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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can I Ask a Question?

Why do we have V.A. clinics?

Can't our honored veterans go down to the local clinic, or local hospital, and have services rendered?

Just wondering.

Well, Not Exactly

Southwest Virginia Today has an interesting headline this morning:

It's about "a document found in the Smyth County courthouse that could prove invaluable to students of local African-American genealogies and other historians.  Titled “The Register of Colored Persons of Smyth County, Virginia, cohabitating [sic] together as Husband and Wife on 27th February 1866.”

I'd venture a guess and say, if the document was penned in 1866, those "slaves" were actually former slaves. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery the year before.

I know.  Picky, picky, picky.

Woe Be the Economy

Obama couldn't tout his success at creating jobs so he flaunted to his eager press the increase in America's manufacturing output.  From which jobs are sure to flow.  Soon.

Well, kiss that goodbye too:
Durable goods orders drop 1% in June

The latest economic indicator of Recovery Summer shows that manufacturing, which had been a bright spot in the weak recovery, looks like it’s heading solidly in the wrong direction. New orders for durable goods dropped 1% in June, and excluding transportation (autos), fell 0.6%. This follows a 0.8% overall drop in May and gives two straight months of bad news on inventory. [link]
Well, Obama will always have his growth in government statistics to brag about.  If nothing else.

Want To Move Beyond Race?

Yesterday seemed to be a day when we focused on race. Unfortunately. Such a downer.

But hearts may be cheered by this (link provided by Big Salt Lick):

Actor Morgan Freeman: "I don't want a black history month.  Black history is American history."

"I'm going to stop calling you a white man and I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man." 

There is hope ...

It's Come To This

Roger Pielke, Jr. on "climate change" research:

Silly Science.

Maybe that's why all the predictions of gloom and doom, based on the most tenuous of analysis and linkage, are so entertaining.  Think Laurel and Hardy.

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Kenneth P. Green and Hiwa Alaghebandian:
While nobody would dispute the value of a good PR department, we doubted that bad or insufficient PR was the primary reason for the public’s declining trust in scientific pronouncements. Our theory is that science is not losing its credibility because people no longer like or believe in the idea of scientific discovery, but because science has taken on an authoritarian tone, and has let itself be co-opted by pressure groups who want the government to force people to change their behavior.

In the past, scientists were generally neutral on questions of what to do. Instead, they just told people what they found, such as “we have discovered that smoking vastly increases your risk of lung cancer” or “we have discovered that some people will have adverse health effects from consuming high levels of salt.” Or “we have found that obesity increases your risk of coronary heart disease.” Those were simply neutral observations that people could find empowering, useful, interesting, etc., but did not place demands on them. In fact, this kind of objectivity was the entire basis for trusting scientific claims.

But along the way, an assortment of publicity-seeking, and often socially activist, scientists stopped saying, “Here are our findings. Read it and believe.” Instead, activist scientists such as NASA’s James Hansen, heads of quasi-scientific governmental organizations such as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, editors of major scientific journals, and heads of the various national scientific academies are more inclined to say, “Here are our findings, and those findings say that you must change your life in this way, that way, or the other way.”
"Science Turns Authoritarian," The American , July 27, 2010

Quote of the Day

Andrew Klavan on Leftists' desire to shut us up:
The book’s French cancellation is, I realize, a rather small cultural event. Yet it gives specific color to the recent revelations on the Daily Caller website that left-wing journalists conspired to suppress scandals that might harm Barack Obama and to the brouhaha over Breitbart’s online release of a video that resulted in a government worker’s momentarily losing her job. In both stories, one thing leaps out at me: everywhere, the Left favors fewer voices and less information, and conservatives favor more. Everywhere, the Left seeks to disappear its opposition, whereas the Right is willing to meet them head-on.
"From Book Publishers to the Media: The Left’s Crusade to End Debate," Big Hollywood, July 27, 2010

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Related: An example of "the Left seek(ing) to disappear its opposition":
CNN has an interesting roundtable on the case of Jennifer Keeton, who has sued Augusta State University to keep from getting expelled for not repudiating her statements about homosexuality. Keeton expressed her biblical perspective on the subject in and out of class while working toward a degree in counseling, and the school mandated a “remediation plan” that appears to have required her to renounce her Christian doctrine in order to gain a diploma from the school. The school has responded that a bias against homosexuality would disqualify Keeton from certification, a position that would put most Christians in Keeton’s position.
Ed Morrissey, "University makes diploma contingent on supporting gay rights?" Hot Air, July 28, 2010

Simple Gov't Hammer $600

Tiny, inefficient government car $41000.

It's Every Man For Himself

The state of Arizona has been forbidden by a federal court to do anything, at least for now, about the flood of illegals invading that state and our country.

Obama's federal government refuses to lift a finger to stop the problem.

That leaves upholding the law to us.

Is that what they really want?


- - -

Weighing in on the subject of the court ruling yesterday, 9th District Republican Congressional candidate Morgan Griffith released the following statement:
(Christiansburg, VA) - Statement by Congressional Candidate Morgan Griffith on the judicial ruling blocking most of Arizona's immigration law:

Judge Bolton's ruling today is the beginning of a long legal battle that never should have been needed in the first place. The people of Arizona have been put into the position of needing this law because the federal government in Washington is not doing its job in enforcing existing law. The federal government should secure our borders and enforce all of our laws, including immigration laws.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Washington continue to block legislation needed to stop illegal immigration. We need a Congress that will finish building the fence across the southern border to control who comes in this country.
Secure the border! What does it take to get through to the Democrats?

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Speaking of Democrats, Griffith's Democrat challenger, Rick Boucher, had this to say about the awful court ruling and what it portends for the United States of America:

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