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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Morgan Griffith Responds To Latest Poll

From "Morgan Griffith For Congress":
Griffith Statement on Survey USA Poll

Christiansburg, VA -- Statement from Congressional Candidate Morgan Griffith on the Survey USA Poll for the Ninth District race:

I'm thrilled with the poll results from SurveyUSA today. They confirm what I have always believed since I announced my candidacy: that Rick Boucher is in trouble, and this will be one of the most competitive and closest congressional races in the country.

After 28 years in Congress, SurveyUSA's poll says that barely more than 50% of likely voters would send Rick Boucher back for another term. When you have worked that long, and yet your support is just that limited, you're in trouble in your bid for re-election.

Rick Boucher knows it too. He is already on television, advertising months earlier than he has in any previous campaign. That is definitely not the sign of an incumbent who is confident his in re-election prospects. Clearly he has seen polling numbers that show the race is as close, if not closer than what was published today, confirming that this is a very, very competitive race.

I'm also extremely gratified with the support I am receiving. With next to no advertising so far, almost 40% of likely 9th Congressional District voters are so fed up with Rick Boucher that they want a change. Our grassroots campaign to reach out to voters from the Cumberland Gap to Covington is clearly having an impact and gaining momentum.

That momentum is only going to increase as voters give more and more focus to the contrast between Rick Boucher and me. Boucher represents everything most 9th District voters hate about Washington. He supported President Obama's massive spending plans that have left our country mired over $13 trillion in debt. He backed wasteful, failed stimulus programs, big bailouts for Wall Streets and the takeover of the auto industry, while Main Street got left behind. And Rick Boucher led efforts to pass Cap and Trade in the House, a bill that will raise gas prices, electricity bills and devastate Southwest Virginia's vital coal industry, throwing thousands of mineworkers out of jobs.

Rick Boucher is going to spend millions of dollars in the next few months to try and run from his record. His first spots are a blatant attempt to re-write history. His actions show he knows he's in trouble. Voters in Southwest Virginia are angry at how Boucher repeatedly puts Obama, Speaker Pelosi and their Washington special interest allies like radical environmentalists ahead of them. Our campaign is catching fire as people flock to my candidacy, which reflects their concerns and their values. This poll proves it.
"Voters in Southwest Virginia are angry at how Boucher repeatedly puts Obama, Speaker Pelosi and their Washington special interest allies like radical environmentalists ahead of them."  Amen to that, brutha.  And we're sick and tired of being used and abused by this bunch.

We can't do much about Pelosi.  But we sure as hell can solve the Boucher problem.

Between now and November 2 think about the claim that Boucher made the other day over in Clintwood.  He's proud of the fact that your electric rates will go up - again - as a result of AEP being forced by his legislation to pay some farmer in Zimbabwe to plant trees in the jungle.  What, you ask, does your electric bill have to do with planting trees in Africa?  God knows.  It's Washington-Think.  It's that twisted environmentalism that we read so much about in the papers that has caught hold of the east and west coasts.  And has obviously caught hold of Rick Boucher.

Here, again, is Boucher's boast:

"I had a major role in making sure that electric utilities could pay others to reduce emissions by, for example, planting trees, and take full credit for those emission reductions themselves."

Is he that detached from us common folk down here in Southwest Virginia?

Morgan Griffith Within Striking Distance

I'm encouraged by the early polling here in the 9th Congressional District.  Democrat Representative Rick Boucher, who's been plaguing Southwest Virginia with his liberalism since Christ was a teenager, has barely half of the decided vote at this point, so far out in front of the election.  From SurveyUSA, released today through WDBJ7:
Congressman Rick Boucher takes the early lead in 9th District campaign
By Joe Dashiell, Reporter

Roanoke, Va. — Our latest News7 SurveyUSA poll suggests 14-term Congressman Rick Boucher would defeat Republican Morgan Griffith, if the election were held today. 52 percent of those who responded said they support Boucher, while 39 percent said they would vote for Griffith. Five percent said their choice was Independent Jeremiah Heaton.

Boucher's length of service may be one reason he's holding an early lead over Griffith. And Roanoke College Political Science Professor Heath Brown says Boucher has also staked out different territory than 5th District Democrat Tom Perriello, who trails his Republican challenger Robert Hurt by more than 20 points. Boucher voted against health care reform, for example.

Brown says Boucher also has a diverse coalition of support, "including the National Rifle Association, who notably came out in support of him in the winter, but also his support from women's groups pretty consistently over the last number of years." "The groups that women might look to to make their decisions have come out consistently in support of Congressman Boucher," Brown told News7.

Among men the 9th District contest is tied, but among women, SurveyUSA says, Boucher holds a lead of 25 percentage points over Griffith.

Boucher will soon be spending more time in the district, and Griffith will be ramping up his opposition. Brown says the gap between these two candidates should begin to narrow as we head into September and October. [link]
The details:

If the election for U.S. House of Representatives were today, who would you vote for? 

Morgan Griffith (R)
Rick Boucher (D)
Jeremiah Heaton (I)

I too expect the race to tighten as Morgan Griffith starts to get his message out and people begin to compare Boucher's dismal record (along with his close association with Obama) to Griffith's call for drastic and immediate change beforethings around here get any worse.

Think about it: When has an opponent been this close to knocking off Rick Boucher?

Exciting - and encouraging - stuff.

The race begins. Let the better man upset the entrenched Washington incumbent.

Boucher Runs From His Record

What, Rick Boucher thinks we haven't been paying attention these last two years?

Our 9th District congressman released a new TV ad the other day.  It's worthy of a Saturday Night Live spot.  But hardly worthy of someone who comes to us hat-in-hand wanting our vote.

Here's the ad:

A couple of bullet points from the ad, a couple of comments:

Rick took on his own party to protect coal jobs in the energy bill.” That rates about a 9.5 on anyone's bullshit-o-meter. As I mentioned yesterday, experts have analyzed Boucher's "energy" bill and determined that it will decimate Virginia's coal fields and throw thousands of hard-working citizens in Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Tazewell, and Wise Counties out of work. It wasn't that long ago that Boucher was bragging about his role in leading the Democratic Party to victory on the vote. Now he's claiming that he "took on his own party"? Only if he means that he took on his own party to stop concentrating on job creation and focus on his environmentalist pet project.

And don't think Obama wasn't appreciative. From the Roanoke Times, May 23, 2009:

White House lauds Boucher
A Cabinet official called The Roanoke Times to describe Boucher's role in a key energy bill.
By Mason Adams

No one in The Roanoke Times newsroom could remember a time that the White House called, unsolicited, to offer comment.

That happened on Friday morning, sending several signals: There is a new media relations/political strategy on Pennsylvania Avenue, and the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 is a big deal.

After the story broke in Friday's edition about the House Energy and Commerce Committee passing the bill, a White House spokeswoman called The Roanoke Times to set up an interview with a Cabinet member, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

LaHood quickly gave praise to U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Abingdon, whose 9th Congressional District is coal-rich with much at stake with the legislation. It would create a national "cap-and-trade" program to require power plants, oil refineries and manufacturers to obtain allowances for the pollution they emit. Those who need more or less could turn to a Wall Street-like market in the allowances.

"I want to give a shout out to Rick Boucher," LaHood said. "It was unclear going into the hearings how Rick was really going to vote on this. His support means a lot to the administration.

LaHood's call underscores Boucher's importance to the bill's chances of passing. It also emphasizes just how much the congressman from Abingdon has stuck his neck out for President Obama. [link]
Boucher stuck his neck out.  It's time the people of Southwest Virginia lopped it off.

And it's not just Southwest Virginians who will suffer grievous harm at the hands of Rick Boucher.  The entire nation will be crushed:

Making a really bad situation for us worse.

And then there's this whopper in Boucher's TV ad:

He’s reaching across party lines to balance the federal budget.”

A lie.  Rick Boucher has voted in favor of every federal debt-busting budget that has come before him, including Obama's latest, which comes in at an unsustainable $3,500,000,000,000.  He voted in favor of Obama's wasteful three-quarters-of-a-trillion dollar "stimulus."  He repeatedly votes for raising the debt limit. 

Where's the balance?

Perhaps his idea of balancing the federal budget comes from voting to also raise taxes.  Because he's voted in favor of every tax increase that's come before him as well.

Rick Boucher's TV ad is a disgrace.  In producing this compendium of lies, he demeans us.  We need to stop him from further embarrassing us.  We have enough problems.

Morgan Griffith Responds

9th District challenger, Morgan Griffith, responds to Congressman Rick Boucher's rather breathtakingly deceitful TV spot:

Boucher Misleading Voters on Cap & Trade Vote

(Christiansburg, VA) - Congressional Candidate Morgan Griffith responded to Rick Boucher's new TV ad implying Boucher voted against Cap and Trade legislation. The new Boucher TV ad claims "Rick took on his own party to protect coal jobs in the energy bill."

"It's clearly deceitful for an ad to suggest that Congressman Rick Boucher opposed coal-killing Cap and Trade legislation, when he in fact voted for it," Griffith said. "Cap and Trade will destroy the coal industry, raise electric bills and send more American manufacturing jobs overseas to China. Rick Boucher voted against southwest Virginia when he voted with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama on Cap and Trade."

The roll call vote for the Cap and Trade legislation, H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, can be found here: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2009/roll477.xml.
Boucher's ad can be found here.  You decide just how honest this guy is.

Perriello In Deep Trouble

Virginia's 5th District Congressional representative, the one who thinks he got elected to Virginia's 8th District, our most beyond-the-fringe liberal, is trailing in early polls.

If trailing is the right word.

He's so far down, he can't see up.

From SurveyUSA:
VA-05: Democrat Perriello in Peril, One More House Seat Poised for Republican Take-Away: In an election for US House of Representatives in Virginia's 5th Congressional District today, 07/20/10, Republican State Senator Robert Hurt defeats incumbent Democrat Tom Perriello 58% to 35%, according to this latest exclusive WDBJ-TV poll conducted by SurveyUSA.

Perriello, who defeated 6-term Republican Virgil Goode by 727 votes in 2008, today trails among most demographic groups. Among men, Hurt leads by 19 points. Among women, Hurt leads by 26. White voters back Hurt 2:1; black voters back Perriello 2:1. Twice as many Democrats cross over to vote Republican as Republicans who cross over to vote Democrat. Independents break Republican. Perriello runs most strongly among Democrats, African Americans, liberals, moderates, those who have unfavorable opinions of the Tea Party movement, among pro-choice voters, and among those who do not own guns ... each of which is today a minority among likely voters in VA's 5th district.

The composition of likely voters for this survey is 42% Republican, 27% Democratic. This composition reflects an energized Republican base and an enthusiasm gap for Democrats, evident in SurveyUSA polling from around the country. If the electorate is more Democratic than shown in SurveyUSA's model here, the Republican still wins, though his margin of victory is less. [link]

Here's how it looks as of yesterday:

If the election for U.S. House of Representatives were today, who would you vote for?

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Perriello, in his rookie term in Congress, has managed to alienate that many people.  Votes in favor of bank bailouts, ObamaCare, Cap-and-Tax, the wasteful "stimulus," and myriad pieces of legislation that have exploded the deficit will do that.

And then there are the longtime suffering people of Southside who need someone to create conditions such that the economy can once again thrive.

It's a long way to the election.  But it's probably downhill from here for Perriello, as his opponent, Robert Hurt, makes himself known to the voters in the 5th.

May Perriello be sent packing.  The people deserved better.

Words Well Writ

I love a good sentence.

This one comes from Don Surber, in "Racism for fun and profit":
The story began with the NAACP passing a weird resolution that may or may not have called the Tea Party racist because someone called Barack Obama a socialist and someone said that someone said that someone said the N-word to a member of the Congressional Black Caucus when caucus members went trolling for a N-word taunt at the Tea Party protest of the passage of Obamacare.
Great stuff.

Words Well Writ 2

I love a good paragraph.

This one comes to us from Julie Mason in "Dude in 17-vehicle motorcade tells fed workers to drive less":
Sigh. Eat healthier, say the Obamas -- as the president scarfs pastry and cheeseburgers. Vacation in the Gulf States, they say as they head off to Maine. Drive less and reduce pollution, they say as the 17-car motorcade travels four blocks to a speech.
Slice and dice.

Running on Empty

“We’re talking about jobs, jobs, jobs.”


So what's Steny Hoyer, the number 2 Democrat in the House of Representatives, talking about with regard to those jobs, jobs, jobs?

Windmills and written reports.

Right.  That'll get 15 million Americans back to work.

Quote of the Day

From soon-to-be Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat, as he announces to the people of West Virginia that he will run for the seat vacated by Robert Byrd:

"I believe in you more than you believe in yourself."

Is there some esteem/self-esteem thing going on here?  Is Manchin looking down on the little people?  Does he think his acknowledgment of a widespread masochism complex that is pervasive in The Mountaineer State is endearing?

Or is Manchin just babbling?

God only knows.