of those lighted oak curio cabinets.  I told the clerk that he could keep the glass shelving and I hauled home what you see here:

I put padding and felt in the base of the unit and mounted a color-matching oak spacer bar in the center to keep the rifles from sliding into one another.  And voila!

Nice, eh?

It worked out even better in that the entrance door to the cabinet is on the side of the cabinet, so the front is solid glass.  Looks great!

In case you're wondering, from left to right:
Mosin-Nagant 1891 7.62x54 mm.
Springfield 1873 Trapdoor 45-70 cal.
● Family heirloom 36 cal. percussion muzzle loader
Springfield 1871 Rolling Block 50-70 cal.

And to the left a bubble gum dispenser.

I Remember Network TV

I'll occasionally pick up a People magazine or some such, thumb through it looking for photos of hot babes with big boobs in brief bikinis, and be struck by the fact that few of the "celebrities" highlighted in the rag have I ever heard of.  Who is Kim Kardashian anyway?  Did she win the pole vault at some Olympics competition when I wasn't paying attention?  And if I see one more pic of Kate-sans-Eight I'm going to puke.  But I wonder: Have I been left behind?  Because I don't watch network television?  And have never tuned into even one of those "reality shows"?  Have I fallen out of touch?

If so, I'm right there with the rest of America:
Broadcast viewership hits record low
By David Bauder, Associated Press

New York (AP) — Americans avoided television in historic levels over the past week.

CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox together had the smallest number of prime-time viewers last week in two decades of record-keeping, the Nielsen Co. said. Given the dominance of the big broadcasters before then, you'd probably have to go back to the early days of television to find such a collective shrug.

Together, the four networks averaged 18.9 million viewers last week, Nielsen said. [link]
Far be it from me to tell really smart network executives how to run their business but I humbly suggest that they consider, as a start, moving away from East Coast and Los Angeles-based shows that are produced for East Coast and Los Angeles audiences.  "Jersey Shore" might get a few viewers, as might a freak show, but it won't bring in Middle America in large numbers.  And while they're at it, maybe they could dump the holier-than-thou talking heads and network news anchors, liberals all, who don't relate to - and wouldn't be caught dead in the same room with - us normal folk.  Katie Couric, when she was "perky," was appealing.  Now she's the run-of-the-mill feminist TV bitch with a teleprompter and $12 million salary.  Find her schtick appealing?  Join the crowd ... of 25.

Anyway, network television is rapidly disappearing.  And America doesn't care.  As Walter Cronkite might have said: And that's the way it is was.

Say What?

A headline on Drudge:

Bill Clinton to Perform Weiner Wedding

The mind reels.

Quote of the Day

George Will:
The National Rifle Association began a bizarre bazaar when it told Democrats that it would not oppose Disclose if the legislation exempts entities with a cynically constructed set of attributes that only the NRA has. The NRA's intellectual ludicrousness and moral disarmament is in arguing that the Second Amendment's protection of the right to bear arms is absolute, but the First Amendment's protection of free speech ("Congress shall make no law" abridging freedom of speech) is for favored groups to negotiate with . . . Congress. 
Memo to my NRA: You put the 2nd Amendment in jeopardy when you acquiesce to the government's demand that the 1st Amendment be fettered. What about that don't you understand?