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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boucher Massages The Truth

This comes to us from an email that the Rick Boucher campaign sent out on Wednesday:

"I am very proud to note that more than 70% of the individuals who have contributed to our campaign this year are residents of this Congressional District."

That's how they do things in Washington.

That's why Congress has an eleven percent approval rating these days (behind network news, behind HMO's, behind unions; no small feat).

Why on earth would Rick Boucher put that claim in a campaign boast when it is so easily checked and just as easily ridiculed?

Note he used the word "individuals."  That allows him to make you (or attempt to make you) forget that nearly 60% of his contributions don't come from individuals at all.  They come from political action committees.  But don't take my word for it.  Take the word of the people who monitor such things - OpenSecrets.org:

58% of Rick Boucher's cash thus far comes from PAC's, mostly Washington lobbyists.
38% comes from individuals.

And who are his biggest contributors?  It's a Who's Who of the powerful and persuasive in Washington, every one of which wants some of your children's college savings fund seized and forked over to them.  Also from OpenSecrets.org:

See any individuals on that list? (Don't be fooled by number 10; Patton Boggs is perhaps the most influential lobbying firm in Washington, not an individual).

And what about the other half of Boucher's claim?

"... 70% of the individuals who have contributed to our campaign this year are residents of this Congressional District."

Are they?

Again from the people who track this stuff:

It would seem that Rick Boucher wants you to think that he's one of us.  It's the biennial occasion (when he comes up for reelection) that he tries to convince everyone that he isn't actually a resident of Washington D.C., but an honest-to-God citizen of Southwest Virginia.

And he'd be successful at it if facts didn't intrude in his effort to hoodwink us.

Blogger Calls For Crackdown On CNN ...

... for Marxist tendencies.

Didn't the Founding Fathers meet in joint assembly sometime long ago and work past this issue of suppression of Free Speech?

Seems I recall ...

Great Stuff

If you've got time on your hands, read "A Curious Case of Sexual Harassment." It has to do with the age in which we live.

This Is Getting Tiresome

At what point does someone in the media call Obama on this?

Obama decries size of debt.

For the love of God.

You Were Warned

How many times do we have to make this point until it sinks into the thick skulls of those who think federal minimum wage requirements are a good thing?  They kill jobs.

The Young and Jobless
New evidence that the minimum wage has hurt teenage workers.
Wall Street Journal editorial

Today marks the first anniversary of Congress's decision to raise the federal minimum wage by 41% to $7.25 an hour. But hold the confetti. According to a new study, more than 100,000 fewer teens are employed today due to the wage hikes.

for the 19 states affected by all three stages of the federal wage increase, "there was a 6.9% decline in employment for teens aged 16 to 19," write the authors. And for those who had not completed high school, "we estimated that the hikes reduced employment by 12.4%," which translates to about 98,000 fewer teens in the work force.

After isolating for other economic factors and broadening their analysis to include all 32 states affected by any stage of the federal wage increase, the authors conclude that "the federal minimum-wage hikes reduced teen employment by 2.5% translating to approximately 114,400 fewer employed teens." [link] [emphasis mine]
I emphasized the disclaimer "due to the wage hikes" in the above passage so as to clarify the point that even with the rise in unemployment across the board in recent years, the minimum wage increase caused damage over and above.

This was predicted.
It comes to pass.
Democrats will propose another hike soon.
They'll never learn.

What?!!!! Oh, Never Mind.

When I read this (from NRA-ILA), I became alarmed:
Radical Group Launches Complete Lead Bullet Ban Campaign

As announced in a recent fundraising letter to its members, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) will launch a “once-in-a-lifetime campaign” this summer to “ban all lead bullets everywhere in the United States.” Make no mistake, hunters and shooters are in the crosshairs of this extremist group.
But then I remembered, this is the same bunch of nitwits who distributed condoms around the country earlier this year to protect endangered species.

No, I'm not making that up.

Which means we needn't worry.