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Sunday, August 01, 2010

It's Come To This

Sure didn't take long either:

If he really wanted to help Democrats' chances in the fall, he'd apologize, resign, and go back to Kenya.

- - -

In a related story, an anecdote is passed on that targets our own 5th District Representative Tom Perriello (and Gerry Connolly, another Virginia Democrat from up north somewhere):

"Polling analyst Bill Schneider ... recalled an old anecdote about George McGovern’s campaign manager calling a member of Congress in Ohio to say the Democratic nominee would be campaigning in his district. The lawmaker said he’d be visiting his mother in Florida. But, wait, I haven’t told you when, said the operative. It doesn’t matter when, said the congressman, I’ll be visiting my mother in Florida."

George McGovern.  Barack Obama.  Hmm.

They Can't Be Serious

Either they're joking or they're fools.  You decide.

In a New York Times editorial today ("What They’re Not Telling You"):

"The deficit’s size is alarming."

"We agree the situation is unsustainable. But ..."

Alarming.  Unsustainable.  But.  But?

But nothing!  The debt is alarming and unsustainable and we need to take immediate action or this country is doomed. 

"I'm going to shoot you six times in the head," the masked intruder said as he raised his pistol and aimed it at the elderly widow, "but ..."

Ain't It The Truth

Virginia's most talented columnist, Bart Hinkle, on James Webb's weird screed on the hazards of being white in America:

"Sen. Jim Webb’s piece in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal would get the author lampooned as a Klansman if it had been written by, say, George Allen."

Expect Webb to next announce his affinity for the word macaca.

Expect too to see the mainstream press ignore that one as well.  And continue to crucify Breitbart as a racist.

It's a crazy mixed-up world.

Oh. My.

I always hated her polyester-looking pant suits.

Now?  Not so much:

Good God.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo.

If This Were a Republican ...

Let me get this straight.  A congressperson steers thousands in federal dollars to a bank she and her husband are part-owners of?  Isn't that illegal?  And shouldn't there be more heading her way than some pansy "ethics" investigation?

Oh, wait.  She's in a special class of criminal.  She's a Democrat:
California Rep. Waters may face fall ethics trial
By Larry Margasak, Associated Press Writer

Washington – A second House Democrat, Rep. Maxine Waters of California, could face an ethics trial this fall, further complicating the election outlook for the party as it battles to retain its majority.

Waters, 71, has been under investigation for a possible conflict of interest involving a bank that was seeking federal aid. Her husband owned stock in the bank and had served on its board.

Waters came under scrutiny after former Treasury Department officials said she helped arrange a meeting between regulators and executives at Boston-based OneUnited Bank without mentioning her husband's financial ties to the institution.

Her husband, Sidney Williams, held at least $250,000 in the bank's stock and previously had served on its board. Waters' spokesman has said Williams was no longer on the board when the meeting was arranged. [link]
 If this woman's defense is going to be that her husband stood to benefit from the infusion of government cash into her husband's business, well, good luck with that.

We've known for years that Maxine Waters, Democrat, is a stupid person.  Now we know she's a crook too.

Off with her head.