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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Uh Oh

This can't be good for the Party of the People.  The People ain't impressed:

See related poll in "Confidence in Obama reaches new low, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds."

Graph courtesy of The Washington Post.

One-Liner of the Day

You had to have seen the video in order to appreciate this.  The town hall crowd erupted in anger and disgust when Congressman Brad Sherman - Democrat - said, in answer to a question from a constituent, that he was unaware of the voter intimidation case involving the racist New Black Panther Party:

From Glenn Reynolds

"BREITBART TV: Democrat Congressman ‘Unaware’ of the New Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case. Well, now he’s aware."

"Well, now he’s aware." 

That's what town halls are all about.  Right?

Give Up the Air Conditioning?

Ann Althouse has a few suggestions for that nitwit who wrote in the Washington Post (I touched on it yesterday) that we should all turn off our air conditioners except in the hottest of circumstances.  See "If you really believed in global warming, you would turn off your air conditioning."

Among her suggestions, my favorite:
5. Restrict your use of transportation. Do not assume that walking or biking is less productive of carbon emissions than using a highly efficient small car. Do not go anywhere you don't have to go. When there is no food in the house to make dinner, instead of hopping in the car to go to the grocery store or a restaurant, take it as a cue to fast. As noted above, your weight should be at the low end of normal, and opportunities to reach or stay there should be greeted with a happy spirit.
Starve.  It's the environmentally friendly thing to do.

I like it.

Learn To Love The Oil Spill

I guess that's the message conveyed by our First Lady's attire:

Might as well learn to love it.  Her husband has proven himself incapable of doing anything else with it.

See related story here.

Photo courtesy of Reuters.

NAACP: They're White, Therefore They're Racists

As expected, the leading group in the USA fixated on race officially determines there to be racists lurking out there in non-NAACP America:
NAACP passes anti-racism resolution
By Judy L. Thomas and Matt Campbell, The Kansas City Star

Late this afternoon the NAACP passed a resolution calling on all people — including tea party leaders — to condemn racism within the tea party movement.

Passed on the fourth day of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s annual convention in Kansas City, the resolution also urged people to oppose what it said was the tea party’s drive “to push our country back to the pre-civil rights era.”

“We feel it’s very important that we educate our membership about the tea parties,” said Anita Russell, head of the Kansas City branch of the NAACP, as the debate on the resolution began. “We are concerned that there is a racist element within the tea parties.” [link]
I'm inclined to take these people seriously, as there's no one on earth who knows racists like these at the NAACP.  A brethren kinship if you will.

Still, without a shred of evidence, this washed-up fossil of an organization has a lot of gall to pass such a resolution.  Where's the proof?  The substance?

Is there something beyond the skin color of most Tea Partiers that has prompted this effort?

Not really.

After all, understand: NAACP - the National Association for the Advancement of Color Politics

- - -

Here locally, the Roanoke Tea Party responds:
The Roanoke Tea Party is saddened to note that the NAACP has passed a resolution at their national convention in Kansas City condemning elements of the Tea Party movement as racist. We exist to further the Advancement of All People, and see no reason why color is a factor in seeking to strengthen and preserve individual liberty and economic freedom.

We have no beef with the NAACP, nor do we understand any beef they might have with us. It is most telling, however, to note the reaction of our black brothers and sisters who are with us in this fight. Their outrage and sense of betrayal is palpable in the responses that have been made publicly this past two days.
Well done.

- - -

Tim Johnson of The Frederick Douglass Foundation (sadly, it should be noted that he's black):
"How dare the NAACP call Tea Party groups and their members racist? These groups are colorblind and are dedicated to restoring constitutional principles and smaller government," Johnson said.

"The move by our government away from these principles have hurt families of all races, by raising taxes and enacting policies that have left millions unemployed in inner cities, suburbs, and rural areas across the country. Tea Party groups are fighting for common sense fiscal and social conservative policies, and are fighting to protect an unborn child's right to life and the sanctity of marriage.

"The NAACP no longer speaks for the average African-American. As I travel throughout North Carolina and elsewhere across the country, I see more and more blacks joining the Tea Party movement. The overwhelming number of black Republican candidates this election year itself speaks volumes and proves the Tea Party movement has nothing to do with race.

"If the NAACP wants to continue blaming the Republicans and the emerging Tea Party movement, they will only succeed in making themselves more and more irrelevant."
The NAACP, already irrelevant, is made up these days of bitter old racists left over from "the good old days." Picture Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and you get a good understanding of who these people are.

Bitter old fools.

- - -

Sarah Palin:
I am saddened by the NAACP’s claim that patriotic Americans who stand up for the United States of America’s Constitutional rights are somehow “racists.” The charge that Tea Party Americans judge people by the color of their skin is false, appalling and is a regressive and diversionary tactic to change the subject at hand.
Appalling and regressive.  Both fit.

The Three Pillars Of The Leftist Triad

All represented in one op/ed.

You may remember Lee Bollinger.  He's the Columbia University president who had little response to student reactionaries on campus physically attacking the founder of the conservative Minuteman Project back in '06 who was invited to campus to make a speech.  An email and a slap on the wrist was all the interest he seemed to have in the incident.  Bollinger was also the person who, shortly thereafter, invited the man who plots to kill every American on the planet - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - to campus to give a speech to the leftists there.

So you see where his politics lie.

Today we're treated to a fascinating opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by none other than Lee Bollinger.  See "Journalism Needs Government Help."

That's right.  This leftist from academe thinks it to be a swell idea that the government pay for news dissemination.   Because there is a possibility that the mainstream press might be damaged by all that news being disseminated onto the internet.  It's not that we don't have enough news; it's that we don't have the right news.  The approved news.

Revealing.  The three pillars of the leftist triad all represented in one article.  Academe.  Government.  The press.

File it in your memory banks.

Town Hall Meeting Upcoming

From the office of Delegate Anne B. Crockett Stark comes this notice:
You are invited to a Town Hall Forum with Members of Governor McDonnell's Commission on Government Reform & Restructuring

Thursday, July 15, 2010
5:30 - 7:00pm

Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center
Grand Hall
1 Partnership Circle
Abingdon, Virginia 24210

The public is invited to share suggestions about what state government is doing well and how Virginia can improve its services to taxpayers. This is one of many forums around the Commonwealth. More will be announced shortly.

RSVP: reform@governor.virginia.gov or visit www.Reform.Virginia.gov for more details.
Rather short notice, but if you're in the area ...