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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Can Boucher Do This?

First off, it's not my money.  Besides that, the fat cat Washington lobbyists who donated it to his campaign are probably just fine with the expenditure.  So what's the beef?

It just seems odd that Congressman Boucher, who we pay $174,000 a year, and who gets all kinds of bennies from the American taxpayer to cover his expenses (and well beyond), would need to use campaign funds to buy himself (ahem ... I mean buy his campaign) a new car.

At least it's a Ford.

From OpenSecrets.org, a partial list of Mr. Boucher's "campaign" expenditures for the current election cycle:

So next time you see your congressman and the missus tooling around Abingdon (on those rare occasions when he comes down to visit) in one of these ...

... you know who bought and paid for it.

Dominion Power ...

American Electric Power ...

Duke Energy ...

DTE Energy ...

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ...

A Cautionary Note

To those who think adding passenger train service from Roanoke to Richmond (or Roanoke to Washington) is a swell idea because ... well, they like to ride trains, and driving is such a hassle, and it'll save everyone money, and ...
California Roundup: $8 Billion Rail Project Results In Fewer People Riding Public Transportation
By Tim Cavanaugh, Reason

If you build it for $8 billion, they won't come. L.A. Times' Dan Weikel explains how the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority is actually carrying fewer people now than it did when it began its light rail building project 20 years ago. More than a million people a day ride buses in the county, a little more than 300,000 ride trains, and the figure for trains keeps falling. (I used to keep a close watch on these numbers, and it looks like the trend has been holding for almost ten years now: rail boardings decline a little almost every quarter, regardless of economic activity, gas price, or efforts to promote train ridership.) Transit gadfly Tom Rubin estimates the massive rail project has cost the MTA 1.5 billion potential passengers since 1986. Don't miss the comment section, where trainspotters are still saying the trains will be full once they have one that goes all the way to the ocean. [link]
$8,000,000,000.  And fewer passengers than before.

We want to do this why?

Can we consider a 15-passenger van instead?  Or how about a Cessna 172?

And That's Just Fine With Them

As Obama Forces Us To The Left ...

... the Left elsewhere in the world is fleeing to the Right:

Take heart. In thirty years we'll give up on nationalized health care too.

Assuming there's still a "we."

Assuming there is still health care.

So Far Removed From Reality

And it's presumptively a news gathering organization, which would make one assume it has some connection to the real world.

You know what takes place at Tea Party rallies around the country.  A whole lotta this:

But to Reuters, which claims to provide news reports from around the world to news media, sees the Tea Party movement in this country this way:

"Images such as Obama with a bone through his nose and the White House with a lawn full of watermelons are often displayed at Tea Party rallies."

What do you want to bet these "news" guys get their "news" from the Democratic National committee.

For the love of God.