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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Where's Boucher?

Nowhere around these parts.  That's for sure. Maybe he's in Hollywood making another one of those slick and expensive TV spots with all those professional actors.

Morgan Griffith is looking for our congressman too:
Griffith Accepts SWVA Realtors Debate; Boucher Noncommittal
(Christiansburg, VA) -- Congressional Candidate Morgan Griffith today announced his participation in the Southwest Virginia Realtors candidate forum set for October 21st in Abingdon.

"I'm happy to take the time to discuss issues of great importance with our local realtors," said Griffith. "I would like to debate these issues with Rick Boucher, but it seems that the congressman is reluctant to leave Washington to meet with the people back in his district. Congress will not be in session on October 21st, so I hope Rick Boucher will accept this opportunity to return to the 9th District and address the issues facing Southwest Virginia citizens."

Some of the local organizations waiting to hear back from Congressman Boucher include:

* Washington County Chamber of Commerce
* Virginia Tech Student Association
* Montgomery County & Washington County League of Women Voters

"These are not political groups; they are pillars of the community. If Rick Boucher is afraid to take questions from the League of Women Voters or the Chamber of Commerce, then he has no business claiming to represent them in Washington."
Nobody can argue with that.  Maybe Boucher is waiting for the Abortion Rights Action League or the AFL-CIO to sponsor a debate.  Turf he'd feel right at home on.

Wherever he is, he isn't here where he ought to be.

That Dead Horse Ain't So Dead

"Likely voters in the upcoming congressional elections, regardless of political allegiances, are fixated on one central issue, and it isn’t health care reform — despite Republican efforts to keep beating that dead horse."
-- Roanoke Times editorial, "Health care reform isn’t stirring up most voters," July 7, 2010 --

ObamaCare as an issue is a "dead horse."  According to the grossly liberal editorialists at the Times.

That's what you call whistling past the graveyard, my friends.

Let's put it to a vote.  Missouri, August 3, 2010, a referendum:
Missouri Health Care Freedom, Proposition C

 Shall the Missouri Statutes be amended to:

• Deny the government authority to penalize citizens for refusing to purchase private health insurance or infringe upon the right to offer or accept direct payment for lawful healthcare services?

• Modify laws regarding the liquidation of certain domestic insurance companies?

Fair Ballot Language:
A “yes” vote will amend Missouri law to deny the government authority to penalize citizens for refusing to purchase private health insurance or infringe upon the right to offer or accept direct payment for lawful healthcare services. The amendment will also modify laws regarding the liquidation of certain domestic insurance companies.

A “no” vote will not change the current Missouri law regarding private health insurance, lawful healthcare services, and the liquidation of certain domestic insurance companies.

If passed, this measure will have no impact on taxes. 
And the people have voted:

Dead horse, my ass.

Push!  Keep pushing!  We can kill this monstrosity.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Chart courtesy of Ballotpedia.

They Wanted Racial Dialogue

And boy, are they getting it.

Andrew Breibart:
What’s at the center of this national racial mess is a cynical political ploy created by President Obama and elected Democrats, and executed with the help of their media allies and activist groups like the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus, to gin up the base for 2010 and take the spotlight off a faltering economy, a bungled Gulf oil spill cleanup, a soaring national debt, and a deeply unpopular health care bill.

The long list of victims of the Obama Administration’s race-war-by-proxy strategy continues to grow. Anyone who disagrees with Democrat politics is branded a racist. Anyone who disagrees with the health-care bill is a racist.
Racist?  Oh, no!  Not me!  Please!  Please!


It worked long ago.  But not anymore.  We're on to your cynical political ploy. Take it somewhere else.

- - -

I suppose, in a perverse sort of way, the charge of racism still captures the imagination.  See "Conn. lunatic slays 8 in fury at 'bigoted' firing."  We have the NAACP to thank for this.

Editorial? No, I Think It's 'News.'

I had to google these two individuals to make sure they weren't opinion columnists.  They're not.  They're listed by their employer - the Washington Post - as being reporters.  Coulda fooled me:

EPA left to pick up climate change where Congress dropped the debate
By David A. Fahrenthold and Juliet Eilperin

The Obama administration told Congress to find a way to regulate greenhouse gases -- or else.

Last month, Congress refused: Democratic leaders in the Senate declined to take up climate legislation before their August break, which means it looks effectively dead for this session.

Now the White House is stuck with "or else."

The Environmental Protection Agency will soon begin regulating greenhouse gases factory by factory, power plant by power plant. That could be unwieldy, expensive and unpopular -- even President Obama has said it's not his preferred solution. [link]
We all know Obama's preferred solution.  That American industries simply go bankrupt and avoid the tedious routine of being driven into oblivion by his EPA henchmen.

But that's beside the point.

The point: This is not a report.  This is opinion.  No gray area.  "Or else"?  In a news report?

Shame on all of you.  That which was predicted has come to pass.

How Can The 'Stimulus' Be Considered Waste?

Ya gotta love Washington Republicans.  They're at least trying.

Today two of them - John McCain and Tom Coburn - released a report showing how wasteful Barack Obama's "stimulus" plan was.  And under different circumstances they'd have a point.  Tax dollars went toward a study of the effects of cocaine on monkeys?  And toward exotic ants, yoga and hot flashes?  Wasteful?

Of course, it was wasteful.  But frugality was never Obama's point.  Tossing money - other people's money - willy nilly into the marketplace and, in doing so, stimulate the economy was his only intent.  He could have just as easily tossed it off the back of a pickup truck.

So it's been determined that the government wasted our hard-earned income.  And tomorrow is Thursday.

Surprise.  Surprise.

Our Government, Out of Control

This is not a joke.  I repeat, this is not a joke.

Unless you consider Washington to be a joke in itself.  Then ...

"The EPA is on the verge of declaring that naturally occurring dust is a pollutant."

We need to disband this bin of loons.  Before they wreak further havoc.

Kiss Your Health Care Goodbye

This is not a joke.  I repeat, this is not ...

Oh, never mind.

We all know ObamaCare went beyond being a joke long ago.

Not that there aren't a few laughs to be wrung out of it still.  Laughs that might stifle cries of anguish.

Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas has had his staff do an exhaustive study of the new health care law that the Democrats have forced upon us and has some frightening conclusions to pass on.  Brady:

"For Americans, as well as Congressional Democrats who didn’t bother to read the bill, this first look at the final health care law confirms what many fear, that reform morphed into a monstrosity of new bureaucracies, mandates, taxes and rationing that will drive up health care costs, hurt seniors and force our most intimate health care choices into the hands of Washington bureaucrats.  If this is what passes for health care reform in America, then God help us all."

Nancy Pelosi and her band of nitwits are now in control of our health care.  God help us indeed.

So who do you go to in Washington to get approval(s) to have that wart on your butt removed by a government-approved physician?  Brady has put together something of a flow chart showcasing the new federal bureaucracy:

Just how badly do you want that wart removed?  And does it have to be done this decade?

God in Heaven.

Chart and accompanying report courtesy of Congressman Kevin Brady

Muslims Haven't Earned The Right

Is Islam a religion?  Or is it a political movement?  Those on the Left won't hesitate to answer.  The rest of America, though, lacking the piety, intelligence, and discernment capabilities of the enlightened class, isn't so sure.  We know of those who want to kill us all.  Where are those who don't?  Why haven't there been any attempts within the Muslim world to clean up its house?  Why have there been but a pitiful few voices that have spoken out against radical Islam and the countless slayings that have taken place?

To many of us, Muslims forfeited the right to have their order included in the pantheon of the world's religions with 9/11 and its aftermath.  And with their acquiescence.  Their silence in times of beheadings and mass murders.  Their indifference to cries of "Jihad!"  "Death To the Infidel!"  "All non-believers must die!"  Is theirs a religion or a death cult?

Americans aren't so sure.

And now comes the mosque to be built near hallowed ground.  Intentionally near hallowed ground.  Hallowed by an act that shows to the world that which the Islamic "faith" has wrought.

Ground Zero.

Where they're still sifting through the silt to find human remains.

Dorothy Rabinowitz:
Liberal Piety and the Memory of 9/11
Wall Street Journal

Americans may have lacked for much in the course of their history, but never instruction in social values. The question today is whether Americans of any era have ever confronted the bombardment of hectoring and sermonizing now directed at those whose views are deemed insufficiently enlightened—an offense regularly followed by accusations that the offenders have violated the most sacred principles of our democracy.

It doesn't take a lot to become the target of such a charge. There is no mistaking the beliefs on display in these accusations, most recently in regard to the mosque about to be erected 600 feet from Ground Zero. Which is that without the civilizing dictates of their superiors in government, ordinary Americans are lost to reason and decency. They are the kind of people who—as a recent presidential candidate put it—cling to their guns and their religion.

The notion that it is for the greater good that the people be led to suspect virtually any cause but the one they had the most reason to fear reflects a contempt for the citizenry that's of longstanding, but never so blatant as today. It is in the interest of higher values, Americans understand—higher, that is, than theirs—that they are now expected to accept official efforts to becloud reality.

In the plan for an Islamic center and mosque some 15 stories high to be built near Ground Zero, the full force of politically correct piety is on display along with the usual unyielding assault on all dissenters. The project has aroused intense opposition from New Yorkers and Americans across the country. It has also elicited remarkable streams of oratory from New York's political leaders ...

The center may be built where planned. But it will not go easy or without consequence to the politicians intent on jamming the project down the public throat, in the name of principle. Liberal piety may have met its match in the raw memory of 9/11, and in citizens who have come to know pure demagoguery when they hear it. They have had, of late, plenty of practice. [link]
Oh, it'll be built.  Make no mistake of that.

And Muslims around the world will smile.  A contemptuous, imperious smile.

Liberals here in this country will celebrate: "See.  We've shown the world what we're made of."

Yes.  They will have.

May God have mercy.