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Monday, July 26, 2010

It's There In Front Of Him

But he doesn't see it.

Poor guy.

Dan Radmacher, editorial page editor of the Roanoke Times laments this morning (see "Do voters really want to return to Bush years?") the fact that Democrat policies have failed over the last four years, since they seized control of Congress in 2006:

"It's no surprise that congressional Democrats are in trouble this year ... a stubbornly sluggish recovery to a very deep recession, high unemployment ..."

But his lamentation only worsens when he considers the alternative:

"In a rational world, voters would never hand back the reins of power to a party that wants to return to failed policies.

"Then again, in a rational world, there might be more than two real choices."

Actually, if Radmacher were a rational man, he'd realize that Obama policy (forget what he campaigned; look at his actions) is nothing more than a continuation of Bush policy. The infamous "stimulus"?  Bush did it first.  Massive deficits?  The pro taught the kid.  Government growth?  Been there, done that.  Mind-numbing control of private enterprise?  The bureaucracy shrank during the Bush years?  Government meddling in health care?  Can you say Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act?  Bush was a war-monger?  And Obama's not?

Oh, and Guantanamo lives into perpetuity

And times were bad then; they're worse now.

Radmacher sheds tears over the fact that we have only two parties in this country.  In many ways I wish we had more than one.

NY Times Gets Reflective

As it always seems to do when conservatives are at issue.  This morning:

Yes, it has to do with the Shirley Sherrod saga. And yes, it's all about Fox News. With some Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly sprinkled atop liberally. Conservatives, when race is the issue, just don't know boundaries. And they don't think before they act (or think too much, too tactically; take your pick).

We've heard it all before.

I'll believe these jokers are sincere when they start looking inward and scolding themselves over the Tea Partiers shouting "nigger" at John Lewis incident that never happened but was - and still is - reported in the media as fact.

An incident that was widely reported but never happened.

As is proven by video clips of the incident.  That never happened.

The media are upset that caution wasn't used before people got hurt.  Now.

But then? 

Get over it.  Move on.

Only If That Road Takes Him Far, Far ...

... away:

"Hit" that road, Barry.  For our sake.

Years & Years Of Stagnation?

Patrick Ishmael jumps on a quote from Obama's Treasury Secretary Sunday:

Secretary Tim Geithner: "“Now, we’ve seen six months of positive job growth by the private sector.  That’s pretty good. Pretty good this early in a recession."


We’re nearly three years into the current recession, and job growth has been so anemic that we may not return to pre-recession employment levels until 2022. Is Geithner confirming that we’re at the beginning of a 15 year ecnomic downturn, which by many accounts has been exacerbated by government interference? Maybe. 

This “new normal” brings with it some awful fiscal implications. The Recovery Summer has not only been punctuated by terrible private sector growth, but the Administration is now conceding that fiscally speaking, things have never been worse than they are right now: the United States will borrow $.41 for every dollar it takes in, leaving the US with a record $1.47 trillion deficit this year. Unemployment, especially among young people, has been and is at destructive levels, and right now we find ourselves… at the start of this thing? I’m not sure the Administration could lower its bar for economic progress more. Coming soon from Robert Gibbs: “Hey, we’re trying. Give us a break, willya?”
Probably from Geithner's vantage point in well-to-do Washington D.C. things do look "pretty good" right now.  After all, everyone working in - and with - the federal government is doing great.  Recession?  Ain't no recession up there where they dole out the cash and own the printing presses to do it.

As for the rest of the country, things aren't "pretty good."  Worse yet, Americans know that they'll be less pretty good tomorrow.  And the next day ...

Democrats Prove How Twisted They Are

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean yesterday accused Fox News of being racist because of that which it hadn't done but was most assuredly going to do.

And in his circles that makes perfect sense.

Dean: "... Fox News did something that was absolutely racist."

 "It [the infamous Sherrod clip] was about to go on Glenn Beck, which is what the administration was afraid of.”

He's a mind reader, you see.  Fox News "was about to" be racist.  Thus the need for a preemptive attack on its ... intentions.

All of the above?